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I post daily NBA 2K content along with sports related videos. I grew this channel from nothing to where it is now and I cant thank everyone who has watched, subbed and supported me to this point, lets keep grinding and see what the future holds!


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10:17NBA 2K22 is TAKING a HUGE RISK...
NBA 2K22 is TAKING a HUGE RISK...Ko‘rishlar soni 68 mingKun oldin
10:39The FATE of NBA 2K22 is in JEOPARDY...
The FATE of NBA 2K22 is in JEOPARDY...Ko‘rishlar soni 155 ming6 soat oldin
The NBA 2K22 MYPLAYER BUILDER...Ko‘rishlar soni 556 ming7 kun oldin
The LEGEND POST PLAYMAKER BUILD...Ko‘rishlar soni 170 ming21 kun oldin
This LEGEND JAMES HARDEN BUILD is SCARY on NBA 2K21Ko‘rishlar soni 216 mingOy oldin
18:15I PROMISED you guys LEGEND on NBA 2K21...
I PROMISED you guys LEGEND on NBA 2K21...Ko‘rishlar soni 208 mingOy oldin
10:05This KEVIN DURANT BUILD is SCARY on NBA 2K21...
This KEVIN DURANT BUILD is SCARY on NBA 2K21...Ko‘rishlar soni 238 mingOy oldin
*RARE* $5,000 NBA MYSTERY BOX OPENINGKo‘rishlar soni 50 ming2 oy oldin
10:34The BIGGEST MISTAKE NBA 2K21 made...
The BIGGEST MISTAKE NBA 2K21 made...Ko‘rishlar soni 162 ming2 oy oldin
2K DIDN'T WANT US TO FIND THIS BUILD...Ko‘rishlar soni 366 ming2 oy oldin


  • Actually Joe, they're not scamming you. They simply put it for free because who in the fuck would spend vc on a women build

  • 2k22 current gen had a whole year for development, while 2k22 next gen had only 10 months. If current gen if bad compared to next gen then it’s not even worth getting NBA2k games in the future until you have next gen consoles.

  • 2k21 on my XSX is choppy AF online. About as choppy as notepad animation. Hardly next gen experience. I get that on Forza. 2k22 will be new bitmaps with the same multithreading issues.

  • That 6’10 pointforward on 19 was soo fun

  • Dribbling

  • I can’t be the only person who thinks this man sounds like Logan Paul

  • @Lebron James“If her booty does not bounce… the end of the relationship you shall announce” -Master Oogway

  • I got banned on 21 anyway so this year better be good😭

  • Joe they do have a choice. They have to make one 2k game with crossplay. That will exclude the risk your referring to

  • Can we talk about how bad joe was cooking them tho like this man was shitting on them bad

  • they could’ve made it cross-gen but chose not to just to make extra money after finessing 3 years straight

  • Cant wait for another dog shit game 😃

  • I honestly think that there should be no next gen and just a current gen so everyone will be play on the current gen low-key think its stupid to add another game to a brand new console just to salitify next gen players needs. they should just have one game for both consoles and have it go from there but let me know what you think?!

  • “Everyone’s happy” that’s unheard of in the 2k community

  • Easier way to get badges took me around 2 weeks to get like 3 hof shooting badges in 2k 20 making a new build barley get any finishing badges so easier badge

  • I read

  • Again just make one game for both consoles to play together 🤌 bang problem solved god damn ion even know which version to get rn 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • This Game is so Microtransaction Hungry 🤤 it’s ugly! Shot meter is for babies and who watches Basketball Vertically? This Game needs an Complete Overhaul and some new Developers as well as a real look. 2k mods on pc Looks way better than next gen console.

  • As somebody that’s have next-gen is better for 2k that current gen is better.

  • poll What is better, fortnite or 2K??

  • damn what build is this

  • I'm not even buying 2k22 or anymore 2k it's a waste of money 21 is trash and most are.I'm just gonna play 20 till the servers are shut down.

  • 2k20 shooting need to come back🙏 all I ask for 22. The shooting in that game was elite

  • 900k!!

  • I wasted my money on both 2k21 I hope 22 isn’t a waste

  • 2k needs to go ahead and pay to go to cross platform also they need one game. Madden you can see and feel the difference in both games on current and next gen

  • No we don’t read 🥲

  • Guys if you want a ps5 go to stock x

  • They should’ve hold the next Gen till 2k23 lol

  • Imagine how Giannis would be in his prime years he's just 26 years old, 2 to 3 years more this dude will be even more insanely frightening.

