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It's Hell.


28:03Chatting with an Animator about Helluva Boss | Episode 5 Review
1:01:06CURRY IS YOUTH, CURRY IS LIFE | Filler Fellas
CURRY IS YOUTH, CURRY IS LIFE | Filler FellasKo‘rishlar soni 1.6 ming7 kun oldin
27:32The Review Must Go On - Doug Walker's Haunting Masterpiece
1:23:46Spongebob Boys: Revelation
Spongebob Boys: RevelationKo‘rishlar soni 5 ming21 kun oldin
55:38Ranting About The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | MCU In Hell
1:00:12The Donald Trump Slasher Film Nobody Is Talking About
1:28Diregentleman Reviews The Owl House
Diregentleman Reviews The Owl HouseKo‘rishlar soni 6 mingOy oldin
47:28That Time Hinata Was A Waterbender | Filler Fellas
That Time Hinata Was A Waterbender | Filler FellasKo‘rishlar soni 3.2 mingOy oldin
0:52Jason MoeMoe
Jason MoeMoeKo‘rishlar soni 1.7 mingOy oldin
1:14:42The Snyder Cut: The Longest Superhero Movie | MCU In Hell
ITS FUNNY HOW DUMB YOU AREKo‘rishlar soni 13 mingOy oldin
10:07Shane Dawson's Cat Waifu | Monster Girl Safari
Shane Dawson's Cat Waifu | Monster Girl SafariKo‘rishlar soni 4.8 mingOy oldin
1:59:25The Disturbing Movie Iceberg: Wholesome Edition
The Disturbing Movie Iceberg: Wholesome EditionKo‘rishlar soni 14 mingOy oldin
3:59Don't Click FAKE Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Episodes
1:33:18Spongebob Boys 3
Spongebob Boys 3Ko‘rishlar soni 8 mingOy oldin
28:41sI.M.P.ing For Helluva Boss Villains
sI.M.P.ing For Helluva Boss VillainsKo‘rishlar soni 221 mingOy oldin
55:51Age of Ultron: Symbolism Over Substance | MCU In Hell
27:208 FAKE Monster Girls | Fake MGE Showcase
8 FAKE Monster Girls | Fake MGE ShowcaseKo‘rishlar soni 4.7 ming2 oy oldin
7:45Asking The Real Questions | Monster Girl Safari
Asking The Real Questions | Monster Girl SafariKo‘rishlar soni 4.5 ming2 oy oldin
10:54Vivziepop Club is trying too hard
Vivziepop Club is trying too hardKo‘rishlar soni 18 ming2 oy oldin
2:53MOE or NOE: Misato Katsuragi
MOE or NOE: Misato KatsuragiKo‘rishlar soni 2 ming2 oy oldin
1:04:59Spongebob Boyz
Spongebob BoyzKo‘rishlar soni 8 ming2 oy oldin
2:31MOE or NOE: Phosphophyllite
MOE or NOE: PhosphophylliteKo‘rishlar soni 3.1 ming2 oy oldin
0:39Yang's Drunk As Hell
Yang's Drunk As HellKo‘rishlar soni 3.6 ming2 oy oldin
45:27Avengers Assemble: Power Without Consequence | MCU IN HELL
1:10:46TV Tropes Made A Show And It Sucks
TV Tropes Made A Show And It SucksKo‘rishlar soni 18 ming2 oy oldin
0:05I'm The Avatar and You Need To Leave
I'm The Avatar and You Need To LeaveKo‘rishlar soni 32 ming2 oy oldin
16:18Invasion of the Tongue Wives | Monster Girl Safari
Invasion of the Tongue Wives | Monster Girl SafariKo‘rishlar soni 6 ming2 oy oldin


  • Rule 8 doesn’t apply to Vegeta or piccolo Because piccolo actions in dragon ball z and super completely redeemed him in way that people tend to look over. Since King piccolo take over the planet ruled with an iron fist, piccolo jr was about to complete his quest and finish what king piccolo had started until he trained gohan after he made the ultimate sacrifice of taking a blast from nappa directly and killing kami along with disabling the dragon balls just to save gohan and right now he being a great care taker for pan Vegeta has slaughtered fricken millions in his life time along with nappa and raditz and was still continuing to kill people in the namek saga and even in the cell saga (for the battle he had with 18 which he unintentionally killed people but only focused on defeating 18) and he was anti hero. Until the buu arc where Vegeta went from killing people to legitimately care for his son that he neglected and sacrifice himself to take out buu. And in the Moro arc he straight up states that he was making amends for the namekians because he slaughtered many in the namek arc

  • Its fun to see Gravity falls videos in 2021

  • 35.59 No right whatsoever? Isn't it a bit too rash, actually? People can have opinions on stuff

  • when he started shouting at the end about dynamic art I felt that

  • 14. I would actually dissagre here. The point is good to an extent, but sometimes finding out that something was a metaphor or realising the hidden meaning of something makes for a really nice mental game with an author

  • A fellow Vivziepop AND Fennah fan? HELL YEAH!

