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2:02Nathan and Faith Need Time to Heal - When Calls the Heart
Nathan and Faith Need Time to Heal - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 23 ming22 soat oldin
1:51Carson Says Goodbye - When Calls the Heart
Carson Says Goodbye - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 17 ming22 soat oldin
1:35Elizabeth and Lucas Kiss - When Calls the Heart
Elizabeth and Lucas Kiss - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 71 ming22 soat oldin
0:36Preview - Summer Nights - All-New Movies starting June 5!
Preview - Summer Nights - All-New Movies starting June 5!Ko‘rishlar soni 12 ming22 soat oldin
37:46Season Finale Preview - When Calls the Heart
Season Finale Preview - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 71 ming22 soat oldin
0:31Preview - Beverly Lewis' The Confession - Hallmark Drama
0:31Preview - Beverly Lewis' The Shunning - Hallmark Drama
Preview - Beverly Lewis' The Shunning - Hallmark DramaKo‘rishlar soni 3 ming22 soat oldin
0:31Preview - The Ultimate Legacy - Hallmark Drama
Preview - The Ultimate Legacy - Hallmark DramaKo‘rishlar soni 3.6 ming22 soat oldin
0:31Preview - The Ultimate Life - Hallmark Drama
Preview - The Ultimate Life - Hallmark DramaKo‘rishlar soni 4.5 ming22 soat oldin
1:14Sneak Peek - Baby, It's Cold Inside - Hallmark Channel
Sneak Peek - Baby, It's Cold Inside - Hallmark ChannelKo‘rishlar soni 16 ming22 soat oldin
2:18On Location - Good Witch Season 7 - Hallmark Channel
On Location - Good Witch Season 7 - Hallmark ChannelKo‘rishlar soni 27 ming22 soat oldin
1:30Good News, Bad News - When Calls the Heart
Good News, Bad News - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 51 ming7 kun oldin
1:20Sneak Peek - The Kiss - When Calls the Heart
Sneak Peek - The Kiss - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 257 ming7 kun oldin
0:50Preview - The Kiss - When Calls the Heart
Preview - The Kiss - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 198 ming7 kun oldin
0:36Preview - You Had Me at Aloha - Hallmark Channel
Preview - You Had Me at Aloha - Hallmark ChannelKo‘rishlar soni 24 ming7 kun oldin
0:16Wedding in the Pines - Hallmark Publishing
Wedding in the Pines - Hallmark PublishingKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 ming7 kun oldin
7:39One-Pot Oven-Roasted Halibut - Home \u0026 Family
6:20DIY Plate Wall - Home \u0026 Family
DIY Plate Wall - Home \u0026 FamilyKo‘rishlar soni 7217 kun oldin
6:47DIY Basketball Hoop Hamper - Home \u0026 Family
DIY Basketball Hoop Hamper - Home \u0026 FamilyKo‘rishlar soni 5227 kun oldin
5:36Faux Matte Ceramic Vases - Home \u0026 Family
Faux Matte Ceramic Vases - Home \u0026 FamilyKo‘rishlar soni 8777 kun oldin
0:53Interview - Heart of the movie - Sweet Carolina
Interview - Heart of the movie - Sweet CarolinaKo‘rishlar soni 9 ming7 kun oldin
0:51Interview -  Story to tell - Sweet Carolina
Interview - Story to tell - Sweet CarolinaKo‘rishlar soni 2.9 ming7 kun oldin
0:41Interview - Collaborating with Hallmark - Sweet Carolina
0:50Preview - Changing Times - When Calls the Heart
Preview - Changing Times - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 127 ming14 kun oldin
1:00Sneak Peek - Changing Times - When Calls the Heart
Sneak Peek - Changing Times - When Calls the HeartKo‘rishlar soni 136 ming14 kun oldin


  • OMG! I am so happy! 😍❤️❤️❤️ #TeamLucas

  • Oh my god guys this is just a show. Betrayed really? Not on any team but that is just... you know what forget it.

