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0:46THE VENOM 2 TRAILER IS COMING! Official Release Date!
THE VENOM 2 TRAILER IS COMING! Official Release Date!Ko‘rishlar soni 53 ming21 soat oldin
22:48Brooklyn Nine-Nine EPISODE 1 REACTION!! (1x1 Pilot | Review)
10:06A Quiet Place Part 2 FINAL TRAILER - REACTION!!
A Quiet Place Part 2 FINAL TRAILER - REACTION!!Ko‘rishlar soni 22 mingKun oldin
Pixar's LUCA OFFICIAL TRAILER REACTION!! (Disney)Ko‘rishlar soni 23 ming7 kun oldin


  • I understand Dave Bautista leaving Marvel, like he said he's getting older and like you mentioned I remember hjm being upset for James Gunn getting fired. James Gunn is having a lot of luck with DC so there's that. I do think there will be more Guardians of The Galaxy just without James Gunn as the director, maybe he'll be involved in the background tho. 🤔

  • It should of been this but doctor strange is too white for them

  • Another great comedy series that not many people are reacting to that's quite funny is FX's What We Do In the Shadows. It's really funny and quite short. 2 seasons with a 3rd on the way and 10 eps a pop.

  • *Hopefully Eminem is in the soundtrack again!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽*

  • Guys guys guys the Venom 2 trailer just learned just learned it's coming out this Monday After one month not getting the trailer Guys guys guys the Venom 2 trailer just learned just learned it's coming out next year

  • OMG I JUST NOTICE THAT THE POSTER FROM WILLIE WONERLAND "that says siren " is in the security breach as a EASTER EGG " Holy crap

  • Mickie musca MICKIE SHIT

  • This movie needs to be awesome

  • One of my favourite shows that are currently running

  • If only you guys watched It’s always sunny in Philadelphia :(

  • This is like God tier brain thinking bro.

  • Yep! I've been always right about that! She has always had the power in her and the mind stone just made her stronger.

  • Idc i just want the AOU Quicksilver back lol

  • They also admitted that they did not what her to be saved by a white man.....racist AF They were able to film all the rest even with the Covid. But ain't no one gonna magic-mansplained to her. And when did marvel not want to use one show to promote a nother marvel product?

  • You know what i JUST realized? Your name is Greg in this, older videos are Ryan Wright 😂 So what is your name?

  • 2:54 love the joke to release the tension in the room 😜

  • Sinister six is coming after doc of escaped after spiderman 2 doc Oc has had the time to gain all of spidermans villians

  • I watched the full video and I feel so inspired! This was a really good vid! I loved watching you and Chris talk about UZfire.

  • lol ......AWESOME video, I really loved it, hearing both ur stories n how u guys got where u r nw am glad u guys did this vid and I look forward to more of both ur works.....

  • L

  • You guys really batting .000 at the plate this episode lmao. Great reaction tho

  • The crossover we needed its like worlds finest when Batman and Superman met

  • This is such a great video!🙌🏽Keep up the good work guys!🤙🏽love both of your channels!🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • I’ll be looking forward to it. Hopefully, this news is true.

  • Hi, this is not regarding this collaboration or anything. But if you can/have time - do watch Jupiter's Legacy (and make a reaction if you think it's a good show)

  • How have u not watched this yet? Lol. Personally I like it more than community and the office.

  • 7:30 “where’s flash” when Ezra Miller is the villain lmao

  • Venom 2???? Maybe next Monday

  • 2 of my legit favorite channels together YESSS!!!!

  • Friend : Endgame is the best crossover Me :

  • Rex’s voice actor is the 🐐. He placed the comedic asshole in everything

  • As long as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has a satisfying conclusion, I’m fine with them deciding to leave the franchise and move on to other things. After everything they’ve already given us in the MCU, I wish them both the best of luck.

  • They couldn't have used my boy Wong instead? He's always a hoot!

