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What's up everybody? This is The Act Man heeeere!! I talk about video games, New & Old, what makes them AWESOME?! and what makes them BAD?!

If you enjoy in-depth Video Game Reviews that cover every facet of a game or want to hear commentaries on the video game industry/market, then this is the place for you, friend! I also love to analyze video game stories/storytelling and find out more about why we love certain stories and despise others.

I got a soft spot for the Halo series and Call of Duty.

Enjoy the channel and stay classy!

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16:37Blizzard Is Still TERRIBLE
Blizzard Is Still TERRIBLEKo‘rishlar soni 163 mingKun oldin
20:51So I FINALLY Got a PS5...
So I FINALLY Got a PS5...Ko‘rishlar soni 481 ming7 kun oldin
33:50Act Man's Top 20 Games of ALL TIME!!
Act Man's Top 20 Games of ALL TIME!!Ko‘rishlar soni 391 ming14 kun oldin
18:13Act Man's BEST & WORST of E3 2021
Act Man's BEST & WORST of E3 2021Ko‘rishlar soni 398 ming28 kun oldin
26:01Halo Infinite - A Return To Form
Halo Infinite - A Return To FormKo‘rishlar soni 836 mingOy oldin
35:06Why Is Resident Evil Village SO AWESOME?! And... BAD?!
39:08Why Is Half-Life A MASTERPIECE?!
Why Is Half-Life A MASTERPIECE?!Ko‘rishlar soni 746 ming2 oy oldin
39:54The Rise & Fall of Valve
The Rise & Fall of ValveKo‘rishlar soni 955 ming2 oy oldin
37:15Why Is Left 4 Dead 2 A Masterpiece?!
Why Is Left 4 Dead 2 A Masterpiece?!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln3 oy oldin
33:33Failed Game Consoles - The Act Man
Failed Game Consoles - The Act ManKo‘rishlar soni 842 ming3 oy oldin
17:51Why Is Valheim SO AWESOME?! - Early Access Done Right
Why Is Valheim SO AWESOME?! - Early Access Done RightKo‘rishlar soni 384 ming4 oy oldin
52:56Why Is Fallout: New Vegas SO AWESOME?!
Why Is Fallout: New Vegas SO AWESOME?!Ko‘rishlar soni 2.1 mln4 oy oldin
16:05Black Ops: Cold War Is Actually Good Now?!
Black Ops: Cold War Is Actually Good Now?!Ko‘rishlar soni 781 ming5 oy oldin
14:05Why Is The Star Wars: Episode 3 Game SO AWESOME?! Ft. @zanny
17:11Power To The Players - GameStop Stock, WallStreetBets
Power To The Players - GameStop Stock, WallStreetBetsKo‘rishlar soni 375 ming5 oy oldin
45:06Why Is Cyberpunk 2077 SO BAD?!
Why Is Cyberpunk 2077 SO BAD?!Ko‘rishlar soni 2.1 mln5 oy oldin
26:12Dead & Forgotten Game Franchises - The Act Man
Dead & Forgotten Game Franchises - The Act ManKo‘rishlar soni 1 mln6 oy oldin
ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!Ko‘rishlar soni 254 ming6 oy oldin
21:54Xbox 360 Chat Was WILD
Xbox 360 Chat Was WILDKo‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln6 oy oldin
25:06Cyberpunk 2077 Is a COMPLETE DISASTER!!
Cyberpunk 2077 Is a COMPLETE DISASTER!!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln7 oy oldin
42:33Why Is Black Ops: Cold War SO BAD?!
Why Is Black Ops: Cold War SO BAD?!Ko‘rishlar soni 2.8 mln7 oy oldin
34:30Which Halo Has The BEST Campaign?! - The Act Man
Which Halo Has The BEST Campaign?! - The Act ManKo‘rishlar soni 787 ming8 oy oldin
25:20The Funniest Game Nobody Played (Armed & Dangerous)
The Funniest Game Nobody Played (Armed & Dangerous)Ko‘rishlar soni 457 ming8 oy oldin
25:19The Rise & Fall of Loot Boxes
The Rise & Fall of Loot BoxesKo‘rishlar soni 924 ming8 oy oldin
15:03Is the Xbox Series X Worth It? (Console Review)
Is the Xbox Series X Worth It? (Console Review)Ko‘rishlar soni 740 ming8 oy oldin
16:44Console Wars: The Xbox Strikes Back
Console Wars: The Xbox Strikes BackKo‘rishlar soni 849 ming9 oy oldin
19:05Black Ops: Cold War is... PRETTY GOOD?! (Beta Review)
Black Ops: Cold War is... PRETTY GOOD?! (Beta Review)Ko‘rishlar soni 942 ming9 oy oldin


  • 6:26 I don't get this clip because the only female blizzard characters that I can think of don't look like they've stepped out of a victoria's secret catalogue. Zarya's not "traditionally attractive," and the only other character I can think of is Tracer. And I think Tracer is closer to something out of Scott Pilgrim, as opposed to Victoria's secret. Then again, Overwatch wasn't out 11 years ago. And I've never played Overwatch. I can't really say that I know female characters from any other franchises. Does the zerg queen count as a female?