  • Blitzo has a really rocky relationship whit...almost everyone,so does that mean that Blitzo f***** almost everyone in the series? If so does that mean he f***** his employes as well? WTF Vivzie!

  • "It means time can move or stop at Mabels leisure" Wait a minute that's just a child dio but different

  • The comment about Pink Diamond being a dead name demonstrates that the author has little understanding of the content over which they're preaching about. Pink Diamond is a completely different person than Steven. If you watched the whole show and still get that confused, then that is entirely on you because it is made very, very explicit - repeatedly. If the argument is that Pink Diamond is a deadname for Rose, then you are also conflating the necessary respect for the existence of trans people, as Rose is an assumed character, an alias, a literal change in form, and is NOT indicative of a trans identity for which the usage of the term "dead name" is appropriate. Likening Pink Diamond/Rose's choice to assume a different name and appearance in order to rebel against the Diamond Authority to the experience of trans people undermines the basic respect needed to combat transphobia.

  • guso Am I worthy now?

  • I love the Big Enough (screaming cowboy song) easter egg in Striker's song!

  • *c h i p h e r*

  • Gunishment

  • Just because: Gunishment.

  • Definitely looking forward to Gunishment

  • Gunishment

  • I think the lesson here is this: Don't get too hung up on what the fans think and just do what makes you happy. If he had stuck to his guns with demo reel, Channel Awesome probably would've gone bankrupt, but ultimately he'd be free to pursue acting or directing, and he'd be a lot better off as a result. I think it's a bit over dramatic to say that he's trapped doing the character forever. He could leave Channel Awesome at any time; it's a just a matter of realizing that it doesn't matter what his shrieking 14 year old fans think, and finding the courage to step away from it all.

    • What we mean about him being trapped kind of goes beyond his fans now. It’s that, because of his behaviour and choices in the past, people who aren’t his fans think he’s a joke, and as a result, he’ll be harder to take seriously when he tries other things, if he tries other things. He’s got the pressure from the inside (fans, Mike, etc) to remain the NC, and he’s got the pressure from the outside to stay in, because his decisions have made him very difficult to respect as a creator.

  • won't we be alive till 2069 ); not 2023

  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • One last word: striker

  • As a new writer I have began to review bad advice and and storys And boy this was a ride.

  • This is the most misleading video ever

  • Cant wait for snuff 103

  • If bill just threat to kill everyone in the beginning he would won

    • By won, you mean he'd have gotten nowhere and be trapped in Gravity Falls for eternity than sure...

  • It’s Animal Crossing rules. All animals are people except for fish and bugs, which are not

  • I find it truly fascinating how the writers are able to create all these amazing side characters, and yet one of the four main characters that appears in every single episode is a 2D angsty bitch trope with Daddy issues that you find dime a dozen in nearly every single Young-Adult centered Media ever.

  • BLITZO'S HORSE, SPINDLEHORSE! You can see content about that on his official (?) Instagram page. instagram.com/blitzorodeo/ There's a post from 15 Sept. 2020 that's the conclusion of the Spindlehorse story. Posts before then talk about Blitzo and a seemingly invisible or nonexistent horse. Fun fun.

  • The comment about how blitzo is just fed up and bored by stolas kind of riked me. I think/hope he cares and here is why; Blitz's big issue is that he wants to rise above other imps and make something of himself, which is exactly what stolas is endorsing in and out of bed. In bed stolas is submissive. He revels in blitzo's act of dominance and entitlement. Having a leg over a powerful being like stolas would naturally appeal to blitz. Stolas also just constantly flirts and wants to spend time with blitzo, and Blitzo doesnt refuse. Sure in ep 2 he was offered money. But in ep 4 he just agreed even when stolas did not offer anything and made it clear he did not expect protection (and he obviously didnt actually need it in ep 2). Also, from ep 2 its clear blitzo wants to be the source of peoples affection, and here is stolas pretty much giving it to him. Blitzo cant clearly (without a straight face/stuttering) define their relationship, which means that there is a disconnect with what he feels and what he wants to feel. The reason he acts so annoyed and uncaring towards stolas is because he is insecure and does not want to appear vulnarable. Its to protect himself. Him caring for stolas in any way could be used to question his validity as a "superior" imp because he has to sleeps with nobility for his business to even function. I think he knows developing feelings for stolas could be dangerous. As it is, he can play it off as him being clever and using stolas for his own gain. Blitz could also be more strategic with his deal, using stolas affection and leniency to screw him over and take the book for himself or something but he hasnt even consider it, he seems content with the sleeping-together-arrangement. I think him needing the book is what locks him in an emotional stalemate with stolas though. at least thats what I hope is going on... less boring than him just not giving a shit about stolas. Theyre clearly bonding over similar issues but they cant build a good relationship with the deal they have as a base.

