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10:01Playing Bugha's LTM with BUGHA!
Playing Bugha's LTM with BUGHA!Ko‘rishlar soni 126 mingKun oldin
8:02My Fortnite Skin had NO HEAD!! (crazy glitch)
My Fortnite Skin had NO HEAD!! (crazy glitch)Ko‘rishlar soni 138 ming21 soat oldin
10:32so Fortnite CHANGED Arena Mode...
so Fortnite CHANGED Arena Mode...Ko‘rishlar soni 312 ming21 soat oldin
8:03Reacting to BUGHA'S ICON SKIN!
Reacting to BUGHA'S ICON SKIN!Ko‘rishlar soni 509 ming21 soat oldin
8:02Is Fortnite ACTUALLY Dying?
Is Fortnite ACTUALLY Dying?Ko‘rishlar soni 294 mingKun oldin
8:50Why the Inflate-A-Bull was VAULTED….
Why the Inflate-A-Bull was VAULTED….Ko‘rishlar soni 179 mingKun oldin
8:01LEBRON JAMES is Finally in Fortnite!
LEBRON JAMES is Finally in Fortnite!Ko‘rishlar soni 260 ming7 kun oldin
8:03this is NOT a fortnite video...
this is NOT a fortnite video...Ko‘rishlar soni 183 ming7 kun oldin
8:06Fortnite Just CHANGED Holly Hedges AGAIN!
Fortnite Just CHANGED Holly Hedges AGAIN!Ko‘rishlar soni 233 ming7 kun oldin
8:05so you can SKYBASE with Nanite Cubes... (BROKEN!)
so you can SKYBASE with Nanite Cubes... (BROKEN!)Ko‘rishlar soni 254 ming14 kun oldin
LEBRON JAMES is the Next ICON SKIN!Ko‘rishlar soni 226 ming14 kun oldin
8:34Fortnite Just Teased Something BIG...
Fortnite Just Teased Something BIG...Ko‘rishlar soni 202 ming14 kun oldin
10:01Reacting to my Viewers BEST Fortnite Setups!
Reacting to my Viewers BEST Fortnite Setups!Ko‘rishlar soni 250 ming21 kun oldin
8:01so there's CHUG SPLASHES in Fortnite Season 7!
so there's CHUG SPLASHES in Fortnite Season 7!Ko‘rishlar soni 390 ming21 kun oldin
24:33We Found a REAL Default in 2021! (We Taught Her!)
We Found a REAL Default in 2021! (We Taught Her!)Ko‘rishlar soni 381 mingOy oldin
10:05Fortnite just made a BIG Change!
Fortnite just made a BIG Change!Ko‘rishlar soni 389 mingOy oldin
8:04I confronted a TOXIC Fortnite Pro...
I confronted a TOXIC Fortnite Pro...Ko‘rishlar soni 529 mingOy oldin
8:06What Happens When You Tip the Bus Driver 4000 Gold?
What Happens When You Tip the Bus Driver 4000 Gold?Ko‘rishlar soni 439 mingOy oldin
8:28I Found the RAREST Vending Machine in Fortnite Season 7!
4:11SypherPK REVEALS How He Does His Hair!
SypherPK REVEALS How He Does His Hair!Ko‘rishlar soni 150 mingOy oldin
8:10My REAL Thoughts on Season 7... ft. Courage
My REAL Thoughts on Season 7... ft. CourageKo‘rishlar soni 271 mingOy oldin
8:23Ninja is BACK in Fortnite Season 7!
Ninja is BACK in Fortnite Season 7!Ko‘rishlar soni 321 mingOy oldin
8:10How GOOD is the NEW Mythic Pulse Rifle?
How GOOD is the NEW Mythic Pulse Rifle?Ko‘rishlar soni 346 mingOy oldin
8:01The New COSMIC CHESTS in Fortnite Season 7!
The New COSMIC CHESTS in Fortnite Season 7!Ko‘rishlar soni 433 mingOy oldin
10:47Reacting to the FUNNIEST Trolls in Fortnite History!
8:01Reacting to WEIRD SypherPK Icon Skin Concepts!
Reacting to WEIRD SypherPK Icon Skin Concepts!Ko‘rishlar soni 239 mingOy oldin
8:09NEW Dropwave Mode is WEIRD...
NEW Dropwave Mode is WEIRD...Ko‘rishlar soni 307 mingOy oldin


