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Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN

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The Grim Reaper's first apprentice. Because the world's medical system advanced so dramatically, she became a VTuber to collect souls. It seems that the lost souls vaporized by the wholesome relationships of VTubers flow through her as well.

In the end, she's a gentle-hearted girl whose sweet voice contradicts the morbid things she tends to say, as well as her hardcore vocals.

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2:13:03【JOURNEY】Going On A... #Holomyth #HololiveEnglish
3:56:06【SPIRITFARER and SUPER CHATS】#Holomyth #HololiveEnglish
3:43[MV] Red - Calliope Mori #HololiveEnglish #HoloMyth
[MV] Red - Calliope Mori #HololiveEnglish #HoloMythKo‘rishlar soni 1.7 mln15 kun oldin


  • I put this on loop while I freeze guardians in the crucible

  • Spoiler warning: CHAD is a Chad

  • Wow, this game didn't hold back. A least the graphics aren't realistic enough to make it too disturbing. The gaming chair is lit though! Looks like it cost a lot of moricoins judging by that slick design.

  • Are we permitted to see photos of your favorite jewelry? ^^♪

  • Brooooo, this song just introduced 2 of my friends to Vtubers <3

  • Calli has a such talent.

  • thx

  • I love how unconcerned Chad is about everything, even though she did bludgeon a man to death.

  • Первый русский комментарий под этим видео, поздравляю себя)

  • I cannot believe someone was mad enough to remix a royalty free song, let alone a chiptune remix

  • 1:47:27 And we are ending it all with some nice wholesome yuri 🙂 nice👌

  • putting ads in asmr videos is suffering, I feel like im deaf now.

  • 13:16 clearly a fake gamer look her fingers where moving but the menu stays still XD

  • Natürlich werde ich meine Seele geben

  • This song becomes better every time I listen to it

  • "The arcana is the means by which all is revealed... It requires great courage to look upon oneself honestly and forge your own path." - Persona 3, Nyx-Avatar, The Hermit Arcana ^_^!I Edit: Atlus, let Calli play Persona (3) btw!!!!!! XD

  • I do not think Mr Kurata and Yoshino necessarily deserve forgiveness. What they did were inherently awful things, and nothing can change that fact. However, it is still possible to sympathize with them and understand that they had problems too. Nobody deserves eternal suffering and damnation. Yoshino was a dumb, jealous child, but she was still a bad person. Being immature does not free her from responsibility. Mr Kurata was still in essence also a child, he never had the chance to mature or become a better person. He ran from his problem through plastic surgery. He never matured and likely never would. I do not believe anybody in Misao deserved to die, but if someone did, it’s him. He was a manipulative murderer, but I personally believe you can find more to him than just that.

  • 22:56 "Ich bin ein Junge und du bist ein Mann." Calli: "That's not going to happen."

  • I love how people respect and admire each other. Thank for being Cali, Cali

  • i fell in love with your german omg it's so cute

  • This game does freak me out generally, honestly.

  • How is this song sooooo goddamn good man, i love it!

  • 🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐

  • Man I remember the old pewdiepie video of that game and damn nostalgia hits hard

  • me seeing ur songs on spotify and instantly looking on youtube to see if u have a channel ;-; hehehehehehehe she does have channels me subscribing to all of them and making a youtube playlist with them on but on private

  • Vining, heart-warming and cute song. The part of "why don't we leave it all behind?" is really catchy and beautiful that is like a friend saying something care about you

  • My eardrums exploded

  • Nice work on this song chica

  • I knew the melody was really good... that's Teniwoha for you 😳

  • Let dance with us

  • Hololive really hit diamond with Mori. This is such a fucken banger

  • Очень круто!

  • I'm sitting here dying from laughter. Oranhe hab ich so noch nicht gehört.

  • Stop swearing as tommyinnit

  • She lowkey reminds me of Luka Megurine.

  • bruh mori really tried to finish off a level 1 knockdown shield

  • i want to know how hard it wass to deliver that "ouroboros", must've taken a while

  • 最高

  • The Truth ending with Male!Aki was really well-written. Throughout the story, Female!Aki's short-lived crush on Tohma was replaced with Male!Aki and Misao potentially being smitten with one another. After Misao saw herself in the mirror, desperate for affection, she pleaded for Aki to be her boyfriend. Aki gently insisted that they should be friends before they become lovers, explaining that they barely know each other and that dating Misao on a whim would make him no better than Tohma. However, he also promised that he would always be there for her. While initially surprised by Aki's answer, Misao happily agreed. It was a surprisingly pragmatic and intelligent resolution, given that other hackneyed romance stories would've had the troubled girl and her savior become lovers immediately.