  • The Lucas character appears to be a man with many of the best of Jack's traits combined with that which was appealing to Elizabeth in her childhood friend, Charles. Wishing only the best for all of the writers, the actors and all who work on this darling series. Residing Hope Valley - even for only a little less than an hour each week - is always a very welcome diversion.

  • WHY didn’t Carson propose after the ring was found? Did he not love Faith enough? She was still standing there, the ring being found again was a sign - nothing had gotten away, but Carson just didn’t go for it!! WHY?? Even for an adorable character, Carson sure does display lack of faith in himself now and then - first with his medical skills, now with his commitment to Faith. It’s true Faith was really annoying this season with her newly achieved doctor status and attitude, but she’s still a sweet person capable of loving Carson. Why break them apart? 😬 💔

  • Anyone feel like they recorded two endings of the finale, and then waited until how hearties responded before doing one of the endings? I wish that Nathan had gotten a better ending. I feel like he would have helped Elizabeth grow more as a person. But that is just my two cents. 🤷‍♀️

  • Love it love it love it!!!!!!!❤❤❤

  • My whole family just cheered! I am so happy with this!

  • Beautiful ending ❤🍾🥳 can't wait for sezon 9 🥰 they are perfect ❤

  • A couple seasons ago ole Brian who flipped the Bird finger to team Nathan stated that they were not going to follow the book story line any longer, in season 8 they did just that but it had started when he brought in new writers, I hate to say it but I have warning that Bird is treacherous, it’s his way or the highway, season 8 and the 12 episodes were used just to set team Nathan up for the big boom as he called it, what kind of a mind sets people up like that, I damn sick mind if you ask me, Erin and anyone else who participates in something like this is sick also, so you think it’s ok when you have heard many women on this site and others say I cried all night, you think that’s funny, obviously you have stabbed a lot of people right through the heart and maybe by the sound of things on this site and others, just maybe your own as well. This could be another set up I suppose, there is a hell of a difference between a few kisses and a day to day relationship, Elizabeth just may find that out in season 9 as I still think Lucass is not what he pretends to be, then how might team Lucas feel if they have been had and the shoe is on the other foot, but don’t forget one other thing, Erin is an executive producer and she had a say as to who she would have ended up with, maybe it’s time for loonie Lizzie to move on to another hallmark project and get some new blood in WCTH!

  • Team Nathan! I now realize E isn't good enough for him! Her and Lucas are a good fit

  • Faith and Carson were sweet together. She might wait for him, maybe visit him at John Hopkins and he can come back and be the surgeon that a growing town like Hope Valley will need. But Faith and Nathan - don’t know, although Mountie and nurse do go together, and maybe she didn’t love Carson as much as we hoped she did. She did choose Hope Valley over going with him, never mind the missed proposal. But Faith can’t keep having failed serious relationships over and over - she needs to make a choice. It might be Nathan, who knows.

  • I started watching this season because of a scene I saw between Elizabeth and Nathan...then I realized that the whole story started earlier with another man, Jack Thornton. I loved the relationship with Jack so I watched it anyway and it was a great story. Now with Jack dead and Nathan out of the race🤷🏼‍♀️... Lucas is a great man and I love Chris Mc Nallys acting even in other Hallmark films but I don't like the storytelling of season 8.

  • I am very disappointed in this. This was my favorite show until now... I think you could’ve ended it better with Elizabeth and Nathan you broke ally’s heart and I don’t think I’m going to watch this disappointing show anymore.. all I can say is I am more then disappointed in you😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    • @tgm250wait... it is?

    • You do realise this is fiction right?

  • That kiss made me want to throw up. Worst choice - ever.

    • Then why are you commenting about it here? Glutton for punishment? Just curious.

