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I'm JoCat! I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and hobbyist animator.
Known as the J in HIJEK:
I post a video (almost) every week!
I also stream on twitch where I play games or do art or maybe even work on future videos. come watch! -

Here I do videos that I feel like making, including:

Character Creator Critique - a look at the positives and negatives of different games character creators.

A Crap Guide - sit down and shut up while JoCrap learns you all the ins and outs of different games, hobbies, and anything else that tickles your pickle.

J-Overly Edited - a lets play with more editing than is ever necessary for a single video.


26:01J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 2/2
J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 2/2Ko‘rishlar soni 121 ming8 kun oldin
2:33A Crap Guide to Bards4Bards 2021 \u0026 Wizard Goblin Plush
0:36I Like Girls - JoCat Animation
I Like Girls - JoCat AnimationKo‘rishlar soni 3.2 mln15 kun oldin
3:05Tavern Crawl - Twisted Taverns Animated Cinematic (D\u0026D)
37:50JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2020
JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2020Ko‘rishlar soni 344 ming3 oy oldin
0:49Tort Brush Mambo
Tort Brush MamboKo‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln3 oy oldin
22:02A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - Dungeon Master
1:18:32THE END: THE MOVIE - Hollow Knight JoCat Stream Highlight Finale
2:00Training | Gobboventures
Training | GobboventuresKo‘rishlar soni 505 ming4 oy oldin
1:47The Spookiest Jamboree - JoCat Animation
The Spookiest Jamboree - JoCat AnimationKo‘rishlar soni 292 ming5 oy oldin
1:55Breakfast | Gobboventures
Breakfast | GobboventuresKo‘rishlar soni 515 ming5 oy oldin
1:41Guard Broken - Nuzlocke Animation by JoCat
Guard Broken - Nuzlocke Animation by JoCatKo‘rishlar soni 136 ming6 oy oldin
20:30Blocked - JoCat Does a Nuzlocke in Pokemon Platinum #6
Blocked - JoCat Does a Nuzlocke in Pokemon Platinum #6Ko‘rishlar soni 143 ming6 oy oldin
24:47J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 1/2
J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 1/2Ko‘rishlar soni 220 ming8 oy oldin
14:41A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - Character Sheet
7:25Destiny 2 Character Creator Critique - Shiny Barebones
Destiny 2 Character Creator Critique - Shiny BarebonesKo‘rishlar soni 128 ming9 oy oldin
54:07Sidequests - Hollow Knight JoCat Stream Highlight Part 6
24:22J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 3 [FINAL]
J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 3 [FINAL]Ko‘rishlar soni 221 ming10 oy oldin
4:55A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - Alignment
A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - AlignmentKo‘rishlar soni 2.8 mln11 oy oldin
2:45A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - Barbarian (AGAIN)
2:59A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - Goblins
A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - GoblinsKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 mlnYil oldin
1:17JoCat Eats a Sandwich
JoCat Eats a SandwichKo‘rishlar soni 579 mingYil oldin
25:08J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 2
J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 2Ko‘rishlar soni 739 mingYil oldin
1:04DOOM Crossing: Eternal Horizons
DOOM Crossing: Eternal HorizonsKo‘rishlar soni 2 mlnYil oldin
32:45JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2019
JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2019Ko‘rishlar soni 191 mingYil oldin


  • I need to see this everyday for my parents to think im not gay

  • The middle schooler after you call him "Gay":

  • A thousand subscribers. A THOUSAND he says.

  • Me:* has the same taste in girls as JoCat* OwO I am a jocat now

  • This is my exact taste in women

  • The best wiggling I’ve ever damn seen

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  • But umbrella arrows are great at killing Mr in dark souls

  • isn't Jesse married to James

  • Someone has to make an FNF mod out of this

  • been using dndbeyond ever since I started playing but now I want to roll up a Firbolg artificer and its not like I have the money to buy the race and the class, so now its time for me to take a leap of faith in character sheet making.