  • Bruh she can defeat Eminem

  • I fell asleep to this so fast last time, I forgot to like. Sorry. Please, forgive this dead beat my Mori. If you wish to punish me... Welp, see in the underworld. I'll be stopping by for my Valentine's day chocolate soon after I arrive.

  • lyrics Tonight, the moon has rose in a crimson red But roses gotta wither, so I’ll live forever instead And now I can’t get rid of all of these thorns in my head Bring on the hemorrhaging I guess I’ll live inside your memory Another distorted story that ignored the deceased I’ll live inside of a castle, pray I’m never released I’d rather kick it in the dungeon, cuz I’m that kind of beast I’ll bet my heart on the cards, because I trust me the least (Let it die) Pressure mounting, but I’m doomed without it Precious moments zooming by, don’t doubt it Rest is ephemeral, scream and shout it The best don’t sleep, I was all about it but (Let it die) Reaping keeps you tucked in the shadows This creeping feeling of identity battles Closing in from every side of me. Red tomorrow, Red today Dread, sorrow, Can’t turn away Can’t turn back Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune but hold your breath, guess who’s running the show? And when this red runs black, I’ll ask you Was I everything you imagined? When my time’s finally up, the sun’s falling down I’ll turn to stone again. Every day is a fight to stay relevant And it cannot last, so I’ll relish it And our planet’s vast, but this hole’s a ditch Ya toss out the past, and you can strike it rich Nobody asked, but the mask is an alright fit And this fiction’s no disaster, in spite of it I stay curious. What comes after it. So mysterious, and yet, I exist. Hold on, stay beautiful, stay young There are blades to be swung yet Rising soon, regard the moon reflected in the crimson sung tonight… Red tomorrow, Red today Dread, sorrow, Can’t turn away Can’t turn back Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune but hold your breath, guess who’s owning the throne? So, come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five minutes away from The end that’s come Continue slashing forward, I must Or else just Fade away… There’s a drive to strive inside all of us A never-ending ouroboros Sinking way deep down and it’s all because I kept thinking that reaping is all there was And is now I gotta find a way out, escape, how? Fate has a funny way of shaking the weak down Am I gonna peak now? Future looking bleak, wow Somehow incomplete, after all. Can’t. Turn. Back. Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune, don’t hold your breath for me And when this red runs black, I’ll ask you Was I everything you imagined? When my time’s finally up, the sun’s falling down I’ll turn to stone again. So, come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five seconds away from The end that’s come From here on out it’s only just, Me and this bloodlust I’d rather just Fade away…

  • No Front Aber Für Alle Deutsche Hört Sich die ausprache von Dir Einfach Lustig an xD

  • 18:34 I appreciate the people in chat who started quoting Marvin the Martian saying "Where's the kaboom?"

  • Can't stop playing

  • 16:00 "Feel the terror... of *reading!"*

  • TOP👍👍

  • The german language sucks, a lot of grammar that makes no sense, a lot of words that nearly mean the same but u use in different situations and this stuff. There are only 2 languages that are worse, Chinese and Latin.

  • You won't get mercy from me with this backstory, Kurata, you won't.

  • Calliope LOVE!

  • Ist irgendwie jeder deutsche kommentar richtig weit oben und kommt es nur mir so vor das die hälfte von den deutschen kommentaren einfach nur englische leute sind die auf google übersetzt haben xd

  • is it just me or do the lyrics feel like eminen style lyrics (it might be just the insults but idk)

  • i did not expect the stream to become so emotional with the friendship with stranger thingy, it is as if I'm watching a movie, such a beautiful experience!

  • 26:23 Giant Steps

  • I've started to listen to Mori's songs even while around my sister, and I can say she likes them too. Spreading Mori's talent further and further, because she deserves it!

  • It's Mila time und die jindaouis sind dabei It's Mila time und der nader ist dabei It's Mila time und die Louisa ist dabei It's Mila time und Mila ist dabei

  • 好き過ぎる

  • I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ><

  • 0:12 Is this Evangelion reference!?