  • You guys better watch the whole series. New season is coming up & your 99 problems would get solved

  • Same theory was given by new Rockstars but then u laughed and now you are shocked by this theory 🤷

  • Was waiting for your guys reaction cannot wait for wakanda forever

  • Plz why am I so late to the party but YESSSSSSS I AM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ARE REACTING TO B99...FINALLYYYYYY

  • Amber is seriouy the worst character. I hope she ends up getting some kind of redeemable quality in season 2 because as it is now she is the worst part of the show in my opinion.

  • Great show

  • YYEESSS!!!! Finally!!!!

  • Avengers endgame: is the biggest crossover. Fortnite: hold my gun. Smash bros: hold my mushrooms. Space jam: hold my carrot: 3C films: hold my baby Yoda.

  • Oh man you guys are in for a treat with this show...

  • My head canon is that Dr.Strange was off at an interdimensional wizard conference or something during Wandavision.

  • i mean where did they officially announced?

  • Is today Monday yet??

  • I’ve been watching Emergency Awesome for like forever! At least it feels that way


  • "Amber's slept with that guy..." No but she's about to do something worse. Like, what in the gaslighting shit has this been?!??

  • Now watch Wanda have 30mins of screentime in the next Dr. Strange movie 😑😑😑

  • Are you guys friends?

  • Maybe he’s somewhat awkward in interviews. I don’t know, I’m still not quite buying into the hype. The internet being the internet.


  • Chris is literally my only movie news source at this point lol.... Dude is a bad ass!

  • Emergency awesome is an amazing channel. He is my go to channel for information

  • I am literally 15 and I love to watch you guys

  • Very glad Dr. Strange didn't come and 'fix' Wanda. If she's going to be the powerful being she's supposed to be, she needs to figure it out herself.

  • These characters are completely intertwined in the Marvel Universe. I think Dr. Strange is the scapegoat in all of this. Here Marvel goes again, dodging great content and for what? Fiege literally said he didn't want a "white guy" to save the day!! How in the rotten oats is that a good thing? Who among us would be proud of his statement? This woke crap getting difficult for me. Why do you guys settle for Fiege's explanation?

  • I love you Chris I love you Greg

  • NICE, awesome you guys are reacting to this. Imo best sitcom

  • IF Reel Rejects has an interview with NEW ROCKSTARS, HEAVY SPOILERS, and 3C FILMS ALL TOGETHER, they'll surpass Endgame at the crossover of our lifetimes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where did you get that tee?!?

  • Nice to see AZ3 the droid that helped Fives remove his chip!

  • Loved it ☺️❤️🤘🏻

  • There is no’s a straight up, straight down fuck you to Zack. It’s childish and petty and over all shows why WB will always be in Marvels rear view. The DCEU division at WB needs to be gutted from root to stem. There behaving like high school jocks who peak in high school but 15 years later there clueless that they peaked and still think there that guy. The amount of energy there putting into this Zack take down is pathetic. Put that energy into making better movies, dealing with the narcissistic, toxic culture they continue to feed with in there DC division

  • love you 😘🌹😘😘

  • Cmon Andrew Garfield, you're good actor, you can do it better. We all know the lie in your eyes.

  • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • I feel like they should’ve had Strange in there a little bit. Like with the commercials and showing him trying to get into the hex. But they definitely shouldn’t have had him come in and save the day at the end that just seems goofy.

  • Captain America and White Wolf/Bucky

  • Do you see how stupid the show is?! I hope Loki is as amazing as Wandavision

  • Awesome video guys! F the haters, you both make great content and are such cool people.

  • so cool!

  • Interesting stuff guys. I can understand not wanting to learn a bunch of words for scifi and Dune is dense.

  • Am I the only one here who thinks he resembles Miles Teller / Mr.Fantastic? Anyways, I enjoyed this collab :).

  • I’m not getting my hopes up again... IM GETTING MY HOPES UP AGAIN

  • john and greg for the reaction, chris for the breakdown

  • That old lady in the store that wouldn't get down? Definitely Mephisto...

  • Came here to watch two of the best in the business and saw my buddy 3C mention me... Made me blush! Haha But for real, awesome video you two. Loved your conversation so much!

  • Thank the woke pedos

  • this was so wholesome ☺️💕🌸