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Hello. We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn, a couple of perpetual travelers, Sailors, RV’ers and modern day documentarians. This is the home of our discoveries and adventures all depicting the unscripted tale of how we traded in everyday life to satisfy our wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.

We have an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, grow, learn and of course share…we share in hopes of inspiring you to find your next adventure; whether it’s a long weekend or a perpetual one like ours!

You can learn a lot more about us on our website: gonewiththewynns.com


21:48BORDERS CLOSED!  How we snuck into New Zealand
BORDERS CLOSED! How we snuck into New ZealandKo‘rishlar soni 166 ming2 kun oldin
25:16Our Scariest Days At Sea (4 days from land)
Our Scariest Days At Sea (4 days from land)Ko‘rishlar soni 400 ming8 kun oldin
19:28LIVING 500 MILES FROM LAND (sailing to New Zealand)
LIVING 500 MILES FROM LAND (sailing to New Zealand)Ko‘rishlar soni 281 ming15 kun oldin
29:51Our Most BRUTAL Sail (& breaking stuff)
Our Most BRUTAL Sail (& breaking stuff)Ko‘rishlar soni 479 ming22 kun oldin
16:50Full Moon Sailing and Dancing (life at sea)
Full Moon Sailing and Dancing (life at sea)Ko‘rishlar soni 237 ming29 kun oldin
19:50Off-Grid Homestead Feeds 16 People A Day
Off-Grid Homestead Feeds 16 People A DayKo‘rishlar soni 276 mingOy oldin
1:49Whew! We made it.
Whew! We made it.Ko‘rishlar soni 226 mingOy oldin
27:12An Entire Island To Ourselves
An Entire Island To OurselvesKo‘rishlar soni 489 mingOy oldin
16:44BIG CHANGES Are Coming
BIG CHANGES Are ComingKo‘rishlar soni 335 mingOy oldin
LIFE INSIDE A REMOTE ISLAND VILLAGEKo‘rishlar soni 218 ming2 oy oldin
23:22Incredible Self-Reliant Living on a Remote Island (full tour)
22:27It’s A Sailors Life For Me
It’s A Sailors Life For MeKo‘rishlar soni 267 ming2 oy oldin
22:3424 HOURS AT SEA  (the allure of sailing)
24 HOURS AT SEA (the allure of sailing)Ko‘rishlar soni 251 ming2 oy oldin
18:18SHE CAULKED IT UP!  (preparing for an ocean passage)
SHE CAULKED IT UP! (preparing for an ocean passage)Ko‘rishlar soni 272 ming3 oy oldin
SAILING TO EXPLORE AN UNINHABITED PARADISEKo‘rishlar soni 272 ming3 oy oldin
THIS IS A SHAKEUP MISSIONKo‘rishlar soni 220 ming3 oy oldin
17:08This is the WORST (why boat insurance sucks)
This is the WORST (why boat insurance sucks)Ko‘rishlar soni 289 ming3 oy oldin
18:35Simple Moments of Love - Daily Life on a Boat
Simple Moments of Love - Daily Life on a BoatKo‘rishlar soni 383 ming4 oy oldin
27:28How We Get Supplies On A Remote Island
How We Get Supplies On A Remote IslandKo‘rishlar soni 604 ming4 oy oldin
WE RODE THE ENDLESS WAVEKo‘rishlar soni 583 ming4 oy oldin
27:1011 Years Living Off-Grid On A Self-Built Island (full tour)
19:29Boat Life: It's Getting Complicated
Boat Life: It's Getting ComplicatedKo‘rishlar soni 385 ming5 oy oldin
18:31Remote Island Life & Ukulele With The Locals
Remote Island Life & Ukulele With The LocalsKo‘rishlar soni 192 ming5 oy oldin
29:10This was NOT a Good Idea
This was NOT a Good IdeaKo‘rishlar soni 364 ming5 oy oldin
OUR ALL ELECTRIC OFF-GRID KITCHENKo‘rishlar soni 263 ming5 oy oldin
24:53SAILING WAS GOOD…then he went overboard 😳
SAILING WAS GOOD…then he went overboard 😳Ko‘rishlar soni 363 ming6 oy oldin
19:51SELF-RELIANCE AS A SAILOR (remote island living)
SELF-RELIANCE AS A SAILOR (remote island living)Ko‘rishlar soni 620 ming6 oy oldin
27:36BACK TO BOAT LIFE (our daily routine on the sea)
BACK TO BOAT LIFE (our daily routine on the sea)Ko‘rishlar soni 473 ming6 oy oldin
SURVIVING A CYCLONE ON A BOATKo‘rishlar soni 619 ming7 oy oldin
AN UNEXPECTED RESCUEKo‘rishlar soni 246 ming7 oy oldin


  • Love your channel. You have inspired us to pursue a boating life too. We currently live full time in our RV in Florida. We are looking at trawlers at the moment. Nikki you are adorable and I love your style and sunglasses!! You made me cry watching the story about Mark. I hope he is still doing well. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Wow! You guys just keep making more and more amazing video!

