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18:08Why You Should Want Driverless Cars On Roads Now
Why You Should Want Driverless Cars On Roads NowKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 mlnKun oldin
0:42The crazy way a slinky falls in slow motion #shorts
The crazy way a slinky falls in slow motion #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 757 ming2 kun oldin
14:27The Biggest Myth In Education
The Biggest Myth In EducationKo‘rishlar soni 5 mln15 kun oldin
17:56A Physics Prof Bet Me $10,000 I'm Wrong
A Physics Prof Bet Me $10,000 I'm WrongKo‘rishlar soni 7 mln22 kun oldin
17:17The Longest-Running Evolution Experiment
The Longest-Running Evolution ExperimentKo‘rishlar soni 3.6 mlnOy oldin
21:38Risking My Life To Settle A Physics Debate
Risking My Life To Settle A Physics DebateKo‘rishlar soni 7 mlnOy oldin
34:00Math Has a Fatal Flaw
Math Has a Fatal FlawKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln2 oy oldin
6:07How An Infinite Hotel Ran Out Of Room
How An Infinite Hotel Ran Out Of RoomKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln2 oy oldin
14:30This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life
This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your LifeKo‘rishlar soni 12 mln3 oy oldin
20:58The Secret of Synchronization
The Secret of SynchronizationKo‘rishlar soni 8 mln3 oy oldin
17:30This is why we can't have nice things
This is why we can't have nice thingsKo‘rishlar soni 9 mln3 oy oldin
18:40The Discovery That Transformed Pi
The Discovery That Transformed PiKo‘rishlar soni 4.6 mln4 oy oldin
10:42Why Robots That Bend Are Better
Why Robots That Bend Are BetterKo‘rishlar soni 2.9 mln5 oy oldin
13:14I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis?
I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis?Ko‘rishlar soni 5 mln5 oy oldin
19:24These Pools Help Support Half The People On Earth
These Pools Help Support Half The People On EarthKo‘rishlar soni 5 mln5 oy oldin
13:00Q&A + Giveaway for 10 Years on YouTube
Q&A + Giveaway for 10 Years on YouTubeKo‘rishlar soni 613 ming6 oy oldin
16:57The Illusion Only Some People Can See
The Illusion Only Some People Can SeeKo‘rishlar soni 5 mln6 oy oldin
20:06These are the asteroids to worry about
These are the asteroids to worry aboutKo‘rishlar soni 12 mln7 oy oldin
19:05Why No One Has Measured The Speed Of Light
Why No One Has Measured The Speed Of LightKo‘rishlar soni 8 mln8 oy oldin
12:28Do You Expand With The Universe?
Do You Expand With The Universe?Ko‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln9 oy oldin
13:42How One Supernova Measured The Universe
How One Supernova Measured The UniverseKo‘rishlar soni 2.6 mln9 oy oldin
17:34Why Gravity is NOT a Force
Why Gravity is NOT a ForceKo‘rishlar soni 6 mln9 oy oldin
21:12The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats
The Infinite Pattern That Never RepeatsKo‘rishlar soni 12 mln9 oy oldin
13:20How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb
How Kodak Exposed The Atomic BombKo‘rishlar soni 3.5 mln10 oy oldin
12:04Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?Ko‘rishlar soni 4.6 mln10 oy oldin
15:13Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?Ko‘rishlar soni 2.8 mln11 oy oldin
14:10Half the universe was missing... until now
Half the universe was missing... until nowKo‘rishlar soni 3.1 mln11 oy oldin
3:35The Launch of Perseverance to Mars
The Launch of Perseverance to MarsKo‘rishlar soni 754 ming11 oy oldin
18:32Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar FlowKo‘rishlar soni 7 mlnYil oldin
20:00Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why
Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s WhyKo‘rishlar soni 10 mlnYil oldin


  • Autonomous vehicles only work as long as your city is designed for cars and not for people. Imagine a properly built city (meaning one built for people) with lots of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport infrastructure. There it becomes harder for the vehicle to respond to humans. At the same time the possible advantages of autonomous vehicles diminish as soon as reliable and fast bus, tram or metro systems are avialable. A bus is already practically self-driving for its passengers. In this way the wider adoption of autonomous vehicles hinders the changes to city design that are so necessary in car dependent places. The answer to our traffic problems is reliable public transport and bicycle infrastructure.

