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TMG podcast is a podcast where Cody Ko and Noel Miller talk to each other on microphones (it's a podcast). Premium eps on Patreon: patreon.com/tinymeatgang


5:50TMG - Daddy (BTS)
TMG - Daddy (BTS)Ko‘rishlar soni 3.7 ming
1:56TMG 2021 Tour Update
TMG 2021 Tour UpdateKo‘rishlar soni 44 ming20 soat oldin
1:14:44Episode 186 - Megan Fox Conspiracy ft. Terry Carnation
Episode 186 - Megan Fox Conspiracy ft. Terry CarnationKo‘rishlar soni 245 ming20 soat oldin
3:24TMG feat. Quinn XCII - Daddy (Official Video)
TMG feat. Quinn XCII - Daddy (Official Video)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln7 kun oldin
1:08:38Episode 185 - First TikToker in Space
Episode 185 - First TikToker in SpaceKo‘rishlar soni 345 ming7 kun oldin
1:08:08Episode 184 - The Big Fight
Episode 184 - The Big FightKo‘rishlar soni 417 ming14 kun oldin
1:15:18Episode 183 - Candice
Episode 183 - CandiceKo‘rishlar soni 527 ming21 kun oldin
1:06:52Episode 182 - What Guys Want
Episode 182 - What Guys WantKo‘rishlar soni 247 mingOy oldin
1:11:01Episode 181 - White Boy Summer
Episode 181 - White Boy SummerKo‘rishlar soni 425 mingOy oldin
14:58Cody and Noel Do: Horses
Cody and Noel Do: HorsesKo‘rishlar soni 940 mingOy oldin
1:08:51Episode 180 - TikTokers vs YouTubers
Episode 180 - TikTokers vs YouTubersKo‘rishlar soni 298 mingOy oldin
1:05:59Episode 179 - we. are. rolling.
Episode 179 - we. are. rolling.Ko‘rishlar soni 247 mingOy oldin
1:10:36Episode 178 - Royal Family Takedown
Episode 178 - Royal Family TakedownKo‘rishlar soni 300 mingOy oldin
1:02:32Episode 177 - Big Willy Wonderland
Episode 177 - Big Willy WonderlandKo‘rishlar soni 209 ming2 oy oldin
1:06:35Episode 176 - Logan Paul Caught in 4k
Episode 176 - Logan Paul Caught in 4kKo‘rishlar soni 324 ming2 oy oldin
1:11:24Episode 175 - Leave Britney Alone
Episode 175 - Leave Britney AloneKo‘rishlar soni 435 ming2 oy oldin
1:09:17Episode 174 - Tom Brady is Eternal
Episode 174 - Tom Brady is EternalKo‘rishlar soni 218 ming2 oy oldin
1:06:22Episode 173 - Netflix Ruins Everything
Episode 173 - Netflix Ruins EverythingKo‘rishlar soni 307 ming3 oy oldin
1:07:33Episode 172 - Next Stop, Gamestop
Episode 172 - Next Stop, GamestopKo‘rishlar soni 218 ming3 oy oldin
1:07:35Episode 171 - Would NELK Post This?
Episode 171 - Would NELK Post This?Ko‘rishlar soni 193 ming3 oy oldin
1:09:24Episode 170 - I Am 100% a Cannibal
Episode 170 - I Am 100% a CannibalKo‘rishlar soni 271 ming3 oy oldin
1:09:04Episode 169 - Love It or Hate It
Episode 169 - Love It or Hate ItKo‘rishlar soni 251 ming4 oy oldin
1:07:22Episode 168 - Becoming Joe Rogan
Episode 168 - Becoming Joe RoganKo‘rishlar soni 223 ming4 oy oldin
56:19TMG 2020 Podcast Highlights
TMG 2020 Podcast HighlightsKo‘rishlar soni 430 ming4 oy oldin
1:10:27Episode 167 - The Best of YouTube
Episode 167 - The Best of YouTubeKo‘rishlar soni 333 ming4 oy oldin
1:07:56Episode 166 - No More Jake Paul
Episode 166 - No More Jake PaulKo‘rishlar soni 302 ming4 oy oldin
17:18Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking (pt. 2)
Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking (pt. 2)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln4 oy oldin
1:11:40Episode 165 - Growth on TikTok
Episode 165 - Growth on TikTokKo‘rishlar soni 241 ming4 oy oldin
1:09:11Episode 164 - Jake Paul is a Fighter
Episode 164 - Jake Paul is a FighterKo‘rishlar soni 245 ming5 oy oldin
1:22:38Episode 163 - Buying a TikTok House w/ Carrington Rodriguez