  • Forecast says there's a ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Blizzard of Sexism. YEEEEAAAHHH

  • People didn't listen to me when I drew attention to just how much blizzard resembles that jackass that repeats your joke louder and takes the credit for it. Most of their games have positioned themselves as originators for genres when they're popularizers at best. Wanna know which blizzard series is the most "original"? Diablo. Warcraft? Built on Dune 2. WoW? Ultima online. Starcraft? They just stole from themselves. Overwatch? Tf classic. I particularly hate overwatch because I blame blizzard fanboys a great deal for the death of a game I really loved that had a lot of passion put into it by the devs, Gigantic. Hearthstone? Just dumber (and in the case pf mana more streamlined) mtg. They have ONE franchise that isn't a copy of something else that popularized a genre so twats think it originated it with blizzard making not a single nod to their inspirations after they made it big. I mean even if we look on a lore basis, warcraft...actually is reasonably original far as I'm aware except if you consider that lord of the rings exists and anything that isn't lord of the rings inspired is kind of...terrible and wangsty or stupid or both. Starcraft is just aliens versus predators with a flavor of elves tossed to the predators, overwatch has no original bones in its body outside of a surface level, every character is almost exclusively tropes (and you may feel tempted to bring in, idk, issue #5 of widowmaker eats a beetle using a violin bow but firstly those are how many years after the game got popular and second off known to too few people to honestly matter) with some of them being quite the stereotype. Diablo, once again -probably due to my limited knowledge- is not particularly based on anything, but then it's so generic in both design and "angels vs darkness" theme it took that I feel I'm wasting everyone's time if I start explaining how that isn't necessarily a good thing. So yeah, blizzard have always been shotty but only now did they get the balls to be so in public because of their shitty fanboys.

  • I haven't played an Activision game in god knows how long, and I have never played a Blizzard game. Thank, the fuck, goodness. What a disgrace to the gaming community. It's like all of the bullying from the early Xbox Live days found a new outlet. Except it wasn't online anymore.

  • Its like that insult I once heard... "just when I thought you've hit rock bottom, you show up with a shovel"

  • In other news , Water is Wet

  • Blizzard/Activision's response was so poor. The employees are calling them out as a result. It's such a horrible situation. I haven't played a Blizzard game in quite a while. Activision is really only a COD company now, not really hard to pass on their games (Vanguard, zero interest) as well.

  • From when a survival zombie spin off known as Metal Gear Survive was a sequel ?

  • I'm still gonna play overwatch

  • “Blizzard is terrible” Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Woah are the cone head people deserving of this attack on them? I haven’t seen the movies so I wouldn’t know

  • Buy some cyberpunk metal posters, this game is a disaster but buy some lol

  • This game is still shit

  • "The office slut killed herself" OMFG LOL

  • 14:47 It's Highrise, Act Man

  • Why do any women work there like wtf. If it’s a shitty environment just leave and find something better

  • I hate blizzard

  • on a side note if you pause at 2:22 his face looks like he bout to make blizzard his bitch

  • Does it explain why the elites are working with the covenant again after the civil war.

  • I don't wish to work at these big companies anymore I so ashamed of buying their products I knew so many people that wanted to work for valve or Nintendo but now the very concept is disgusting to me

  • Townsend is actually a female, and also the head of the AKB female network

  • Bro I’m only four seconds in and I’m already laughing

  • Is it immoral to still play cod now?

    • Play it all you want but maybe don’t buy the battle passes or bundles

  • Jason schrier is a god

  • I did not like the MW3 campaign all it mostly was, was just shooting and did not really focus on the story until the end

  • “I don’t like Blizzard, they are coarse, rough, irritating and there taint gets everywhere”

  • 5:22 WTF...

  • i'm all for due process but DANG there is a LOT of evidence that says blizz is guilty. the suicide, the workers sharing their wages to show pay discrepancies, the over 1k employees signing an open letter to management that they suck at responding to issues. i do think people are too quick to believe the victims but it's clear there are a LOT of victims and lots of witnesses.

  • I seen some UZfirers use the fact that Blizzard has virtue's signalled as a way to say one side of the political spectrum is bad instead of actually addressing sexual harassment that took place at Activision blizzard

    • and another thing a female sadly took her own life due to the harassment see got working at Activision blizzard and I haven't seen many UZfirers actually address that

    • And another thing I don't mean to be that guy but a lot of employees currently currently working at Activision blizzard used to play games like wow overwatch etc so if they're hobby is playing video games and their job is coding they're not going to have good social skills and then if the company they're working that is primarily male and favours men for promotion so men have power over women in the workplace it can lead to a situation like this and it's been reporting that most of the people who took place in the sexual harassment the instigators not victims say the same kind of stuff the quartering and anti-sjw say I'm not trying to connect the dots just giving you the information

    • And I saw another video that a UZfirer said the victims of the sexual harassment deserved it because they were women

  • Damn I like blizzard a little bit more now (still shit tho lol)

  • The act man please do a video on devil may cry 5

  • do a review for pulsar: lost colony

  • Not all the people at Blizzard are sexist pigs, I'm not defending the scum that caused someone to take their life but let's not blame all the lower level people who weren't involved in the behaviour.

