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SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation

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Welcome to SCP Animated, home of the series "Tales From the Foundation!" We illustrate and animate our favorite SCP series and post weekly! Join us as we venture deep into the lore and history of the SCP Foundation!


8:09The ORIGIN of GOREFIELD... | Cartoon Animation
The ORIGIN of GOREFIELD... | Cartoon AnimationKo‘rishlar soni 203 mingKun oldin
8:02The Finale (SCP Animation)
The Finale (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 973 ming8 kun oldin
8:57Carnival of Horrors | SCP-823 (SCP Animation)
Carnival of Horrors | SCP-823 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 291 ming22 kun oldin
9:04Find Him... | SCP-4885 (SCP Animation)
Find Him... | SCP-4885 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 926 ming29 kun oldin
8:08Big Charlie | SCP-4158 (SCP Animation)
Big Charlie | SCP-4158 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mlnOy oldin
9:29The Furies | SCP-1913 (SCP Animation)
The Furies | SCP-1913 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 975 mingOy oldin
10:15The Man Eating Ice Cream Truck | SCP-490 (SCP Animation)
0:44SCP Escape - Trailer
SCP Escape - TrailerKo‘rishlar soni 976 ming2 oy oldin
11:13Salvation High School | SCP-3935 (SCP Animation)
Salvation High School | SCP-3935 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 410 ming2 oy oldin
11:29The Shy Guy in SPACE?! | SCP-096 (SCP Animation)
The Shy Guy in SPACE?! | SCP-096 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 747 ming2 oy oldin
9:42Zombie Plague | SCP-008 (SCP Animation)
Zombie Plague | SCP-008 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 1 mln2 oy oldin
12:35The Carnivorous Slide | SCP-1562 (SCP Animation)
The Carnivorous Slide | SCP-1562 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 4.1 mln2 oy oldin
12:49The Haunted Cowbell... | SCP-513 (SCP Animation)
The Haunted Cowbell... | SCP-513 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 672 ming3 oy oldin
14:33Sisters | SCP-1765 (SCP Animation)
Sisters | SCP-1765 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 823 ming3 oy oldin
15:25Keteru Yamiko | SCP-835-JP (SCP Animation)
Keteru Yamiko | SCP-835-JP (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln3 oy oldin
17:35The Mystery of Daleport | SCP-1936 (SCP Animation)
The Mystery of Daleport | SCP-1936 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 621 ming3 oy oldin
16:59Origin of Endless IKEA... | SCP-3008 (SCP Animated Movie)
13:19The Colossus | SCP-2406 (SCP Animation)
The Colossus | SCP-2406 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 901 ming4 oy oldin
13:04Just a Teenage Gaea | SCP-166 (SCP Animation)
Just a Teenage Gaea | SCP-166 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 2 mln4 oy oldin
10:48The Hitchhiker | SCP-1337 (SCP Animation)
The Hitchhiker | SCP-1337 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 574 ming4 oy oldin
1:47:30SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation Live Stream
SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation Live StreamKo‘rishlar soni 172 ming5 oy oldin
11:53Iris | SCP-105 (SCP Animation)
Iris | SCP-105 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 876 ming5 oy oldin
9:58Monster Under the Bed | SCP-3887 (SCP Animation)
Monster Under the Bed | SCP-3887 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 465 ming5 oy oldin
10:03Polymorphic Humanoid | SCP-953 (SCP Animation)
Polymorphic Humanoid | SCP-953 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 522 ming5 oy oldin
8:26Sleep Killer | SCP-966 (SCP Animation)
Sleep Killer | SCP-966 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 598 ming5 oy oldin
9:50Too Spooky | SCP-2006 (SCP Animation)
Too Spooky | SCP-2006 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 602 ming6 oy oldin
11:25Laugh is Fun | SCP-2030 (SCP Animation)
Laugh is Fun | SCP-2030 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln6 oy oldin
11:52Jackie's Secret | SCP-1903 (SCP Animation)
Jackie's Secret | SCP-1903 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln6 oy oldin
9:29Mother in the Ice | SCP-1836 (SCP Animation)
Mother in the Ice | SCP-1836 (SCP Animation)Ko‘rishlar soni 675 ming6 oy oldin


  • I see the animation budget is being put to good use.

  • the artstyle is cute but at the same time cursed

  • 👍👍💜💜

  • I think I'm going to be just fine with them being in this realm for a while. Though since I am hoping to see Agent Green again, I suppose eventually it would be nice to get them back to their normal realm. Perhaps whenever the second season finale takes place.

  • I can't say I won't miss the previous style of animation, I'm happy to have your content either way as the soul of it remains. I love your work and all that you guys do. Thanks so much for working so hard.

  • I know I’m gonna love the upcoming videos, keep it up y’all!

  • 2:34 Thanks safety worm


  • I love how the other two sound so dead inside while Curt tries to bring humour

  • Professor Membrane not looking so good.