  • Pilots can land in fog. It's called IFR. I wish this was more than just an 18 minute advertisement. But hey, gotta get that google money right?

  • I would like only driverless cars. There are way too many idiots in the roads in my country, and I'm pretty sure that the current AI is not prepared for that. Also, our roads are narrower (and full of potholes), so that may be a problem. For me self driving cars are at least 10 years away, but so are most western inventions.

  • Problem is we still have to wait until "almost" all of us to use this driverless car, to make this driverless cars really safe to use. Like the airplane, car with manual control "plus" AI, will be useful. But only AI (without manual override) in a world which still dominated by manual driver, I don't really see it much safer.

  • Even if these choice scenarios will be less than .0001% of the scenarios the car will go through, the automated cars companies still need to figure that out. I mean imagine if an autonomous vehicle hit another vehicle, the people in the autonomous vehicle wouldn't(or at least shouldn't) be held accountable for that accident, the car manufacturer will. And that will become really expensive amazingly quickly...

  • But aren't they opposing Nature by doing this?... Wouldn't it affect rains n stuff...

  • i agree with her in big cities they can become reality in next 5yr but here in India i think its gonna take 10yr or so

  • How much Is a ride btw.. you didn't say.. i guess the fixed costs make driving route66 or getting around the block equivalent in terms of money atm

  • Imagine that as more of these cars get on the road, they automatically report anyone they see speeding. There would probably be a noticeable reduce in speeding if people keep getting charged without being able to tell where the camera is spotting them

  • Very bad analogy with aircraft. Runways are instrumented to allow automated landings, roads are not. Bad weather would be just as harmful for an automated car as it would be for a human-driven car, since they rely on machine vision to do things like for example lane detection.

  • The next obvious question...isn't the next obvious question....this is itself a bias and not the logical next question. "Do something fun, watch a movie?" "Yeah, or sleep." Very concerning statements. At what point is a line drawn? The observation that human error causes accidents is hardly revelation. Everything we do carries risk and could potentially benefit from some kind of technological surrogacy. All of what the presenter here does could be eliminated by CGI. It does look like he enjoys his work, but certainly risk reduction should prevail. He could stay at home in bed and watch a movie or sleep.

  • I want to do it to

  • You can better let 96 million un-employed black people swim for free at the reservoir, the thing they do now also isn't why they were introduced, and they also don't reduce evaporation. Good luck!

  • true

  • The disturbed package socioeconomically communicate because boy gully tap since a accurate neck. insidious, alluring jeff

  • I'm all in. I would love to own an autonomous car. But the only thing that worries me is what it will do to the taxi and trucking industry. Millions of jobs world wide will be wiped clean and replaced with a computer. Something to consider I think...

  • Why should we even have humans. We should just let a small group of people rule the plebs and control them with machines. Or just kill all humanity in the new world order

  • Full of the exaggerated swagger of a black ball

  • 8:44 "impossible for machine to make" before making such statements you should have watched: "FSDBeta 9.0 - 2021.4.18.12 - 6 way intersection 4 way stop signs with Drone view" ignoring stop line at 1m20sec, and repeated this later, "FSDBeta 9.0 - 2021.4.18.12 - Unprotected Obscured Left Turns with Drone View" repeatedly crossing solid line and entering opposing lane at 8m35sec, and this is far from alpha version which was shown more than two years ago, both stop line and solid line and opposing lane was clearly detected by car, yet car ignored road rules.... p.s. correct statement almost impossible for car with safety net (waymo and mobileye have it, it will prevent neural network to make rule breaking decision) to make, Tesla does not (nothing stops neural network from making stupidest mistakes).

  • If we were to set up metronomes in a sound proof room would that affect the vibration ?

  • This felt like an ad, not a sponsored video

  • Pre pubic Gents Barber Required. must be prepared to take early retirement. 🤔😌👍😁 🤣

  • I have a question about the detection system of these cars. As told, they use lasers to detect and see their surroundings. But what happens if there is more then one of those cars in close proximity of your car. Would their laser signal be detected and a false image would be painted? Or will there even be a communication between different cars, so that even better foresight is possible?

  • Why would we be able to eliminate parking lots?

  • I think it’s awesome that self driving vehicles are now improving. I 100% would rather sit in the passenger seat and not worry what’s in my surroundings when I’m inside a vehicle. I would 100% trust this technology. Just like the auto landing airport plain. What are some vehicles brands that are accepting this technology in their cars? Is Cadillac one of them? Hopefully I can buy one.