  • After 1.55 mins. 🤬🤬🤬 secured your safety equipment. Not watching the rest.

  • So, who is the money on, for the UZfirers that pissed off NZ Customs?

  • Haha Same happened to me. Luckily in Sweden we have e identity connected to our phone and I have a unique little black calculator that lets me verify. That sounds sketchy that you have to fly back 🤣 this is what happens when you give few people control of all the money. good choice on having some backup BTC. You can always find someone who will trade you a bit of BTC for cash. Done it a few times, you might get a bit bad rate but it's worth it if your in a sticky situation

  • Best fish to catch and eat in New Zealand is a Snapper!!

  • I want to know what all the aerials do at 17:03? And. What are they connected too?

  • You look utterly unprepared for NZ winter :-)

  • that locker is a worst design for any catamaran. Obviously who ever designed it does not sail the seas.

  • Another really good video. 👍👍

  • I know Sailing la vogabond has better catamaran and I think funkier that targets younger audience but I can relate better at the Wynns. I can understand the wynns English better and their story has more context. The wynns adventure are more laid back and I like their editing style. Just started watching this blog over a year ago and had a marathon watching since buying their boat.

  • Good people at Marsden cove marina, they will look after you :) enjoy our country.

  • Will you guys ever have kids

  • Perfect - New Zealand should let any yachties in needing work on their boat! 👍👍👍🌏💕🕉

  • You’re such a clean cook, love it.💕

  • ☀️🐠🐚⛵️

  • I bet the other UZfirers were either Zatara or Archer... they both gave a hard time to NZ officials.

  • Nikki-don’t buy a bunch of merino wool until you get your allergy testing done, in case you are allergic to lanolin. Also check for chemicals; for example, I’m allergic to quaternium-15, a common preservative in many sunscreens, lotions, shampoos, etc.

  • The dolphins welcomed you to their home!!! Soooo cooool

  • You gotto go back and spend a day or two at Poor Knights

  • May Australia let you in......you probably won’t leave 😏

  • Happy you guys are safe,

  • I also know a very simple wind forecast application - Cyclono

  • Jeg kender også en meget enkel applikation til vindprognose - Cyclono

  • Oh you snuck in?! Fantastic, enjoy the follow up from my coworkers at the coastguard.

  • I don’t think I’ve evr seen you wearing a hat!!

  • Omg you moored just around the corner from us in Tutukaka...

  • You sailed the hole length of Australia to get to fix your boat in NZ this is Bullshit. Put us at risk again, you are not welcome go home.

  • You two brighten up my day. You work so hard under the most challenging conditions yet you come up smiling. Quite heroic 🤗

  • New Zealand is a really beautiful place if you get the chance to anchor up and drive.

  • The quarantine rules for sailors are absolutely moronic. I can't believe so many governments do this.

  • We stopped watching you because of your friendship with Zatara and their nasty attitude towards NZ. Are you still friends? Would love to watch you again, but can't support anyone whom associates with such a person.

  • Better get you a warm gloves and jacket... lucky they call the top of the island the "winterless north" King Fish is the prize one.

  • Oh, a van life trip around NZ! This should be fun!

    • It would be, except that its a van trip around Northland, which is like less than 5% of New Zealand. Gorgeous for sure, but there is a hell of a lot more to experience. I just hope they at least try and do us justice by venturing further south then Auckland, and seriously - the further south the better.

  • Guys, you really need to get yourself some warmer clothes. It doesn't get any warmer than that in winter.

    • Yeah it does. We hit double digits today :)

  • hahaha, welcome to NZ!!! great for you guys being able to get back here to new zealand, great vid Kia Kaha - Stay Strong

  • You're there, you're safe. and do those repairs. Congratulations on 15 years anniversary!!💝🙏💝 Awesome.

  • Welcome to NZ 😊 enjoy your time here and happy anniversary 🍷💐

  • I never get tired of that! Got to love flipper and his buddies!!

  • Good morning to you both from sunny Scotland ☀️. New to your. Channel, enjoying your journey with you . Happy sailing ⛵️

  • I want breakfast at your house!! They have Kung fush bru (aka King Fish brother)

  • You guys have so much breaking down so often. Is it because of the age of Curiosity?

  • WElcome to NZ, great country,buy some warm clothes as winter can be cold..

  • yeah its been real cold in Australia the past few weeks, and up in the sunshine coast area or close to it. im closer to lady musgrave island QLD to Mooloolaba. you should try australia one day even the east coast its very good along the coast here. but yous might have to wait a bit longer as we still have lockdowns to foreign visitors but i heard internationals are still getting into Australia so i have no idea whats that about. I like your vessel too by the way i like how its wider then a mono hull so you'd have better stability, good videos by the way and ive only been watching them the past few days since Thursday. yous should have merch like some of the other youtube channels out there get ya name around the world build up a bigger fan base, id even advertise your channel on my old Landrover if you had stickers etc.