  • I got a Demon Waifu app ad on this video.

  • I want that fight so bad now, exactly as you described. Bring on the gunishment!

  • 7:40 - 7:47 the best part about that? I’ve actually said stuff like that to people

  • Thought it would be just another overrated show but holy sh*t was I wrong!

  • I think this show did a great job showing actual criticisms of American racism, self-aggrandizing, deeply problematic nationalism, complacency when it benefits the wealthy, and willing to screw over massive swaths of people to achieve whatever the people at top think of as "ideal." And the "villains" are realistic too. Actual real world terrorists are often disenfranchised humans that are desperate. Palestine is a country that needs access to resources, assistance, and even just international acknowledgment that they exist. But because they're constantly denied those things and attempts at diplomacy constantly get poo-pooed (especially by Israel and its allies), they feel like they need to lash out in whatever means they have at their disposal, and they feel justified doing so. Karli had no means of weighing in on the vote to kick her community back to impoverished wastelands with no assistance other than making sure the vote doesn't happen. When the wealthy and privileged are better off without you around, they'll dismiss, ignore, or oppress you until they can't. It happens with civil rights, North Korea, the Middle East, and all of human history over and over again.

  • If you like gravity falls and you like plants vs zombies you should watch the UZfire show pvz show, it is a direct copy of gravity falls but in pvz

  • Okay, so the point about Meg always disconnecting from stories as soon as they start getting focused on the heaven and hell shit, first of all, mood, secondly, I think I might have a theory about why that is. Heaven and Hell as plot devices are boring. Hell in this context kind of escapes the mold if only because we get so much built on top of it. Like the whole system of royal demons and a potential coup by an imp giving off those hints of class struggle is more than enough to invest in. Heaven conversely in media is normally this shiny place filled with gold and clouds and be the happy place where conflict is only ever brought to it and as a trope, that makes it fuckin dull. And not to be too critical but we do see that in the surface of the cherub episode where Bambi the secretariat is all "Noooo, heaven isn't for murderers so you're fired UwU". What I kind of wished what would happen is not necessarily more biblical depictions in a visual sense, like Thrones and stuff, I could take or leave that cause it would be hard as fuck to draw, but biblical in the sense of feeling. Angels have done some shit in the bible. Sometimes messengers, sometimes marauders. Now for the fanfiction segment of this ungodly post. If I were head writer, I would have taken it in a different way. Instead of trying to save Rill O'Biley from suicide, Cherub would also of been sent to end his life, but in a covert way, like inducing a heart attack, and come into conflict with IMP by stopping their attempts for their own and Old Man McFucker escapes in the bumbling. Like, if Jesus himself is saying it's easier for murderers to get into heaven than rich people, I would be 100% down for a crack team of angel assassins to go hung ho. Finally, I think it could be relevant thematically, as Striker in this episode is everything Blitzo could be if he wasn't a moron, Cherub could of been everything IMP could be if they planned more and acted more subtly.

    • I appreciate your take but honestly I think it's more about the density of the lore for me. I'm uninterested in circles and thrones and the minute heirarchies of either afterlife. Helluva works for me because Hell is the main setting and the worldbuilding feels more organic. Stuff like supernatural has a lot of humans sitting around explaining hell and heaven deep lore and that is the angel devil stuff that I really really hate.

  • Women's Flesh My Red Guts: It's about a guy with low self esteem that want's to date a girl, but doesn't have the guts or the red-hot passion to ask her out. But after a series of events I haven't thought of, get to courage to finally do it.

  • Gunishment :D

  • HOLEE SHIT WE'D BE FUCKIN BUDDIES IRLi ! sorry i kinda outta character right now but i learned so much from this vid, thanks man

  • you sound like older youtuber

  • He died a hero...and lived long enough to become the villain.