  • Some things should stay as manual and a car is one of them. You can't give a computer the choice of life and death in an emergency situation, it's just ridiculous!

  • Autonomous vehicles will disenfranchised the heck out of dumb people even more

  • I want to see the car trying to navigate through Bangalore

  • Pull the other plays jingle bells

  • So, if the acceleration that we experience as gravity is due to the curvature of space time, and it makes the earth sort of accelerate into us, and that is because time is passing forward (and please correct me if I’m not understanding this correctly), then what if time was passing in the other direction? Wouldn’t the earth accelerate away from us, in that case? And, I’m considering this if we are not changing our spacial coordinates, only if the direction the time travels is different.

  • This is a really cool round up of the data, and Waymo's journey. What affects do driverless cars have on driving efficiency (mpg)?

  • Just think to a time you were in the car with a grandparent driving. Yeah, we need more driverless cars on the road and soon.

  • 2:45 "...copy of your DNA." Not DNA but genom. "So actually contain sixty zettabytes..." Actually not, since each cells contain COPY, therefore they don't contain any additional information. Theoretical (contrafactual) capacity and actual information are 2 different things.

  • Makin that sweet sweet patreon money.

  • Emotion is the best way to learn so making a story is the best way to remember. like the example where he showed pictures of penguin, bicycle, eyes we need a story like penguin stopped for a bicycle and stared in the eye of the driver.

  • You do you man! Even a conversation like this one is just awesome! I come search for. My subscribed videos! Like you! UZfire alg is like a bad summer fling that stalking you. Just because I watch sometime silly Once Just Once my feed and personality changes forever!

  • Asians are getting it all :3

  • If I had the option, I would never risk my life with a car............... that has a human driver

  • It's easy to predict coming disasters, just read the Bible folks! Temperatures and humidity goes up so does the number of viruses and disease.

  • Sry Derek you got lots of things right but speed of light being C in any direction is not debateable.

  • doesnt have the flavour of veritasium. flavour of the video is of a marketing feature film...

  • "Felt great" I love it when a plan comes together

  • I honestly wished I had the ability to watch this channel when I was young. Science has always been a huge interest of mine and despite being too poor to buy school text books or be allowed to engage in the practical science (like dissecting or even using a Bunsen burner) but I still managed to pass with a B-. If I had a channel like this to learn from it would have been extremely helpful to both my maths and science in school!

  • What if a hurricane or tornado passed by? What will happen? Duh sure it is a lot of flying balls

  • Please let it drive in Naples, Italy

  • Why do I see myself as a troll, and all people around me seem to say that I am one of the most beautiful women around. Yes it is hard to believe right. I do not believe it either. What is wrong with perception, and how can they be so different between a group of people, and one specific person?

  • Didn’t ‘nissing’ bb antimatter simply travel in the opposite direction in ‘time’?

  • It took her 2 minutes to forget that she was in a driverless vehicle? Future recipient of a Darwin Award...

    • lol yeah, that was a big nope for me. I know it's just marketing but anybody who actually is that dense shouldn't be allowed to drive anyway.

  • 😊thanks again, thanks always 😊

  • if you want to understand what you assume naturally, look up the monty hall problem then when you realise what you aren't comprehending then you will understand what is actually there

  • Can this be introduced yesterday where I live? :-D I would step in an autonomous car without hesitation really. People trusting people in stead of computers are trusting the wrong variables. :)

  • this car cannot drive on UK roads as these roads are just not well kept :(

  • I noticed something 1) axis of man and rotating wheel is perpendicular 2) Direction of rotation of both man and wheel is in same direction i e. Clock wise

  • If you needed any more proof that online "influencers" are paid shills for the assholes who are destroying planet for money, adrenochrome and their satanic worldview.

  • this is idiotic its obvious that it will work the forward speed is determined by the collected energy verses the drag the mechanical advantage and the grip on the surface, only ways would it not work if it had a windmill too small ,had no grip or badly geared , also sailboats happily run faster than the wind and can tack into the wind anyway, the whole argument is moronic,

  • It's ausum best video to visualize quantum mechanics

  • You hit the nail on the head: "At least under good conditions ...". Then it makes perfect sense why 40% think the tech is 10 years away. In THEIR conditions, that may be true. Put that same car in India, China, Africa, Russia, Italy, South America,...