  • It should be the most laggy ltm lol Autocorrect sorry

  • Boat pk

  • Bot Pk

  • is it me or is everyone super cracked in this game mode

  • Ooo

  • Here fortnite isn’t dead but that doesn’t make it any better the game sucks so bad right and has since the beginning of chapter 2

  • Family "Im with you ya"

  • Sypher starts copying you tubers by putting his keyboard and mouse which he never does

    • Sypher what changed ur mind to make ur keyboard

  • Content creators …..Inspire 👍 all 🤍

  • that’s awesome that he reached out to play with some people, it shows that this whole skin thing means a lot to him

  • K1ng is from Argentina mate

  • sheeeeeeeeeee

  • 3:52 that was an insane clip 🔥

  • I definitely will always play Fortnite, no matter what the people say about the game, I started since season 3 and I have played every single season. I love this game and if people complains about it, I will ignore them as thats their opinion

  • Anyone else notice Syphers new dyed hair?

  • I meant kd

  • 3:54 that’s a clip

  • Bugha changed after who won World Cup clix and bugha were best friends before bugha won World Cup


  • Sypher is sus he said he wiped put a squad but u have to be in a trio and he also siad that at 4:4 od time play he music now ( Illumination music plays)

  • I'd get slaughtered but it's hella fun to watch, non stop action.

  • 3:54 damn that should go in a montage

  • World Cup champions bughaaaa


  • yo sypher is lowkey cracked af lol

  • This Ltm is so fun !!!

  • 0:52 he actually got a grey pistol from a chest (I didn't think that you can get that)

  • bruh chain

  • Bogers

  • I miss old fortnite, i quit it few months ago.

  • Sypher sweats when Bugha in the house

  • He didn’t take the deal with the algorithm in the movie but he took the deal with fortnite

  • I am in online school while watching this.

  • Anybody who is good who can do this with me?my user is melmelr82

  • Bugha should have a bugha royal victory umbrella

  • Exactly 10 min

  • I got killed by an aim bot hacker once, he got 2 people then got destroyed in seconds

  • Imagine running up on them haha

  • I thought Sypher went to Dye his hair ?

  • I play on Xbox and there is no need for performance mode that is the most stupid thing I've heard

  • Ryft faster

  • Bugha my might win world cup again

  • sypherk just hit charlie for 120 good good

  • I quit playing cause this game is selling out. Simple I didn’t care when there were just a FEW collabs, but now that’s just the entire game?

  • Uep

  • Hi

  • Hope one day sypherpk become Icon series

  • Nice

  • Anyone elses screen all black for the whole video???

  • Can we talk about 3:53 :0

  • Nick:”I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die” *Bugha and SypherPk just destroyed them * *literally 5 seconds later* Nick : Let’s go bois we destroyed them ..


  • Omg bugha edit so fast, I would have never believed it if I didn't saw it with my own two eyes

  • 9:47 oof

  • 3:52 hello clean???

  • Sypher deserves his own skin. No one has been more loyal.

  • Let's gooooooo

  • Sypher was a lil toxic tho

  • Imagine trying out the new ltm for the 1st time and getting utterly destroyed by this trio lol holy crap

  • Sypher said, "bugha reached out to me a week ago if you wanna play with my skin" Me wait a minute the announcement was like 4 days ago..... Random thought but maybe he told the other icons or soon to be icons that bugha was joining the icon series early which means pk getting icon skin idk?

  • Damn arena is gonna be really fun now

  • 5:28 Bro change the camera angle

  • This was incredibly fun to watch

  • I notice how almost every clip was season 7

  • I would leave so fast if he was blocking me from walking through the door

  • Bugha is pro

  • The thumbnail says solo? It’s trios I thought

  • Bugha is CRACKEDDDD

  • For being a fortnite player your cracked at warzone

  • I just don't understand why sypher always shoes the bugha ltm as a solo ltm

  • Wondering how 75 people came to 25 in 3 seconds

  • Bro sypherpk if you are reading this what's the difference between aimbit and headshots??😂 you we kinda aimbotting people bro you are awesome

  • I don’t get it. But the talent is not to be challenged

  • Brooo that clip at 3:55 on that squad was nasty af ahahaha

  • Anyone else feel like they are watching a Lachlan video with the music

  • Could you please do more warzone vids please 😁