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Hello Internet and welcome to GTLive - our gaming talk show! From FNAF and Bendy, to Doki Doki and Hello Neighbor - we will play and analyze it WITH you! Would you rather see something else, maybe a Try Not to Laugh or other challenge? We've got you covered there too! Take livestreams to the next level with us and join our community of Loyal Theorists!

But hey, that's just a stream - a LIVESTREAM! Thanks for watching!

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51:25A Garden of Murder! | Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
34:52What's WRONG With These Kids? | KIDS Game
What's WRONG With These Kids? | KIDS GameKo‘rishlar soni 162 ming7 kun oldin
38:47My New House Tour... | The Open House (Scary Game)
My New House Tour... | The Open House (Scary Game)Ko‘rishlar soni 259 ming14 kun oldin
52:20I Poisoned My FRIENDS?! | Parsnip
I Poisoned My FRIENDS?! | ParsnipKo‘rishlar soni 216 ming14 kun oldin
25:30Don't Touch My Plug! | Plug And Play
Don't Touch My Plug! | Plug And PlayKo‘rishlar soni 302 ming21 kun oldin
52:44I'm FINALLY Addressing This... | MatPat Meme Review 👏🖐
11:41Crash Bandicoot is BACK! | Crash On The Run First Look!
52:32Reacting to NEW FNAF Security Breach Teaser Images!
Reacting to NEW FNAF Security Breach Teaser Images!Ko‘rishlar soni 746 mingOy oldin
52:12Don't Trust the MEAT! | MEat (Scary Game)
Don't Trust the MEAT! | MEat (Scary Game)Ko‘rishlar soni 163 mingOy oldin
53:54MatPat REACTS To The FNAF Security Breach Trailer!
MatPat REACTS To The FNAF Security Breach Trailer!Ko‘rishlar soni 1.7 mln2 oy oldin
1:06:05I LOVE This STUPID Game?! | Jo's House (Scary Game)
I LOVE This STUPID Game?! | Jo's House (Scary Game)Ko‘rishlar soni 151 ming2 oy oldin
1:00:39Trapped With A Killer! | At Dead Of Night (Scary Game)
Trapped With A Killer! | At Dead Of Night (Scary Game)Ko‘rishlar soni 209 ming2 oy oldin
51:01Facing My Worst FEARS!  | Omori
Facing My Worst FEARS! | OmoriKo‘rishlar soni 143 ming2 oy oldin
1:22:26Trapped In The Shining Hotel? | At Dead of Night (Scary Game)
1:00:06Is This The Next Earthbound? | Omori
Is This The Next Earthbound? | OmoriKo‘rishlar soni 180 ming2 oy oldin


  • Markiplier just looks so uncomfortable

  • I’m playing this game along with them and the first mini game I can’t find the button to start it :(

  • MatPat: is freaked out and generally uncomfortable with the imagery Me, a 15 year old girl who struggles with mental stuff: Haha demon boi makes poetry

  • please more stephanie, i miss her

  • In Pizzeria Simulator the legal subpoenas are in the District Court of Utah.

  • Wow, even some models from Hero Forge!

  • The song actually made me cry

  • I didn't get a notification for the livestream was it on GTlve?. Will it be re-uploaded?

  • I'm 23 and I learned to read by sight

  • *emotional*

  • 111 years later here is your theory

  • still wating.... for a theroy....

  • 30:06 and this is why im not a fan of just how many windows modern homes have and they're all so big too, if i was able ied have armour plated glass in all places that need glass (i know they actually make clear aluminum but im going to guess its even more pricey than armoured glass)

  • I was having a really bad day today, and I was on the floor of my bedroom crying. I swear when you posted I had the will to get up, dry my tears, and cross my room to at least watch the video on my laptop. When I saw it had stephanie and was an hour long it really cheered me up. Thank you matpat for makign my day

  • Also can u make a theory about the flash vs sonic on game theory. And will sonic win?

  • The song at the end pulls harder at the hearts strings than new fnaf lore and reconstructing the timeline

  • Dab police here!!!! No dabing.


  • STEPHANIE!!!! We missed you 🥺❤️

  • I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • #StopTheChu

  • I was the older brother too, Pat fam!

