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CAMPING IN MY BACKYARD FOR 24 HOURSKo‘rishlar soni 325 mingKun oldin
20:10im really struggling right now
im really struggling right nowKo‘rishlar soni 436 ming14 kun oldin
19:18I have a problem
I have a problemKo‘rishlar soni 402 mingOy oldin
15:05rating girl scout cookies????
rating girl scout cookies????Ko‘rishlar soni 282 mingOy oldin
DREAM BEDROOM RENOVATION TOUR!!Ko‘rishlar soni 405 mingOy oldin
A CHAOTIC DAY IN MY LIFEKo‘rishlar soni 383 mingOy oldin
EVERYTHING WENT WRONGKo‘rishlar soni 418 ming2 oy oldin
TASTING DOLLAR STORE VALENTINES CANDYKo‘rishlar soni 340 ming2 oy oldin
16:32giving my bedroom a SHOCKING makeover
giving my bedroom a SHOCKING makeoverKo‘rishlar soni 482 ming2 oy oldin
BUYING A NEW HOUSE...?Ko‘rishlar soni 401 ming2 oy oldin
17:05My FIVE STAR Animal Crossing Island Tour
My FIVE STAR Animal Crossing Island TourKo‘rishlar soni 352 ming3 oy oldin
22:27What I Got For Christmas 2020!
What I Got For Christmas 2020!Ko‘rishlar soni 517 ming3 oy oldin
16:57Getting Drunk with My Entire Family...
Getting Drunk with My Entire Family...Ko‘rishlar soni 513 ming3 oy oldin
CHRISTMAS COOKIE DECORATING CHALLENGEKo‘rishlar soni 474 ming3 oy oldin
GETTING MY LIFE TOGETHER AT 3 AMKo‘rishlar soni 462 ming4 oy oldin
14:22Testing Viral 5 Minute Crafts *CHRISTMAS GIFT EDITION*
Testing Viral 5 Minute Crafts *CHRISTMAS GIFT EDITION*Ko‘rishlar soni 393 ming4 oy oldin
11:17Giving Myself a SHOCKING Makeover
Giving Myself a SHOCKING MakeoverKo‘rishlar soni 602 ming4 oy oldin
21:26finally answering your assumptions about me
finally answering your assumptions about meKo‘rishlar soni 594 ming4 oy oldin
TASTING TRADER JOES HOLIDAY SNACKSKo‘rishlar soni 639 ming4 oy oldin
14:00Addressing the footprints I found on my balcony
Addressing the footprints I found on my balconyKo‘rishlar soni 591 ming4 oy oldin
13:47talking about my feelings while painting
talking about my feelings while paintingKo‘rishlar soni 426 ming4 oy oldin
24 HOURS BEING PREGNANTKo‘rishlar soni 534 ming4 oy oldin
TASTING DRIVE THRU HOLIDAY MILKSHAKES +giveawayKo‘rishlar soni 813 ming4 oy oldin
0:22vlogmas testing 1 2 3
vlogmas testing 1 2 3Ko‘rishlar soni 261 ming4 oy oldin


  • i needed to hear thisi

  • This gives me “not like other girls” vibes

  • Not going to lie, I am listening to you but i cannot help but watch your cat cleaning herself under the bed this entire time. HA

  • Did you say you have a flight tomorrow so you’re “correlating”? Hahaha! Coordinating?

  • Please list the products you use! I love how you do your make up!

  • Of course they turn up every time morgan, the guys are thinking foursome - as if they wouldn’t turn up

  • This gives me old tana vibes lol

  • Stop it your beautiful.

  • i love your storytime videos 😭💗

  • Morgan you are such a good reader, I stutter every other word 😂

  • “If you’re under the age of 18, call your mom 😎”

  • 13:25 me going to the gas station looking homeless.

  • yikes, sounds like a military guy lmao

  • Where were you 30 years ago when I needed to hear this?!!!LOL oh thats right, you wernt born yet!!!! lol Love ya girl!!