  • Bills mistake: Didn’t pay look closely that Stanford was dressed as Stanley

  • plot Armor :D

  • Piican puucan

  • I hope at some point one of you guys get the Whirlie Brains episode. That thing is cursed.

  • I'm 16 years old and I thought that I "grew up" with old Spongebob until House Fancy was mentioned.

  • I want to say the Mimick episode is around the time Hillenburg came back because I remember seeing someone theorize that it was an apology from him about how bad the show had gotten.

  • Animals are sentient... cetaceans for example, are not just sentient, but sapient, just like us... so I’m a little disturbed that the dude doesn’t think annihilation of those beings is unforgivable or genocide.

  • I love Striker! :D And Moxxie

  • (101) If you use your characters to push your agenda instead of being a good writer (ie if your trans you shouldn’t make that more important than the story) if you do your a huge turd

  • I only manage to understand a few key parts before zoning out cuz i havent saw gravity falls like ever.

  • Were all gonna get tom fuckered out

  • 2:51 Nice Piemations reference. Stanford Pines- “Bill I can’t take any more of your tomfuckery!”

  • No one mentioned the amazing 3d animation!?!?

  • I just realized, Dire sounds like Blitzo

  • Gunishment.

  • So, in a sense Doug got taken over by his own character like it was Secret Window?

  • Ironic. He could critique others... but not himself.

  • I love how he criticizes the people from the dimension that he came from for being unable to see things from more than one perspective, but that’s something that he is unable to do. He is unable to understand why anyone would do things which aren’t self-serving.

  • K, so I still watch Channel Awesome stuff and Doug Walker, mainly his Dark Toons series, his First Viewing series and his actual Doug Walker reviews. Yeh, his Nostalgia Critic stuff I’ve grown out of but I do like his other stuff. When he’s not playing the Critic I do think he knows what he’s talking about and might be actually funny. I can very much understand why people despise his stuff tho, I just like it personally.

  • Let blitzo lay upon moxxie his punishment

  • Knowing the personal living hell Doug has put himself into as a result of the Demo Reel incident, which "The Review Must go On" made me realize *as far back as when it first came out back in 2013* is the entire reason why I honestly can't help but be legitimately sympathetic towards Doug to a degree. I'll never unironically say he's a morally righteous individual or even a creative genius, but he's basically in a creative and career position that I honestly wouldn't wish on ANYONE, even if they did largely bring it on themselves... All in all, the story of Doug Walker's career, regardless of what one might subjectively think about the quality of his work both then and now is the definition of tragic...

  • There is one subplot that seemed overlooked completely in this. Blitz giving Heart Eyes to Striker with the maximum hots and still ultimately didn't join him in killing stolas to replace him with striker. But maybe that's just because I'm gay and was getting the serious vibes between the two as Blitz fawning over striker so many times. I think Blitz likes Stolas more than he's willing to admit.

  • Don’t like dense lore huh? ...*smacks lips... well uh you should uh play dark souls, got some light lore to enjoy for anyone to pick up.

  • Gunishment

  • I love watching these but you really should rap up your points more often but your doing great as is :p

  • As far as I know Spindle is a character on Blitzo's insta. Scroll back far enough and it should save him from being kidnapped at one point.

  • You made one fatal mistake,You messed with my family!! -Stanlee Pines ???

  • They are making helluva boss xd

  • i hope they name an episode gunishment

  • Gunishment

  • he will never be the fuckin protagonist

  • I like seeing the animation with no audio, makes you really appreciate the effort put into the animation, and how well done it is

  • Bill's not dead, and THESE are his final words."A-X-O-L-O-T-L my time has come to burn. I invoke the ancient power that I may return!" You can hear this when you play his final noises backwards. And it has been confirmed that because the ray was still fresh on Stans mind his memory was not completely wiped l out. So Bill was not completely wiped out!

  • I thought this was gonna be a shitpost ab how much we all want robo fizz to absolutely destroy us gunishment

  • I’m pretty sure when Hazbin says that Alastor is powerful, they’re talking in relation to the other overlords, not the royal demons. VivziePop said that Stolas could totally steamroll Alastor, so he’s not some overpowered demon king. We don’t even know if the story Vaggie was telling about him was true, or a fabrication he’s built around himself.

    • Eh, extrapolating here is kinda stupid, there is literally one episode of hazbin, and it would kinda throw out a lot of his character if he was weak as a lot of people have been saying.

  • Gunishment and yes I was late

  • Guso is god at dis.