  • same

  • This is awesome

  • I think Miitopia’s mage is War Magic. They get a spell called Barrier that halves all damage they take, and it lasts for the whole battle or until you put shield sprinkles on them. It even stays if they are KOed. Takes them from the one of least tanky classe to one of the most. Excluding Elf. Elf gets to apply the barrier effect to all allies. Which is stupid because it removes basically all challenge from the game. Though it is a postgame class you have to unlock.

  • When this is cringy but you like the animator who made this..... it is.... acceptable

  • Won't even lie, I re-watch this video a lot. It's one of the main factors they led me into trying to DM my own campaign, which has been chaotic yet fun, lol.

  • I just noticed jessie from team rocket lol

  • ...Why is CritCrab there?

  • Not going to lie I thought you where gay

  • He's almost crossing that simp border

  • I just love the evolution of this channel, watching it suddenly grow from 100 to 1000 in just a couple of these videos then hit 12k, and after 2 years (almost 3) about to reach 1 million, dont let anyone discourage you Jocat, you deserve every one of those subscribers, and I do hope you make 1 million by the end of the year, now I do have 1 question, but with the fact of knowing people have asked it a shit ton, I'll just wait to see if my question will be answered on it's own, keep being you, keep being awesome

  • Ya didnt see that i had to make the bards look good :)))))))))))

  • I play human so i guess im boring. Nobody plays human when we play

  • We get it you're straight.

  • Okay who noticed that ear flick at the last transition there. Now that's attention to detail.

  • "what are you doing" finishing the fight

  • Its nice seeing jocat one last time before the spirit of jocrap possesses him for monster hunter rise.

  • "I'm not gay I swear" the song.

  • jocat is sooo cute and gay~

  • "i like all type of girls" The FBI: "go ahead and sing that song again"

  • very cute gob

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  • The combination of cringe and being ucomfortable is undiscribable

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  • Speaking on the behalf of girls, we like you too.

  • This Brought A Smile To My Face

  • I could probably recite this entire thing if tried

  • <3 We Like All Girls

  • I am now inspired to make my character the most basic and boring human you've ever met, his name will be josh.

    • In the end of the campaign i want him to be a benevolent deity...

  • Why. Can’t. We. Like. A. Video. More. Than. Once.

  • This sounds like something a straight guy would make if he was accused of being gay

  • Just know that someone out there has searched for rule 34 of all the characters in the video.

  • can we get a full song?

    • That is the full song, the original that he mimics here is just as short.

  • You know you're far gone when you go from crying to laughing at the drop of a hat. how was your head after this?

  • Me talking about being a lesbian to my friends

  • Dang, imagine losing to a rock

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  • UZfire needs to stop selling this to me when I already pledged for it. Nvm, this animatic is great so I guess I'll have to press that replay button a fourteenth time.

  • This is better than the real song

  • this dude totally gets pegged 24/7

  • This man is the anti meme, making opposites of regularly known memes

  • oh how far we have come

  • How it was meant to be played

  • 10:45 Joseph Jostar has already used hermit purple to find you, and is on his way...

  • I wish I could like this multiple times. I’ll settle for watching it a few dozen times.

  • Understandable have a nice day

  • Not gonna lie I started using the hunting horn because I love support. Then I started using the hunting horn because its a beast of a weapon. If monster hunter had classes and advanced classes, it would be Everything else>Sword & Shield>Hunting Horn

    • A note should be taken that hunting horn isn't better than sword and shield, it just requires a higher IQ to use it effectively and not just flailing around a giant doot mace. Sword and Shield is good even if you're a total nub or a veteran hunter.

  • is all girls until you watch Fate/Apocrypha. and see astolfo,then is all *boyz*

  • this is kinda gay tho

  • This is actually the best video ever created in the entirety of human history


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  • Cat boy rights






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  • Thank you.... all I can say

  • The big debate: Do you write your modifier in the big ability box, or the tiny bubble? Cause I prefer having the modifier in the bubble lol

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