  • One time I was at a rooftop bar in Sacramento, this one guy (who was FIIOONNNEEE) started to flirt with me and buy me drinks, then the rooftop bar closed at midnight and me and my girls were looking for the next move, well he got my number and said I'll let you know if we find anything. Then I'm at a different bar with my girls and he's blowing up my phone to go to the club he's at and that he has a table, I kept telling him we'd go in bit. Fast forward the whole night he is ON me, buying me drinks, my girls drinks and kissing on my neck as we dance. The club closes and we're outside and he's like let me come over, I said no because I live very far and that he's from Sac so why don't I go over, he kept avoiding the answer, he kisses me good night and is still begging to come to my place. Well, the next morning I open facebook and on my suggested friends it's this guy and his profile picture is him and his WIFE!! He has two little girls with her... I was shockeeeddd ! No wonder he was adamant aabout coming to my place and not his.

  • All I can hear is Rachel Green saying “you fell aaaasleeeeeppp?!”

  • Relatable. Lmao

  • Maybe live w your parents for a little and then see if u are happier in that area. Then decide

  • Morgan and I are the same person

  • Ughhh I swear it is the absolute worse to try to go to sleep and then you get a text, or any kind of notification and you’re like omg that’s him! F that!!! I went through that... again... 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ over 2 years ago, and it was horrible!!! Turn your phone off, get some sleep! And do not stalk! Lol! And dooo not plan your every move, around what if they call today, and wanna hang out later, I can’t make other plans, my schedule was being left open for a fucking ghost!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s seriously draining! My best advice is to move the f on. Don’t worry about if he is gonna come around, focus on NOT letting him or giving him a chance to come back around.

  • Cookie 🥺

  • I can’t explain how much I enjoyed this video. But sorry u had to go through all tht...... MORE DATING STORIES PLZZZZZ

  • “I deleted the app and reinstalled it” girl...I’m using that😂

  • Who eats ice cream cones with a spoon.?

  • Perfect advice “you cannot depend of someone to create your life for you” ❤️

  • I have no love life 🙃 so your stories seem pretty entertaining, Morgan 😅 keep'em coming!

  • Guys .. they can’t be trusted .

  • Hi I'm in love with Marcus now

  • Both vlog styles are fun!!

  • Thank you for telling this story 🤣 I have so many stories like this that I look back on and think “I really should’ve had more self control”

  • one of my fav story times ever! Morgan is such a great story teller. The DRAMA, the HYPE, the humorous yet cohesive story arc. YES!

  • girl i would of been pissed as well!! tarte shape tape is in next months many times i have almost bought it but for 27 bucks? idk i usually go in with jeffree's concealer!

  • thumbs up if you've been hurt by a joe

  • Morgan just want to say I love watching your videos .You are naturally hilarious and and a genuinely decent person X

  • I legit love you Morgan. Just feel like we’re on the exact same wavelength, always look forward to your vlogs ❤️

  • Most of the sunglasses she said no to looked rlly cute . But why do u have them if u don’t like them

  • Can confirm sometime Denver anytime after 1:30 is full of crazies. Was out until 4 AM down there two weekends ago 🥴

  • Girl... you were a booty call. You took too long. He got someone else.

  • Beautiful

  • Honestly thought those sunglasses looked pretty cool on you. Not bashing on Ryland... but I thought you pulled them off better!

  • Ahhhh we all had a Joe once hahaha

  • You just get prettier and prettier every damn video. I love your storytelling. 😍

  • Joe sounds like a ex used to the the same things 🙃 KNOW YOUR WORTH!!! Keep those standards high 📈