  • Cody looks like a Cuban coke dealer who lives in Florida and I am here for it

  • How am I gonna explain these charges from Noel’s OF to my wife 😫

  • Idk HOW but I got a wiff of the outside air when I watched this lmao

  • Pog

  • so close to a mil ~

  • They didn't say like the video so I didn't

  • Yoooo

  • Here before 1 million subs!

  • Get them to 1 mill

  • our fathers who art in candice

  • They look so natural in the video, it really makes you think 🤔

  • clicked the video cuz I have to know if anyone fell into the pool during shooting

  • Yes, I would like some cheese

  • aleena<3

  • Btw 999k on this channel? We hittin a mil today

  • oh nice they got BTS

  • Quinn made the best dad faces.

  • So onlyfans than?

  • “We’re not attacking gen Z enough” LMAOOOO

  • nice

  • my fathers

  • les go

  • And then Noel said “I love Jimin”

  • I deadass thought this was a BTS feature😭

  • Who else thought it was a remix with BTS

  • Yo that terry guy looks like he used to work at like, an office job, or something.

  • Their wives are all at PTA meetings rn

  • i stg i didn't think cody was wearing makeup in the video💀💀💀im not lying i swear

  • i thought tmg didnt like bts

  • This is cool?

  • What the hell goin awn

  • Yesss I was saying the other day I hope there's a BTS for this!


  • can't wait for cody and noel to become DILFS


  • Best song ever

  • Song is fure

  • omg daddy remix ft. bts out now on all platforms?? wild anyways

  • I love you

  • oh hi daddy’s



  • Early gang

  • man u got me all hyped up

  • Did someone ever think of Noah with Hair... Or is it Just me

  • Imagine it said “Tiny Meat Gang- BTS of Daddy”

  • Omg tmg and bts?? Never thought I would see the day 🙌🏽😔

  • this ain’t bts. clickbait

  • Love your shit Cody! Y'all da shit!

  • i’m in love with you

  • Damn they weren't kidding about being BTS stans

  • Love the new song, especially Noel's verse That shit is fire 🔥

  • bts participated! so proud!

  • 999k subscribers lets go

  • notif gang what's good

  • Song slaps way too hard


  • bts more like kpop haha get it... ALL HAIL JIMIN, JIMIN IS KING

  • where’s bts

  • love it

  • fatherhood changed them

  • tmg daddy feat. bts

  • they're at 999k subs oh shit

  • Ayyyy


  • sub count floating around the milly mark

  • ok no way, this song actually slaps

  • i want father noel to ground pound me

  • Incoming BTS stans

  • Les go

  • Not the bits

  • woooo

  • yoooo

  • damn i cant believe they got a BTS feature

  • hey cody and noel, I love the podcast man keep up the great work. i just have one tip tho about the new thumbnail format. dope ass new studio, but now on the new thumbnail, the episode # is covered up by the time stamp (length) of the video. unlike before, when the episode number was at top so it didn't get blocked. that's all bros, thought you guys might want to adjust the new thumbnail so the episode # shows up to viewers. thank you TMG for awesome conversations and comedy!!!

  • i do not appreciate the poker slander

  • oh my god please. i feel so bad for the horses. this “instructor” sucks, she’s awful and should not be an instructor bc she doesn’t know a thing about riding.

  • Damn the new gta 5 dlc lookin sick

  • I feel like i was on gentle crack watching this video . This is my favorite episode