  • Wondering who the other UZfirer was that left a bad taste for the Kiwi's.

  • Hey, buck up, Jason. At least the chain isn't rust-red. lol

  • You referring to sailing zatara? lol

  • Why don't you guys fly to the US, get vaccinated - and get it over with?

  • Its only 77 here in Phoenix Arizona. Monsoon season has hit us hard.

  • Was it Keith that upset the NZ Customs?

  • As a child of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, yes, you are temperature wimps - School kids don't wear their coats until it's -5F for recess

  • Fifteen years of married bliss? That's a good start. From the perspective of 55 years I'd like to tell you that it gets better with each passing day. BTW, my wife keeps asking . . . where are the cats?

  • You will find NZ is absolutely stunning. Once finished with mediocre scenery, come visit us in Tasmania and you will see a true paradise on earth. Our waterways are second to none on the planet. See ya soon

  • Welcome to NZ. I know you will enjoy your stay even though you will be busy on Curiosity. 🥶😎🤪

  • It's funny when the AIS location keeps jumping back to Ft Lauderdale. You made that Pacific/Panama/Carribean crossing in hours! :)

  • 2016: *hesitantly* We're gonna sail around the world 2021: You're sailing around the world

  • Welcome to NZ, now you're here you'll probably never want to leave!

  • Great to see you two have made it to New Zealand. You are great ambassadors, unlike the UZfirer before you, who most of can guess who it was who lacked the gracious you two have. Congratulations!

  • Happy Anniversary to both of you !!

  • Before you start your road trip, there are ways of getting about a 6 cent discount per litre of petrol. A Countdown card works at some stations. Ask the people you know in Whangarei and they'll steer you in the right direction.

  • Cold for fixing the boat. Nice

  • If you want to know what lures etc to use in nz talk with local “hunting and fishing” stores. They are in every big town. They know there stuff and happy to help you out, just buy a few lures off them. The classic old plastic white kahawai lure is cheap and reliable. Remember when you catch kahawai, and you will, bleed them straight away. The guys at shop will tell you how to do it. You’ll love snapper to, remember any fish fillets only salt water, preferably no water on fillets, don’t over cook and it’ll be bliss.

  • Was Zatara the other sailing you tuber that they were talking about?

  • I think we all know who you're taking about, and if what we heard is accurate they didn't actually do anything wrong. The NZ media created a story around their departure for Fiji because they were the first and were massive on UZfire. They simply wanted to grab a half opportunity to escape the cold. They did all the red tape etc but the media painted them as ungrateful.

  • Great to see you in old old NZ. Are you still in whangarei?

  • Yay for your pronunciation! -So pleased to see you here in NZ 😊

  • So glad they made it to N.Z....i had island fever and i like to see them sailing wearing pants and jacket!

  • Happy anniversary. Thanks for taking us with you on your incredible journey of life. Hope all goes well in NZ, and it doesn't cost too much. Hope for many more adventures.

  • If you are spending several months in New Zealand, you need to learn to speak the language. In New Zealand, tomato is pronounced tomarto.

  • My family has a house in Marsden cove

  • Thank you for including segments of just the sound of the water on the hulls. I love just imagining being there and hearing that helps. Thank you. I love your videos so much. Y'all are wonderful to watch.

  • This is weird to say, it it’s funny, er, different to see you guys with “clothes” on. LOL!

  • Another youtube family (Nate and Kara) also recommended Surfshark. I signed up with them and unfortunatley I would NOT recommend Surfshark. They do not work well in every country. I am living internationally and have had actually quite the difficult time with Surfshark. Their online support was never able to assist me in fixing our connection to other devices in the house. If you have one computer you are trying to work with then it works fine but if you try to move to anther device.... didnt work for me despite more than 15 frustrating hours on online assitance. Also when you want to cancel it is not so easy either. You can cancel the subscription but you need a special added program to remove the program from your computer. Sorry but Surfshark I would NOT recommend.

  • Welcome to my bit of paradise guys, If Jason would like to do some local fishing let me know.

  • fyi put some WD40 on the lure to catch some fish it works careful some counties dont allow it happy fishing love and light

  • Welcome to NZ, I'll look for your boat in the NMarina and come and say hello, hope you missed the big blow overnight, you will love summer and you are timing it right, get your jobs done now and spend a long luxurious summer and autumn cruising NZ, 4 knot current, that's out mad-mile, I hate it, gets tricky

  • I LOVE your adventures so much. I've only found your videos in the past 4 weeks but it's sparked the adventure spirit in me and I'm heading out on my first roadtrip across the USA tomorrow

  • Stunning shots!

  • Hmm, another UZfirer on a catamaran made it harder to get into New Zealand. Who could that possibly be?

  • The algorithm is weird, but so glad I found this channel and have finally caught up to real time. Strange to watch at 1x speed now.