  • I know this feeling so much when I went through health issues and now with the way of the world it’s going on again (yuck) I get they whole random body parts hyper analyzing every sensation and feeing so disconnected and weird and empty thing, I try to journal and all this stuff and it feels very monotonous sometimes and non productive....I’m also very emotional I come off as like “care free” people think I’m just easy going but I’m also a “simp” I want hugged held and for others to just be careful with my heart. I also secretly want to be one of those girls that like does cheesy shit and doesn’t judge mysef for liking it I don’t understand it like I want to be that basic bitch that’s like happy to celebrate national pizza day or national dog day and whatever and be oblivious and enjoy it haha But I want to say thank you I’m also going to try getting around and doing things to help gain confidence or a sense of grounding myself within myself again, so thank you for motivating me and helping me not to feel so alone wish I could give you a hug but that would be weird so sending you a giant virtual one it will get better 🥰 we just have to ride the waves and see from the trough up at the crest and be more grateful in moments we aren’t in this weird place and more loving to ourselves when we are in the trough ❤️

  • Damn I was not expecting to get dating coached by Therapist Morgan. That double date idea is GENIUS! It should be the norm tbh

  • was so much easier to cheat pre social media. Lmao

  • Oh my god. The exact same thing happened to me but it was over 6 years and he ended up proposing to his girlfriend aaaahhh 😭💀🖤

  • Loved the story and through good advice you gave. Would love to hear more stories.

  • Morgan is my mess of a friend but also my ultra woke life coach

  • OK but, what is your wooden people on your bedside draw doing 😂

  • Girl do they not have groups on tinder anymore? The last time I was on tinder was just before they introduced that group feature which was a few years ago, mind you I met my man at the time on tinder before they introduced that feature and after 2 years of dating and living together I found out about the friend group feature from my bf at the time because he was still on there 🤦‍♀️🙄 after that experience I’m never taking a single man seriously on any damn dating site smdh

  • did anyone else think every single pair of sunnies looked great on her?

  • #azebraneverchangesitsstrippes

  • I loveeeeed this and I love you

  • Awwww, Morgan:( this = major bummer but dude, I live in CO and want/need more friends HAH ;) can we hangggg?

  • Peep cookies quest appearance in the back 🥰🐱

  • But what if you and your friend like the same guy! Lol

  • You are FABULOUS MORGAN! The true behind the scenes and mind of a women 😂🙈 keep shining your true light !

  • That joint tinder account is genius

  • More dating stories!!

  • Biscuits are being made in the background ma’am.

  • i love hearing morgan telling stories

  • Haha yes I love this video!!🤣😅

  • I hope Joe sees this and feels real dumb

  • At least u know what ur issues are and own them, that's half the battle! Sending good vibes! ❤

  • Why are you ALWAYS drinking bottled water when you vlog from your house? TAP EXISTS MORGAN.

  • Girl I freaking love watching you I can relate 💯 and girl you look amazing you have lost a lot of weight you were always beautiful

  • I really enjoyed your dating stories. Please Stay Safe ❤🌹

  • Super helpful tip for your dry Mascara: out it under your boob during your whole male up routine and trust me it melts down sooo nicely!!! Highhhly recommend u’ll safe so much money and sadness 😂

  • PSA: MUST READ 🤣 Short version- I had a high school boyfriend that lasted 4ish years total, into my freshman year of college. He cheated on me with said girl in high school, but we all dumb af back then lmao so we got back together. One morning in college I woke up on a weekend he was back home. I check fb, and HE WAS THAT SAID GIRLS FUCKING PROM DATE. She posted prom pictures. With him.. her date. Lmao I can't with myself.... sometimes you really just get fucking duped 🤣

  • MORGAN HAHAHA THIS WAS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD pls give us more dating stories HAHA

  • Can't wait for mory story times! I've had a similar situation and since that moment I've trust issues with men

  • If he had texted me “where the F are you?!” I would of replied “ oh sorry I fell asleep...😒” and then blocked his number and socials. But I’m petty AF 😂

  • OMG!! Joint account is such a brilliant idea love your vids <3 !!! xoxo

  • Thanks for being the way you are! Love your content <3

  • Yesssss I mute everyone

  • red flag: a guy smoking on A GAS STATIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN duh

  • Buuuuut don’t they think you’re swingers if you have a duo account? lol is that the point?

  • To any girl reading this comment - please don’t put up with a “Joe”, you all deserve so much better ❤️

  • Ok the dating buddy tips are top notch