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21:57Milwaukee Bucks 2021 NBA Championship Celebration
Milwaukee Bucks 2021 NBA Championship CelebrationKo‘rishlar soni 170 mingKun oldin
0:12P.J. Tucker, Legend 🍾#shorts
P.J. Tucker, Legend 🍾#shortsKo‘rishlar soni 37 mingKun oldin
18:09Giannis' Reaction: “I’m a FREAKING CHAMPION" | 7.20.21
7:25Mike Budenholzer NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21
5:472021 NBA Championship Postgame Celebration
2021 NBA Championship Postgame CelebrationKo‘rishlar soni 236 mingKun oldin
3:35MILWAUKEE BUCKS ARE 2021 NBA CHAMPIONS | 105-98 | 7.20.21
3:05History Made: A Milwaukee Bucks Championship Story
History Made: A Milwaukee Bucks Championship StoryKo‘rishlar soni 155 mingKun oldin
0:49BUCKS IN SIX!! Best Fan Reactions From The Playoffs
BUCKS IN SIX!! Best Fan Reactions From The PlayoffsKo‘rishlar soni 57 mingKun oldin
11:55Mike Budenholzer NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21
7:21Khris Middleton NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21
4:11Jrue Holiday NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21
Jrue Holiday NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21Ko‘rishlar soni 14 ming2 kun oldin
7:03P.J. Tucker NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21
P.J. Tucker NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21Ko‘rishlar soni 12 ming2 kun oldin
4:41Brook Lopez NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21
Brook Lopez NBA Finals Media Availability | 7.19.21Ko‘rishlar soni 9 ming2 kun oldin


  • Where is the last Restricted Area/All-Access for game 6 ? Can’t wait any longer :)

  • Okay the 34 air ==208B

  • Game 5 is when giannis snatched the soul out of the suns players and fans.

  • how is there not millions of views? also how can anyone not like giannis? seriously we need more giannis in the world. congrats bucks.

  • The Alphabet😂😂😂

  • Post game 6 all access


  • now i know why he only follows 7 people on social media, 1 of them is kobe

  • 🇮🇹💚

  • awesome

  • how can pepole hate this man?

  • Legend has it he wished that day to win the NBA championship in 2021

  • He's gonna be a great player someday

  • Imagine their practice games and he's blocking his teammates left and right

  • 3:15 now u got one bro

  • only 1 shot from range, that could have been Ben Simmons if he wasn't scared of going to the FT line

  • This championship is for you Jim!

  • Look behind on giannis its lebron james!

  • Giannis and the Bucks definitely learned something from that loss to the Raptors. Buck were up 2-0. They were then on the opposite side of things come finals 2021…great lesson.

  • The aboard shade originally describe because opera early colour in a gleaming starter. rabid, eight dashboard

  • he really loves taking to could see how much respect he has on Jim

  • Bucks are champions again lets go

  • In addition of Tucker, they might actually have a chance to win a championship.

  • Champ!!!

  • Seems like Gianni is making people fall in love with basketball all over again! He makes it seem like the sport is not all about money but about motivation to do better in life and inspiration for young kids. I’m Greek as well living abroad now, used to be a flight attendant for the Miami Heat before Covid but I was never really a basketball fan in particular till Gianni got on the NBA and I saw what a big impact he is making promoting our country, family values, love and compassion!! He will always be the greatest of all! 💙🇬🇷

  • congrats mr.mvp

  • When he said in the interview that " i wanna be an NBA player", that was the most inspirational moment I've ever seen. ✊💪

  • It was almost like the Toronto series. The Suns coach made no adjustments, just like coach Bud back then.

  • Other superstar players said: " This guy doesn't have a talent, he is just an athletic" I rather pick this guy than those who only knew to score and play no defense. 🤣

  • love this video! i thought hes only a small forward, damn, hes as tall as tim duncan. bucks so lucky they pick giannis.

  • Gliannis ADEDOKUBO🇬🇷🦌🔥💥☄️

  • Brook Lopez: lEs bLUeS rIhGT?

  • This guy has potential. I’m positive he’ll win his first championship ring and score 50 points in a nba finals 😏

  • Bridges propably have nightmares after this finals ....he would see getting blocked even in the bathroom

  • I wanna be an NBA player Becomes one of the most accomplished 26 year old NBA player ever.

  • He’s good but his brother is 🔥

  • He likes to come from the rim side

  • And James Harden says Giannis “has no [basketball] skills” :)

  • "Let's do some big thinks". He delivered.

  • Giannis is a great player but also a great man giving out shoes and letting the kids score he deserves mvp and his championship

  • luka don't give a f

  • Pretty cool to see this young beast since he was 19, you can definitely notice he is not there to pass the time, he is there to not take anything for granted, amazing.

  • Teddy Riner is just slightly smaller than Giannis oO

  • This beat from kanye is so cold. Common is so skilled with out written. From up in the chi

  • 2021 Champ. Congrats. My super NBA player idol

  • Still can't top the duo of Kobe and Kwame with 82 points combined and Congrats Bucks for winning the NBA championship

  • 5:16 😂😂 YeeeAAaa

  • What if you have tucker in clippers?

  • when thanasis enters the game, you know the game is over.

  • It still hurts watching these videos, but Kobe would be proud 🙏🏼

  • This is our champion

  • OOO

  • I have thought about her so much , I heard something and I really pray it is not true. Been waiting on confirmation I will fall apart




  • Giannis is way better than LeBron. His first championship where he gets drafted 8 years ago. LeBron decided to quit made a stupid decision on national television joining Miami Heat with Chris Bosh and D Wade.

  • It’s crazy how he learn English so quickly and doesn’t sound that bad at all dude really working hard off and on the court fking legend

  • basically all dunks

  • this fucking brook needs to talk in the championship stage!! instead of bobby portis

  • His defense was elite! Congrats to the champ! 🍾 🏆

  • Their only one rock i know and he doesn't look like that

  • Why is thannasis in a car ?

  • respect pj, you dwags!!!

  • Why bucks funs boo nba commissioner his great men

  • Giannis said to Mamadi that he will start scoring 50 when Mamadi go blond and then u see "" BUCK IN 6 "

  • 1:18 what did he just say !?😂

  • Yes, your parents are the real heroes. They raised a great man- you!

  • Man, this popped up recently after the the championship. I'm so mad at Jason Kidd for ruining Giannis' jump shot. It was so smooth and confident when he was a rookie before he was told to stop and focus on more traditional big man things.

  • For me your the real MVP!!!!

  • So nobody's gonna talk about that squeek at the start

  • man shouldve been the mvp

  • I still can’t believe we’re the champions. Love this team so much 🦌

  • One championship later, I had to visit this again

  • Giannis doinv hbk sweet chin music

  • Shessss