  • I am honestly disappointed in the way the season finale ended. It makes no sense to me at all. Hallmark has always been a family oriented channel and I have always loved the morals and lessons they have given their viewers. This time however I was very disappointed in the "love triangle." I do not understand from a family perspective why baby Jack was not more involved with this decision in the storyline. So we have a single mom who dates and falls in love with a man who her baby has to start to develop a relationship in the future with a man who has no prior experience of being a male role model,owns a saloon and seems jealous...while a man who portrays a role in the story of protecting her, those around her and is a single father himself who needs a woman in his daughter/niece life, who wants a family and to settle down and was willing to walk away from his career she doesn't pick on the spare of the moment. To me it seemed like a young woman making impulsive decisions. I can say that I did love the new family and preacher, the storyline of the older couple who got married, the mending of Jesse's marriage and how Gowan had such a change of heart and his son came back into his life. I am hoping that the writers of this show do some real work on thinking things through on the next season. I don't care for the nonsense drama. The whole reason of watching this show is because it was not your everyday TV junk drama. It was better to me than The Little House on the Prairie. Clean, good morals, good characters but left you in suspense for more. Hope things get better.

    • I SOOOO agree! Baby Jack's happiness should be the first concern of Elizabeth's!!!

  • So beautifully acted. We believed it was happening and longed for “the kiss.”

  • Good news for WCTH, bad news for Hearties but Elizabeth is a gold digger.

  • Whaaaaaaaaat... Oh my God, I'm tearing... I'm too excited... tooo excited... oh my goodness... Lucas was a gentleman from day 1... he was so Jack but with a little bit of class... So gentle... You did good Elizabeth... I think I'll get over Jack's death now just fine

  • Season 8 ending was perfect 💯 You can't please everyone because people want a narrative to suit their own preferences. But keep it up hallmark. I am personally looking forward to Season 9

  • Well I m through with this show Enjoy Lucus fans

  • Wow! Just wow!

  • You have lost a loyal fan base. I will not continue supporting this show. I feel manipulated and betrayed.

  • After that steamy kiss, I do want to see more... 😅

  • no! no! no! no! no! no! no!

  • Elizabeth and Lucas need to be written out of the show. Bring in a new school teacher for Nathan and return to the storyline of the books. Nathan is a leading man, Lucas is not.

  • I’m really really upset and disappointed!! I think that Elizabeth is being absolutely ridiculous!! Nathan told her so many times that he loved her, but Lucas never said it until the end!! Also what example is Lucas setting for Baby Jack as a barkeeper? At least Nathan has a honest and humble job. Also Nathan has experience with Allie, and spent time and invited Baby Jack to always join in their activities, while Lucas showed no interest. Also, I think Lucas is way too wordy. He overdresses, is always drinking, and is kind of shady!! He reminds me of Charles!! Elizabeth is also pulled into being more fancy when she’s with Lucas, and is starting to dress like she was in Hamilton. I think that Lucas should be with Fiona!! Nathan is just the better overall option!! I am really upset by the ending, and will most likely not be watching the next season!!

  • I hope they’re not going to try and pair these two together as that’s just ridiculous, Nathan was jerked around and heartbroken and Faith don’t know what the hell she wants. Bring someone new in town for Nate, maybe female mounty would be nice, but who knows.

  • Beni nasıl özlemezsin kadın kanlı canlı nasıl görmeden durabiliyorsun...

  • Really disappointed. But all season I have not liked Elizabeth's manner. Impressed by Lucas mom. Got a book published. Enjoyed the finer things so she might as well go back to Hamilton. It makes it look like she went slumming with Jack now back in her father's world. Came across like a user. Don't care if they have anymore seasons if we have to watch a classy lady turn into a hot soap opera star. Lucas and her belong together the character of Nathan deserves a honest lady. Sorry if I sound like a sore loser but I'm a Nathan fan.

  • Nathan is a class act guy can't say that about Lucas Elizabeth is a fool he is not a family man Nathan will do a lot better

  • This show has lost so many viewers

  • Dégoûtée Dégoûtée, tt ça pr ça ben franchement ça n'en valait pas la peine. Team Nathan is broken😭😭😭😭

  • majic.