  • 👇🏽Claim your 10 years of Game theory ticked here👇🏽

  • I'm 13 years old I started watching mat pats channels when I was six I think

  • STEPHANIE!!!!!! IT'S BEEN 10,000 YEARS!!!

  • I would 100% buy the film theory sweater dress. The design is amazing and then I would have two different styles to pick from!

  • Mad respect for the man who said “you know what’d be funny? If a made a game theory tenth anniversary game” and then DID IT.

  • definitely not me slightly tearing up at the corner .-.

  • Blink twice if you’re not okay Stephanie!

  • 🥲🥲 she here....... she’s here again 🥲 Nice to see her again


  • I like Steph more than mat :d

  • Matpat and Steph had always seemed like second parents to me as I grew up watching the theorist journey for so long, and felt both the pride and embarrassment like they are thr cool nerdy parents who want to connect woth you in their adorable ways, and I absolutely love it

  • It's been a while since I immediately jumped into a video bc of Steph

  • Hey Mattdaddy, you should try out The Corvette Diner.

  • Thank you creator for featuring my art :’3 my pieces are at 33:20 (Steph’s portrait) and 34:05 (the DDLC one) and Steph it’s not prettier than your actual head 😂😂

  • WAIT A MINUTE, did Matt casually mentioned that Steph plays Final Fantasy? Now I really need a Final Fantasy stream lol

  • Why is Stephanie’s voice deeper than usual? Is it just me?

  • Okay... I may have teared up a little at the credits song 😭

  • Matthew when are you thinking of playing Geometry Dash? It is my favorite game! I would love to see you play it, also loved this video too. Happy 10 year anniversary!

  • Happy 10th Anniversary GT!

  • I am speechless...

  • Yay Steph!!!

  • that rng, that is world of tanks free to play machmaking


  • Yay! Stephanie's here! I'm happy

  • This was so good this made my day

  • The avocado back pack had a face lol 😂🤣😂😂🤣😅😅😂😂


  • Happy 10th Anniversary, Matthew and Stephanie! 😄 🎊🎉

  • I mix more but I do do individual skittles

  • WOO!!

  • Mattrap

  • Please put the new peepachu song in a fnaf video

  • The song was amazing it been an amazing year I wonder how they didn't cry

  • GASP! STEPH!!! I understand why she doesn’t come on as much anymore, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get excited when I see this queen!

  • Hi game theory so if you look at the comments and you see this I want you to throw a lot your eyes on this okay what if the villagers are some of the agent agent race of the Minecraft people the agent race think about that it might be true never know good day

  • I love you guys! I was here for year 3. I will still be here in another 10 if you are.

  • Steph: "Sipping the tea." Me: "METAL STRAW!"

  • what have I just witnessed

  • The ending had me in tears!!


  • That would be interesting if he dyed his hair red. Am i the only one that wants to see that happen??

  • I used phonetics AND sight words. Deal with it. Lol

  • When Stephanie is talking about the Retirement Cake: And deep inside, underneath all 3 cake layers of theories... Is buried a Closed Beta Prerelease version of ANOTHER FNAF game, that Scott himself hid there. (Cue Noir Movie filter to ominous music from an old Cop movie where "It was supposed to be my last day before retirement")

  • Watch MatPat and Steph read Doki Doki blah blah Red Sky and die inside. And not in a zombie kind of way. Cue crying emoji...

  • 1:01:06 LOL


  • I discovered Game Theory when I was a little girl, and I can confidently say that it has changed my life for the better. They’ve given me friends, family, and a place to call Home. Being a part of the GT10 Project was one of the best experiences I could have ever ask for, and I am so grateful to see that they actually enjoyed the work we all put in. Congratulations and Here’s to 10 years!

  • So cool

  • 18:32 I kinda want to find one of those baby dolls and cut it open because I wanna see what the innards look like lol

  • Yay Stephanieeeee!!! 🥰🥰

  • Here's to ten years and hopefully 10 more

  • glad to see steph back for at least one episode :) hi!

  • (cannibalism weak)

  • Mat i love your videos keep doing what you are doing

  • I was hoping Steph would be here and she was! I'm so happy to see her on Gt Live again!

  • This SO WHOLESOME and COOL! I can't wait to watch this after class.

  • Oh gosh...that was beautiful. The end song made me cry. It's like what happens when I watch the Markiplier milestone videos that fans make. I cry.

  • The song is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