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If you want find out more about flying, then you have come to right place !!!
With my videos I´ll try to give you a closer look into the world of aviation !!!
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Enjoy, and remember : DO YOUR BEST, FORGET THE REST !!!

Wenn ihr mehr über das Fliegen erfahren möchtet, seid ihr hier genau richtig !!!
Mit meinen Videos möchte ich Euch einen besseren Einblick verschaffen in die Welt des Fliegens !!!
Schickt mir Eure Fragen und ich werde mein bestmögliches versuchen die Antwort in die folgenden Videos mit einzubinden !!!


11:41WHAT is ACARS? HOW does it work? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE
45:50Captain Joe LIVE STREAM
Captain Joe LIVE STREAMKo‘rishlar soni 69 ming11 oy oldin
10:59Airbus A220 withstanding the COLD WEATHER Certification
Airbus A220 withstanding the COLD WEATHER CertificationKo‘rishlar soni 128 ming11 oy oldin


  • Dein Lächeln ist sehr süß Kapitän Joe❤

  • @Captain Joe Why don't planes in this day and age have a camera mounted under the plane to observe all landing gear? Seems pretty basic to me, since all cars are required to have backup cameras, why not mount a few under the fuselage?

  • Hey Joe, is it flat?

  • I’d rather the Covid-19 vax then getting on one of these planes! Come again id rather fly on the plane lol

  • I don't get her response ..she did it easy ,with good communication it can be done as it's mostly autopilot ?

  • Once again, Airbus beats Boeing :)

  • a nice guy

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  • We've seen this kind of uncontained engine failure before with GE engines. A passenger was once killed by a piece of fan blade cutting through the fuselage. In this case, the fuselage was again penetrated, but only in the bottom luggage area. I believe Rolls-Royce engines are designed to contain such events. Why aren't GE engines designed with safety in mind.

  • My callsign in MSFS 2020 is ”Shakystick” 😜

  • I will never forget the simulator instructor giving me a fire in both of the 767 engines. The dick! grinzzz.

  • خیلی خیلی جالب 🤩❤❤

  • In some cases, like LaMia Flight 2933, the pilot should have shouted MAYDAY but only called a PAN-PAN. Communication is SOOO important.

  • this habibi connection is cute as hell man 😍

  • So, here's a question, we all know the cockpit of the Beluga is lowered quite a bit compared to the stock a330.... how does that affect the papi indication?

  • Very educational thanks you

  • I do know these engines are designed for catastrophic failures, but do the pilots have the option to jettison the engine If needed?

  • I actually feel dizzy when keep looking at the spiral before my first flight when i was a kid😂😂..

  • I'm still a bit confused about the turning preference. I hope you could help explain me. If the starboard engine experiences a failure, wouldn't it be easier to make right turns as the plane would inevitably veer to the right due to the thrust on the port-side engine?

  • No concord flying now, so a sad loss for us but gain for pilots. Saw a runway incursion at LGW once, out going bird turned onto the end of the runway & incoming bird barely missed the tale. Clean undies all round methinks, especially for us two security on the BAC111 on gate 1. Happened on runway 26 (now 26L) mid to late 80’s

  • 10:43 The rescuer and victim had to emergency release himself into water. Massive drop but at least not fried to death...

  • The world worst Airline is Ryanair

  • Great commentary and analysis.Joe .

  • I don't have to watch to know airplane tires don't need to have traction.

  • Omg that museum is 2 mins away from my house 😭 i wish i knew you were there so i could meet you hahahah

  • Brilliant video Joe .

  • russia

  • He delayed the landing for the check list. I don't get it

  • I think in 2011, me and my family were getting a flight from Gatwick to the US. The taxi company called us saying 'theres a big accident on the motorway, can we come early to account for the detour?'. Obviously we said yes. but we had to wait about 90mins on the plane bc the pilot got stuck in said traffic. Keep in mind that this was late July, so it was HOT.

  • I think that I come too late...

  • A380 is my vavarote plane

  • First time watcher of one of your videos. Fantastic material and excellently described. Thank you!

  • It is an Airbus - just press the "land" button.

  • Imma win it

  • 8:00 should be . . 'too' big ... Too bad Boeing blew it!

  • Boeing! All commercial aircraft should be a big beautiful Boeing. Also, love the Boeing winglets, over the stupid "sharklets."

  • I won't board this kind of plane, why trust the same people who certified before and people who never wanted to admit to their errors.

  • RyanAir be like: Write that down Write that down!

  • Hey Joe, do you know who was PF and who was on the radio?

  • Is it true that the airline will buy back any fallen aircraft piece on someone's land for exorbitant amounts of money? Back in the '80s I heard something like $1000 per kg. So basically did they make a millionaire out of the lucky house owner?

  • the company is cargolox

  • chief, made a promises regarding the space shuttle's cockpit .....

  • 👍SUPER👍Great Video!👍Like

  • who else thought this was some type of bird in the engine

  • The spicy ice parallely alert because drive archaeologically type abaft a internal income. gaudy, questionable ceiling

  • once upon a time a flight of mine from Xiamen (China) to Sydney (Australia) i saw a head wind of 415 km/h

  • Leave it to air crash investigation

  • I went to Madeira once and the landing was a little bit hard the plane landed on the left wheels then it adjusted but it was very fun landing on an island is always challenging specially Madeira where the wrong way starts at the beginning of the island

  • This idiot is an obvious paid actor.. Condensation doesnt last for hours

  • because this b747 is flown by chuck norris

  • My heart goes out to all the families affected by the max crashes. Cant imagine the horror the pilots and passengers endured while the aircraft were diving toward the ground.

  • Pilot to ATC: “theres a koala on my plane”! 😁

  • Hey how many Indians are watching this ?

  • Seems very risky captain

  • so sometimes just getting horizontal gets ~some of the benefit of actual sleep

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  • Captain Joe, thank you for this series. I must admit that on Ep. 3 I actually got tears in my eyes listening to how you described the Concord with such passion. I love your channel and I have learned so much. Thank you for the effort you make in telling us about your passion.

  • It had it's issues, but oh my GOD what an amazing bird!!!

  • Excellent analysis Sir

  • a reply

  • My record is 702 mph on a Virgin Atlantic 747-400.

  • always pictured a frustrated maintenance guy wiping a window with a very sticky glass-wiper thing lol

  • 2:36 the real captain joe REVEALED 🤣🤣🤣

  • Me-But which one is more safer? Pilot- The one that's on the ground 🤣

  • I don’t believe this was a accident in my theory this was all planned by a unidentified object.

  • So are you a captain or a first officer?

  • The scary cat made video. I don't care the engine in flames or the bad landings. Miauhhh, the cat was too high.

  • Cargolux. I see this plane is SeaTac airport once a week. Is amazing.

  • Oh Captain my Captain. Regarding the left-hand turn to go back to KDEN. Another reason why is the pilot knew not only would he get the better approaches, but also he could divert to Buckley AFB if he could not make it. Yes, it took him over metro Denver but he had more alternatives for a quick base and better wind. We had 13 gusting 22 that day due to a low front.

  • Super = Airbus A380, Antonov An-225 Mriya

  • The pilot isn’t alone on the plane. He has help.

  • Joe you were hilarious in the video what to carry in your flight bag. The part of the pen too funny. Thank's Mia Fla. 👍😂

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  • Are checklists more important than landing the plane immediately? Seems like they had a chance to land and passed it up to fly a holding pattern and do their checklists. It worked out fine but what would have happened if the engine fell off and things went far worse from there? Not saying anything was done wrong Im just not sure how these things get prioritized. Good video

  • Big Jet, Big Wake of turbulence !!