  • So so disappointed Lucas is just to sappy and perfect I would like to see Fiona with Nathan,

  • I am slowly coming to realize that if Elizabeth had chosen Nathan, Lucas wouldn't have had a reason to stay in Hope Valley. Nathan has Allie to think about and the fact that HV needs a Mountie. That said, I don't love the idea that the only real thing keeping Lucas in a place is his love interest, that makes me kind of sad for him that he doesn't feel a deeper connection or sense of purpose in the town itself (beyond his businesses, but he is so good at picking those up and starting fresh). So, to keep both actors, I see how it had to go this way. But I also could have lived with (and even CELEBRATED) Elizabeth and Lucas if the writers hadn't dragged Team Nathan through excruciating episode after episode only to make a choice in the other direction in the last few minutes. If it was going to be Lucas, it would have been better to have the choice made when they started dating, and to leave Nathan out of it. Instead of "I can't," give us "I don't love you," and then we all could have moved on together.

  • 1:58 ayo that's Bruce Wayne lmfao🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Beyond happy beyond excited. Now I have to rewatch the whole season because although I have been #teamlucas from the moment I saw him, I did not allow myself to embrace it because I was so terrified that I would only setup myself for heartbreak...sooo happy!!!!

  • I will not be watching 😪😥

  • I can not stop looking😍💕😃

  • the ending is so incoherent and ridiculous that Elisabeth could have picked Mike while she's at it it wouldn't have made less sense than this ridiculous ending😡 how to take people for idiots!

  • I should've stuck with my original stopping point of Jack and Elizabeth's wedding. Sadly I got lured back with the hope of Elizabeth choosing Nathan. Now I feel tricked and cheated twice over. Goodbye, WCTH. I'll catch clips that don't involve Lucas/Elizabeth once the show is done running. 😞

    • It’s just a story relax.

  • I'm definitely not watching again. It seamed forced, I feel Nathan loves her more. They r just trying to make Lucas and Liz work. Anyway I'm not watching again

  • So sad. The show is ruined!

  • No no no I don't like the ending, I prefer Nathan with all my heart

  • Hi Erin! Stop all your perky nonsense! You have lost a lot of fans. I know you are part of the production. You screwed around with your fans too much girl. Season 9??? Good luck with that

  • Since they have changed the essence of the story that Jeanette Oakes wrote, they really should change the name of the series now. Her books are about a Mountie in a schoolteacher, both sets of them. This is no longer her story.

    • Agree! They should change the name to "Soap Valley"!

  • This is not the way the series should go. I am certainly disappointed... Nathan all the way! Could this mean that Lucas and Elizabeth could break up? SOp many things could happen. Lucas has never had any contact with baby Jack nor been in Elizabeth's house...I find this so strange.

    • He had contact - remember the scene on the grass where they are reading the bunny story? And sure, he was at the front door of Elizabeth’s house all the time to check on her. And maybe they’re saving all this for season nine, to show what an angel Lukas is. 😇 I wanted Nathan too, but the show must go on.

    • I will certainly keep watching....

  • So sad. The beauty, creativity and essence of Jannette Oaks stories has been ruined and tainted. Season 9 will be their last season.

  • OOMMGG 🥰🥰😍😍

  • All that mustache/beard kissing was so gross!! lol I'm #teamNathan so I am still shocked at this!! I'm a true Heartie though so I'm looking forward to season 9 :)

  • NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! Wrong road...

  • Não dá certo ela com o Lucas,melhor com o Nathan

  • Thank you. Thank you. Please let them enjoy their love in the next season. We all need some happiness !


  • After Jack died... finally i am happy again watching WCTH 🥰 #teamlucas

  • What an absolutely beautiful ending to a sweet touching love story! I adore them as a couple. Can't wait for next season!!!