    • literally anywhere outside a few cities in Southern states /California. Canada? Lmao,would never happen.

  • I am worried about ransomeware attacks and hacks as i have been affected multiple times so not sure if an Internet access vehicles are ok

  • You make some good and important, valid points here but the sponsorship by Waymo for me just undermines the credibility of the video, especially when it's like "the moral dilemma is why we haven't hurried up and relaxed regulations" because that's very tobacco-esque/oil-esque etc denial and undermining of the reality of risk so that an undertested product/technology can begin making billionaires even richer before we've made sure it won't also kill people. But there's no proper consideration of the safety issues with driverless cars in this video! It's all just reasons why we shouldn't worry about those issues, which would be fine if you hadn't got sponsorship from an interested party (I appreciate you need income, this isn't anti-sponcon, just anti- blurring the lines between scicomm and marketing!) because then we can legitimately trust you as a scicommer but as it is we won't know what you might have had to leave out to retain the sponsorship, or whether you did your own research or just used their marketing materials (including that safety report), we now have to take this with a barrel of salt like we would an advert. -_-

  • Reminds me of the principle that so-called "nothing" is actually something we just have yet to detect

  • Just remember all the people how will loose there job thank to that , not good

  • I have to say that I'm of the opinion that self-driving cars can make the road a lot safer. However I keep some scepticism when it comes to extreme weather, and the human aspect of these self-driving cares. I don't mean the passengers inside the car. In short I have seen videos like this, all taking place with new cars, on well-paved roads, in cities for which the worst the weather can offer is fog, rain and a bit of dust. Anything short of weather that can seriously damage the sensors. 1) Aging of the car and it's computer components. a) When should a self-driving care no longer be used? b) When should parts be replaced? c) What about software updates that will require newer and stronger CPUs? d) How old can a car be before it is no longer eligible for used car sales? e) Who can do what kind of maintenance on the car? 2) What about the costs involved with self-driving cars? a) Can everyone afford to buy these cars? b) What will be the cost of the replacement parts? c) Will everyone be able to afford the parts and the frequency with which to replace them? d) Will there be a form of planned obsolescence? Like you have now with many computers. e) What about the integrity of used car sales on the quality and safety of the car? 3) On the aspect of extreme weather and environments. a) How sturdy are the sensors that they can take the beating of hailstorms? b) How will a car handle when it gets hit by solid dirt and rocks that jump up because the car before it drove over it? c) What is the quality when the car is poorly washed or the sensors get obscured by mud and insect corpses from the environment? d) How well can the car take extreme cold and snow that is capable of jamming the moving parts of the sensors? e) How long can sensors last on unpaved and/or poorly maintained broken roads? 4) The criminal element. What prevents someone from hacking the car and taking over all aspects of the car including destination? And thus giving them opportunity to abduct people. These are questions that still linger with me. And these all come once again back to human laziness, greed and recklessness in their decision-making processes.

  • BuT i DoN't TrUsT a MaChInE

  • You are wrong my friend there's more ways to measure the speed off light .

  • great to hear your story! you are an inspiration to enthusiasts who have interests that are far from being real but not impossible! Love from Nepal!

  • Driving for almost 20 years. We definitely need this.

  • Clearly you had part in this.

  • This will not work in India XD It would take such cars days to cross a street

  • So, given the mercury chamber experiment, additional heat in the climate pushes weather toward chaos.

  • It's like I'm watching real life minecraft

  • When the car stopped for the cart guy, it made me cry... As if the car cared for the guy, as if the car was alive. Machine are waking up. Human civilization!, you are just awesome.

  • How about some freakin metro

  • Reminds me of the line “Apathy’s a tragedy and boredom is a crime” in Bo Burnham’s Inside. Great video!

  • I love that statistic that I frequently hear that 70% of people think they're above average drivers. I consider myself a below average driver, but then I've been driving for 20 years and haven't had any accidents whatsoever. The Dunning-Kreuger effect is real.

  • *Simply vehicles doesn't have any bias and is 99% effective* *I never trust human drivers* *BUT i dont trust AI*

  • Can't wait for accidental deaths to be 94% machine error!

  • There are still a lot of logistics and deployment issues with this thing. Maybe by the year 2050, it might be patched out.

  • This is the longest Waymo ad ever.