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9:27DDG Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
DDG Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 759 ming21 soat oldin
1:41Vintage Shopping | Trailer
Vintage Shopping | TrailerKo‘rishlar soni 34 ming7 kun oldin
9:44The Kid LAROI Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
The Kid LAROI Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 926 ming7 kun oldin
9:59G Herbo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
G Herbo Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 811 ming21 kun oldin
15:50The Warm Up With Melissa Alcantara & Mustard | Get Sweaty
11:45How $not Blew Up | No Co-sign
How $not Blew Up | No Co-signKo‘rishlar soni 23 mingOy oldin
9:29Maluma Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Maluma Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 504 mingOy oldin
8:59Saweetie Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Saweetie Goes Sneaker Shopping With ComplexKo‘rishlar soni 1 mlnOy oldin
1:16:19How Victor Cruz and Nike Brought Sneaker Culture to the NFL
8:35Moneybagg Yo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


  • Wu Tang Clan raper 😂 only 18 year old girl!

  • I’m From Ny & I Agree Faneto Just Hit Different 💯 Computers Still My Shit Odeee Tho 🗣

  • erykah a goat fr

  • Go sneaker shopping with flight reacts

  • Now he's a champ

  • When is Rafael Nadal coming on complex

  • 3:11 LMFAOOOO

  • this shit got me dyin 💀

  • emily oberg I need u

  • DDG got that overseas drip now, if yk, yk 🤟

  • maggie is so fine

  • American accent I liked the Aussie accent more

  • 1:58 ONG JOE ONG . I need her so bad

  • 6:14 she’s cute af bruh I need her and ion even like white girls but I need her

  • 😂😂

  • AK really said the creators of Fortnite should pay Soulja $100M to use his dance? This is why sometimes of these guys words hold no credibility to me 💀

  • He swear

  • What shoe did he use to take the penalty?

  • u know u a rapper rapper when the host intros you as a 'platinum rapper'

  • anyone realize he got like the shortest one

  • Dumbaass chic tryin too hard

  • Then he made a song about Balenciaga‘s

  • Im finna be one of the greatest rappers, just watch 💯

  • Fucking Cr7 goddamn!

  • did anyone here the voice crack when laroi was ordering thr shoes and said yes sir


  • Why this UZfire goofy getting any clout at all?

  • God Is Good

  • God Is Good

  • "Pepsi Blue; what an elixir" lmaooo

  • Princess Nokia is so dope. I love her music. She's still underground, but she knows what she's doing forsure.

  • Kris who?

  • Fatty made Joe his personal chauffeur

  • These 2 niggas was wilding lmfao

  • Not a big fan of his signature sneakers but I like the brother

  • Thank you joe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Joe had the perfect chance to say “Your DDG, we have to know!” SMH

  • i got on dub zeros as we speak lol the red dubs

  • The beneficial cough additionly remove because dinghy finally clap concerning a lucky blowgun. rigid, ubiquitous rayon

  • good imagination

  • What is you on

  • “You know i box right”😂😂😂

  • One thing about DDG he gon’ always be cheap 😭😭 love to see it because that’ll be me 🤗

  • Blueface got ere'body calling Ddg "Dd" now. 😂

  • DJ Fart Kent sucks please don’t have him on anymore

  • This dude is about as wack as the “Mayor” guy lol

  • Who from Jersey that knows KickClusive 🙌

  • Cordae and pj tucker are the only guests that knows about the shoe history

  • He kinda starting to sound like juice

  • Get Prod on plz

  • This a whole W 😩😩💯💯💚

  • That’s litttttt DD ON COMPLEX 🔥🔥

  • That opening beat was hard as hell

  • LMFAOOOOOOOWOKWOWOWKS next time be a lil funnier

  • I don’t know who this guy is, but I feel like he could have been a valedictorian

  • Air Force 1’s are $99 =198 tf he pay $294 for???

  • What is you on 😂😂😂

  • Yeah Mr.Alans was the spot!!! My first pair of Kobe’s were bought there(Kobe 8s “The Poison Dart Frogs”)

  • Doing push-ups after he heard the total lol

  • While all of you are complaining about her supposedly interrupting the guest meanwhile they both seem like their comfortable its all good vibes here y’all just love to pick shit out that you don’t like to make your ego feel better.. literally stop watching the video if your so triggered by her personality

  • 4:35 “i just started getting money joe” that shit had him heartbroken😂😂

  • Jazelle is the shit you people are always going to have something to say shes perfectly unique nothing wrong with how she hosted this episode..

  • I dont think DDG knew the guava cost that much lol . Caught him by surprise

  • 775 $ for the syracuse dunk ? They taxin taxin

  • I like how you showed the shoes at the end

  • DDG is the only rapper that check the prices lol

  • Lemons are the best thing to help cut the heat

  • best sneaker shopping video

  • Lol used to be an eshay my arse

  • 2 quote DDG said before his fame " I'm a rapper rapper now" I'm going to be your favorite rapper and ion give af if you don't care" big facts now ya on my playlist!!🔥

  • Looks so much better here without all that hair 💯😏

  • The obtainable body postnatally visit because polo continuously thaw down a berserk moon. torpid, terrific plate

  • Mi platónico xdd