  • Hey guys! My husband and I just thought of something really interesting. He's a DC fan and said it's like watching Batman and Superman! Nathan in Red and Blue is Superman and Lucas is Batman wearing his grey tone suits a bit! He thinks that in the next season or two they will be best friends. There for each other when the chips are down and when hope is needed. Funny!

  • IM SO HAPPY SHE CHOSE LUCAS OMGGGGG!!! I was prepared to shed tears but now I’m shedding tears of happiness!! Lucas has been a perfect gentleman! He set the bar so high!!

  • Decepção

  • #TeamNathan 4ever ..... so sad to get this ending. Lost the same love 2nd time during this show.... the series keeps getting us down...

  • TeamHearties❤️ I love the character of Elizabeth and her choice. As a single mother, picking someone who is already a father, would have made sense, been easier perhaps for little Jack; but a love choice is sometimes not simple or logical. As a teacher, being with a ‘saloon owner’ might be considered risqué, and a mountie husband may have been more respectable. But her decision was not based on anything else apart from who the man was. She valued his patience, thoughtfulness, encouragement and love. In the true essence of ‘Hope Valley’ she valued the inner person. Love the values in this show🥰. Can’t wait to see what comes next for all the characters!

  • For sure Lucas is really good looking, I think she should have ended up with Nathan. He would have brought more stability into the 'family' type of environment. I think Lucas is all about Elizabeth but doesnt fully understand bringing up a ready made family

  • 9th season ...3 suiter for Elizabeth. Whom she will chose ? Stick around to find out.. Crap show with shameless female lead.

  • I'm so happy that Elizabeth had chosen Lucas #teamLucasforthewin

  • To be honest Lucas was and still is the better choice he was patient with Elizabeth he wasn't forceful nor did he tell her that he loves her without evening knowing her first Lucas gotten that chance to know Elizabeth first, again Nathan reminds her too much of Jack and loving him for that reason wouldn't be wise on her part because she doesn't love him for him she'll only love him because of him reminding him of Jack and it wouldn't be fair on his part for thinking that she's in love with him not the reminder of Jack's ghost in him. Elizabeth was very fortunate that Lucas didn't leave town because he thought that she was in love with Nathan and she's going to choose him instead of Lucas and two Nathan was just selfish he only love her out of fear and in a way Alie had something to do with trying to get her and Nathan together romantically as well was another reason why she didn't choose him. Choosing Nathan would of been the biggest mistake in her life. Lucas has changed some much, the reason why Elizabeth keeps on staring at Nathan is because he remains her of Jack and she doesn't want to go through that again with Nathan. Nathan in a way should of backed off not fight to win her.

  • Just perfect! Lucas and us have bern waiting patiently a lot of time for this. Well deserved for L, for all the kindness and patience and support that he jas showed E all this time. I loved the kisses. I hope they continue to be just as passionate also in season 9

  • This show doesn' make any sense. Nathan is the most handsome guy in Hope Valley. In real life, all single women would be fighting for him. 😆

  • Can't wait Can't wait to watch Elizabeth and Lucas go forward. I was always Team Lucas

  • noooooooooooo yo queria que se quedara con Nathan porque Lucas???

  • At last! The most heartfelt and magical tv series ever!

  • asshole! She does not even know what love it! She went from chalk dust to eternity and then oh well, forget about my son and let's get it on with a new man. She should have been strong woman by herself, Lucas is a cad and does not even care about little Jack just too SAD!!! She can now just be a kept woman, how far Elizabeth has fallen!

  • 🤮🤮🤮

  • I am happy for this ending team Lucas all the way

  • Aaawww!I cannot wait to watch it ❤️

  • I’m SO HAPPY!!!! Best season finale!

  • I can't believe she chose him he is not a family man. Very disapp6

  • Congratulations on the new season! I'm so glad!

  • What no long kiss good by! How cold. Move on Faith. If he was going to prepose he would of!

  • she picked lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!

  • I am sorry for the Team Nathan fans..but I have to say that had she chosen Nathan that would have been it for me!