  • In the subtitles it says “carfeild”

  • We could tecnically guest what year he's from by asking every possible question about the last thing he remembered. Like "is there any last notable news on newspaper you remebered?" "Any notable event you remembered back in those horsed a bikes era?" "Has gas stove or electric lighting been invented?" "What was the last movie on theatere you remember seein(you don't go to cinema every day in those era, so it must be a notable event/activity)" "what the telephone you remembered look like it those horse and bikes era?" "What is the most famoust fashion women would wear then? Was it a croneline or busstle?" "Has shower/douche been ivented for a while of was it newly invented/new concept from what you remebered?" "Was dishwasher just got invented then? Did you see it on newspaper? Or perhaps you remember of using it?"(yes, diswasher exist in victorian era) we just need to detirmine when, if he said he saw it on newspaper/it just got invented or it's been a while and here remebered of actually using it, we can then ditermine the year. And lastly "what was the last form of food preservation did you remembered?" He he said an ice box or ice chest AKA early commercial fridge, we can guest the year.

  • I don't dislike the new animation style, but I do miss the crisp and detailed lines of the old style. I do appreciate how you made it into a cross dimensional thing, and it plays very well into the story line so good job on that! 👍

  • we be right back 6:19

  • It's funny, cute and serious at the same time

  • I was eating lasagne when this video came out i feel like this is a coincidence

  • Give Lawrence his scars back! He looks like a baby rookie! D:

  • Hm

  • Hasta lasagne haha!!

  • Meanwhile in another dimension

  • hi am a bitch

  • nice

  • All the characters are so cuteeee! Very nice!

  • “And normal to you is a anime school girl holding a knife?” Me: aye, it’s more normal then 90% of the anime’s and mangas out there.

  • did you guys lose a budget

    • No they can just easily produce episodes if they're drawn like this. I would honestly prefer something less cutesy

  • Is it just me or Gustav gives some Steven from Steven universe vibes?

  • I miss the old artstyle, it was more realistic, but still a decent animation

    • Just get rid of the cute please

  • Keanu REEAVES

  • Love it! Still hope you can make some specials with old animation from time to time, it was more real like

  • Why whyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • I don’t like the new drawings for the vids

  • Keanu reeves as John Arbuckle would be interesting to say the least

  • Wasn't there a horror game of this?

  • I love how this man telling the story is just joking and being sarcastic for most of the time even though the situation he was in was terrifying.even when the situation gets worser, he sounds halfway sarcastic, I’m actually impressed that he could keep his humor and some of his sanity, because if I was in the Situation I know I would be traumatized

  • Look on the bright side Lawrence; the new universe gave you back your young face!

  • i forgot about last episodes ending

  • Wait didn't you guy deal this price of shsss cat

  • Carson my favriote

  • Carson is so relatable

  • I love that every video u make has some lore and builds an overarching story

  • Why has noone mentioned it's believable Mr Reeves would play a great Jon? lol

  • Jim, casually, "I might have some in the fridge" *HAS FULL FUCKING FRIDGE OF PREMADE LASAUGNA*

  • I like the new style. Dr. Buck looks really cute this way which probably accounts for her perpetual scowl in this episode. Also the style reminds me of Dexter's Laboratory in a way.


  • the animation looks lazy

  • How fo she know what human flesh to taste like?

  • I like the original better but this one is S M O O T H!

  • Well Dr.buck did change a little

  • cool a remake

  • I don't know why but everyone looks cute in this universe

  • I remember the reason for everyone looking different in-lore, was that this is a different universe...

  • So is this permanent

  • i really like the new animation style. the first one amazing and this is even better!

  • I like this new animation

  • Let's see some Dr. Buck cosplay!

  • 1:34 imagine dying to lasanga

  • Bullets don't work

  • "I was very young when I realized I was-" *Invincible title card*

  • why are lawrences's pupils not white anymore? for me thats a major downer that they changed back to black.

  • I love him.

  • I like the old style

  • Miss the old style a bit but small Amelia with a gun has my entire heart and I’m excited to see what’s to come now that you guys have more freedom Also this new universe has done WONDERS for Lawrence’s complexion lol

  • When cleetus got bit in half I thought we were playing among us

  • This is cute as hell

  • if Gustav is not in the Uroboros cycle, we riot

  • SCPs look amazing still, and I understand the new styles, but damn, Im just not used to it, it feels like its a child cartoon with small horror elements in it, and the way the characters express emotions with the new style makes it just look childish, and I dont like it as much. I hope I get used to it.

  • Quality will always win out over Quantity

  • Small detail, but did Lawrence get his eye color back? His pupils are black again instead of white. Maybe it's just the new style...

  • she never took off the sweater 7:33

  • 7:21 sounds like an apex sound affect

  • At least more videos can be pumped out faster

  • Dr bright IS the amulet

  • Like the new animation style 👍

  • I think they look too short and cartoony, sorry i dont like this one

  • Am I going crazy did the animation style change

  • I’m loving the new universe

  • Hmm... 3166 was angry.... They need something new and immediate. Nickelodeon is releasing their Smash Clone and Viacom owns Garfield now...

  • you are such a downer Im going outside! 😂😂😂😂after Dr.Buck Carson is my favorite