  • And these are the people that are working on OW2?

  • JAB bout to lose his job and he sends and email to employees giving them permission to talk to him LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • While the accusations are very damning. The thing about sexaul harassment. I had a buddy who asked a co worker if she wanted to grab a drink with the rest of the crew. He only talked to her that one time.The next day he was brought into the office and about fired for sexaul Harassment.

  • The man.. The legend.. THE ACT MAN!!!

  • Blizzard:Rushed to get incorrect facts State of California: 2 year investigation Yea...rushed

  • Not gonna lie I don't believe any of this female related bullsht! I have seen enough bogus shit to understand that it's probably just another woke crusade slapping every possible allegation against a company.

    • @claybomb8 Activision is not Blizzard. Doesn't matter how much you and the ActMan want it to be.

    • As I said on another comment... The only pattern I see: Blizzard is dominated by men, feminists don't like it. They accuse superiors of harassment/sexism to fire/replace them. If they replace them, they don't got the skills, they get laid off. Then, they go on campaigns to defame, sue and cancel the company. When it doesn't work, but the settlement money is awesome, then it's a "cover up". Because settlements have Non-disclosures. So they go on more campaigns from anonymity. Start again. It's a positive feedback loop.

    • Nah, this shit has been brewing for years. Accusations of passing women for promotions at Activision have been reported before.

    • finally! someone with a brain!

  • a minor that was in highschool up in canada killed herself because her nudes were leaked by an ex bf, he was held accountable. But its hard to believe the us will consider any real justice, because eagles and freedom. If you had a gram of weed theyd lock you up for a decade lmao

  • The third video about Blizzard in about 1 year :)

  • Those Cyberpunk figures will be worth alot of money in the distant future! Along with sealed original copies

  • Look even I hate the moder way feminist act. But Jesús those answers could had been handle alotbetter

  • I dont believe some of this but at the same time I do

  • Naughty Dog is pretty ass too

  • This it what i call some quality content here. Love ya Acting real ActMan!

  • Blizzard fell long before the trial

  • The fact that there are many people actively DEFENDING Blizzard at this point is beyond insane

  • I never support or buy games with microtransactions and loot boxes. Just boycott them.

  • Blizzard saying that california "rushed" out this lawsuit is pretty ironic. California probably spent more time investing blizzard. Then blizzard spent developing thier actual game's

  • I'd think it'd be best if I either save up enough money to buy one or just wait a couple years for a price drop.

  • Goddamn Actman your professionalism and editing is top notch, I mean maybe you got help or someone doing it but ya really got the right muscle. Always a pleasure with your vids, even if it's something as displeasing as blizzard-activision continuing to be shit.

  • Let's be honest is it really hard for him to bust open all these stories? I mean it's not like there is real competition for him in his field of "journalism"

  • So basically they are the same as with every company... I'm not surprised

  • by this video now i have more doubts to buy DIABLO 2 resurrected, what will happens if blizzards just wash away? Thanks act-man for this information, i need it. Shame on Blizz a tragic story.

  • california is shit! what else is new

  • I didn't like some of Halo CE's level design. Sometimes it'd just drag out FOREVER.

  • Wtf Jason Shreier is a clown

  • Act man your man to be trusted and listened to, thanks man.

  • The Act Man should review Ghost of Tsushima, like if you agree.

  • 6:52 that was actually pretty funny

  • I hate to say it but I feel like act man is white knighting a little in this vid

  • The sad thing is we're not even surprised at this point.

  • it's really not even ok to make rape jokes amongst friends in private not around women

  • And the worst part is still no new Starcraft 😡

  • In COD demons scare people In DOOM doom guy scare demons

  • Blizzard died long ago. What exists today is a soul less, soul crushing shit show of a shit stain.

  • isn’t it funny how most people that are feminists or sjw’s don’t even play games. so why would they care and make drama out of no where

  • I'm curious. Does anyone actually play those shitty tower defense games. I mean, obviously, since they get a bunch of money and have all the marketing campaigns, so someone must be giving them enough clicks to afford to buy off these UZfirers. But seriously, what sadistic fuck is actually torturing themselves by playing those. Is it you? Why do you do it? Do you need some help?

  • Oh boy am I glad I never gave Blizzard even a single penny of my money.

  • I really related to the first sentence

  • That was 11 years ago? Damn I feel old.

  • I don’t mind women being hot in video games, but considering what we know now is a big yikes.

  • I hate this company as much as everyone does but,workers drinking booze and playing videogames on the job is very hard to believe.