  • Yeah I read the Bible

  • Yea like it’s a big limit on next gen systems like it’s not that we don’t want next gen it’s we can barely get it. Nobody paying for a system that’s worth 400 but they selling it for 800

  • As someone with next gen I’d rather 2k just fucking forget next gen for now nobody even got this shit

  • “You kids don’t know how good, how great, how utterly dominant wilt chamberlain was” *Damn joe, you old*

  • If I see this LeBron picture again I’m hurting someone

  • Joe imma watch you no matter what 2k your playing & that’s on my momma 💯💯

  • they should add Olympic teams in 2k

  • if you think 2k20 was top 3 seek help

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  • 2k19 was the best!!

  • Am I the only one that thinks that if you have next gen, it's a no brainer to go to next gen first? I have next gen and don't plan on the touching current gen version

  • Ill wait til its on discount

  • 2k19 😍😍 I miss it 😩

  • What about the skill breakdown and physical profile

  • Lol haven’t touched 2k since 2k18…quality of life has improved significantly

  • I’m going to get both games but I’m just going to play the one that has the better build system

  • I didn’t read a book in like a year

  • U should do a video of mj and drose in a 2v2

  • I love seeing 2K19 gameplay again

  • There's plenty of stuff I see that makes me wanna play 2k even the news coming out makes me wanna play I jus want a good enough game that I'll play I really hope they don't get rid of mycareer

  • itll be the same thing everytime a new console comes out, eventually that console will stop getting games made for it, xbox-xbox 360-xbox1-xbox x/s or ps1-ps2-ps3-ps4-ps5

  • It’s so easy to get a system now

  • Cut viewership got me . You just saying this because all the content creators views or down who only make 2k content .

  • or you have a pc and 2k shafts your butt hole again and doesnt give us nextgen

  • Can we see next gen content next vid

  • 2k22 is crossplay with ps5 and Xbox

  • Whoaaaah JOE KNOWS has clips of DATBOII, I wonder what he’s up to these days

  • This is why I stopped playing after 2K16. Tried to go back and see if things improved in 2k19 but it's getting worse. I'm done with the 2K franchise. I rather support games which are actually good and has shown effort being put in and not having micro-transactions on everything.

  • is it that difficult to release the same game for both the next and current gen

    • even myteam is garbage because of the badges being different

  • Golden state kd

  • We need cross platform

  • I don’t care 18>21

  • 900k joe in the building yesirrrr 🐐💯🔥🥳

  • Joe you also need to realize they need to buy BOTH. So if you have ability to play 2 you still need to buy them, so essentially they can just buy one and play one

  • Joe Matchmaking in next gen will kill park!! Nobody will play park if they can get instant games. The park will become dead once again

  • Honestly knowing I wasn’t gonna get a Ps5 anytime soon it’s true man I know very little about next gen and it’s not that big of a deal tbh

  • I read

  • The first month of 2k is always good because we’re just exited barely any complaining after that then we realize the game actually not that good

  • I didn’t care ab 2k21 at all 🤣

  • Gman n Tyceno wager most definitely motivated me to not just to hoop but to keep my skills sharp. But hope the brodie Gman is good homie was really flourishing I just dont see him just up n leaving with the following he had.

  • But if they BOTH good DUN DUN DUUN

  • I watched both next generation and current, if your entertaining I'll watch both fr

  • I think that 2k should have the same rep system in both games and make it so rep transfers across the different generations

  • I've made my choice soon as I got tha p5 a week ago aint no turning around 😆

  • This is so true because I stopped watching 2k as soon as next gen dropped and I didn't even had 21 yet. Once I got 21 I just stopped watching yt and started playing the game.

    • I don't have next gen

  • Do you think the popularity differences is determined by console accessibility of next gen? That could explain why current gen was more popular if more people still didn't have access to next gen due to scalpers and such?

  • Joe can u make a Michael Porter Jr. on next gen Because on current gen ur not gonna get the best attributes

  • I wish people would stop the cap on saying 2k20 was a good game, it wasn’t even better than 2k18

  • Can someone please get in contact with Ronnie or mike and find out if someone orders the cross gen if they will be the same rep on both 2ks current and next gen

  • Anybody think they need to add flashy alley oops to 2k22.