  • Okay, here's my interpretation of the song. I hope I got the message the way Calli expected it, but come on. So, Red is a direct sequel to "Off with their heads", which talked about the difficulty of the climbing to reach the top. It was kind of a song of empowerment and pride by calli, for having achieved success, and a little pinprick on the envious people who say that her climb was easy. On the other hand, "Red" talks about the difficulty of being on top, the difficulties of meeting everyone's expectations, and how exhausting it all is. But at the same time, Calli knows that this is (probably) the chance of her life, so she has to give her all in that space of time, what makes me think about it is part of the chorus: "So come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five minutes away from The end, it's come Continue slashing forward I must Or else just fade away " I think "chase you down" is about her (Calli in person) chasing her ideal, Calliope Mori. Other parts of the lyrics that intrigue me are "red tomorrow, red today" That I believe is a metaphor, to say that she has to give her blood to be able to grab this chance that she got. After the first chorus, in the flow part, she talks about how destiny only steps on the weak and quotes uroboros, which in short, talks about cycles and evolution. And in that same part, calli says "I keep thinking that reaping is all there was" "reaping", in this case, most likely it refers to reaping the fruits that were planted from your efforts,the lyrics makes it look like this is wrong. Because the difficult thing is not to reach the top, it is difficult to remain at the top, and this is Calli's main internal struggle. And to finish "And when that red runs black I will ask you Was I everything you imagined? "I think calli is talking about all this" business "from Vtuber. Why, the truth is, even though you’re all Calli’s lives, you don’t really know her, you don’t really know her, you know one I’m not saying that she’s false in their lives in any way! What I mean is that everyone has sides that they prefer not to show, everyone has sides that they prefer to keep hidden, and that becomes even stronger when you're a Vtuber. And calli is talking about people's expectations of her, will she be everything that other people expected? Well, there are some other small references played in the song, but I preferred to talk about the parts that most call my attention. I hope I got the message that Calli wanted to convey, and I'm sorry for my vocabulary, I'm using a translator to write this comment

  • Kurata is Yoshikage Kira

  • A little late, i join the salutations to the Homie, may he have a good journey on his side of the screen. Someday (probably maybe) they'll know how lucky they were. Chill (kinda, there were some tense moments) games are the best in Calli's voice, they are a precious memory on their own.

  • Is Calli slowly turning into Manlybadasshero?

  • Non German/Austrian/Swiss people: I'm fluent in German and I understand it well. Me: May I introduce you to the final boss of the German language - Rainer Winkler. Meddl off!

  • So Misao wore muddy boots? ~

  • 💜💙🧡💛❤

  • I'll bet my heart on the cards. I just can't unsee Calli being a main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh

  • Calli asombroso directo de [DUOLINGO] ¡Vamos a aprender ALEMÁN! ¡Dame tu alma, por favor! 8} y es genial como quiere aprender aleman solo para hablar con kiara es fabuloso hacerlo por un amigo o amiga(nadie lo haria por mi aprender el español solo por mi seria lo mas triste en su vida)/(no one would do it for me to learn spanish just for me would be the saddest thing in their life) but at least you have a great friend like kiara.

  • Sadly, showing sympathy to the teacher doesn't change how he hastily goes for people who shows any sort of affection towards him. While it may be true that he was being casted out for his appearance, he also has that tendency to take things too fast once he finds people who accepts him. That's a flaw that needs to be worked on by him imo.

  • Wow this song is insane well done calli

  • ナルホード

  • Ein Volk, Ein Reich, ein Deutscher Kommentarbereich.

  • Anddd i missed the live again 😔😞

  • 2:41:40 ish I was just thinking about Wolf's Rain. (Side note: My sister suggested it to me when she finally got me into anime. I've been watching anime for about 8 or 9 years, the first two of which I only watched the same shows over and over. Then I branched out a somewhat. I just watched it this past December.) More specifically, I was thinking about the theme Stray. Nice to see that I might get to hear Mori sing Stray.

  • Don't click this button 0_0 Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna Make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie And hurt you Congratulation kau mendapatkan Rick roller from piranha LoL :V

  • I find it weird watching people learn german as a german

  • I guess Calli forgot to add the trigger warning in the description.

  • This was funny... and enlightening. Somebody needs to make a baseball cap for the reaper. Pretty please? Oh, now i see, i missed the screaming section. Good thing i thought of watching the Vi Oh Di. MC is terrified, but sometimes it smiles very creepy cute when doing some killings. That is a nice touch. They do a very nice bait and switch with Tohma, it is well designed. I guess you can't do the good ending without doing the bad end first? (well there are a lot of bad ends) I can understand the path that lead the Creepy Teacher to become Killer Teacher, but he could have chosen a different path so there is no excuse. I choose to believe that the point of the developers is not to make you simpathize with Creepy Teacher, just give you a backstory that poses interesting thoughts. I kinda sorta sense that Mori was... taking the part of young Kurata (old one is pretty much creep all the way). But it all went very downhill from there, didn't it? The concept of atoning for your sins is very based on Buddhist teachings, because cleaning your karma and being reborn helps you reach enlightment, no matter how many lives you need and what you do with every one of them. And sometimes you have such a bad karma that you need to start from way way down. Cat is probably too much. Cockcroach would have been better. But i guess a gentle gesture gives some points. I was kinda sure that he was going all psycho on the cat, since that is where they begin. My only worry with grilled fish is making your living quarters fish central. Did i heard ringo niku? like... Grilled Apples? Now, this is a very long comment, isn't it? Thanks for getting this far, whoever you are.

  • So apparently there's a town in Australia that shares your name?