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Joyner Lucas was born on August 17, 1988 and grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. He became interested in music after listening to artists like The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and Method Man. At the age of 7, he began creating rhymes and, by 10 years old, he recorded his first track at a local studio. He attended South High Community School in Worcester. \u2028

He signed to Atlantic Records on September 21, 2016. Joyner gained national attention when he appeared on the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. He was the first artist to be moved from the web platform of the show to the televised syndication. \u2028 After exiting his career at Atlantic Records in December of 2018, Joyner set forward to continue his career as an independent artist, writing and distributing his music through his start-up Tully. \u2028

Management contact Dhruv Joshi: [email protected]


3:39Joyner Lucas \u0026 Lil Baby - Ramen \u0026 OJ
Joyner Lucas \u0026 Lil Baby - Ramen \u0026 OJKo‘rishlar soni 5 mln7 kun oldin
44:11Joyner Lucas - Evolution (Full EP)
Joyner Lucas - Evolution (Full EP)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.2 mln6 oy oldin
4:19Joyner Lucas - Legend Ft. Rick Ross
Joyner Lucas - Legend Ft. Rick RossKo‘rishlar soni 1 mln6 oy oldin
3:43Joyner Lucas - The Problem (Evolution)
Joyner Lucas - The Problem (Evolution)Ko‘rishlar soni 695 ming6 oy oldin
3:28Joyner Lucas - Str8 Like Dat
Joyner Lucas - Str8 Like DatKo‘rishlar soni 1 mln6 oy oldin
2:52Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Official Audio) "Evolution"
Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Official Audio) "Evolution"Ko‘rishlar soni 297 ming6 oy oldin
4:00Joyner Lucas - Zim Zimma (Evolution)
Joyner Lucas - Zim Zimma (Evolution)Ko‘rishlar soni 2.4 mln6 oy oldin
2:34Joyner Lucas - Evolution
Joyner Lucas - EvolutionKo‘rishlar soni 764 ming6 oy oldin
4:10Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Evolution)
Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Evolution)Ko‘rishlar soni 12 mln6 oy oldin
3:56Joyner Lucas feat. Ashanti - Fall Slowly (Evolution)
2:20Joyner Lucas - What's Poppin Remix (What's Gucci)
Joyner Lucas - What's Poppin Remix (What's Gucci)Ko‘rishlar soni 7 mln8 oy oldin
2:42Joyner Lucas \u0026 Will Smith - Will (Remix)
Joyner Lucas \u0026 Will Smith - Will (Remix)Ko‘rishlar soni 16 mln11 oy oldin
4:41Joyner Lucas, Yandel \u0026 G-Eazy - Lotto (Remix)
Joyner Lucas, Yandel \u0026 G-Eazy - Lotto (Remix)Ko‘rishlar soni 3.3 mlnYil oldin
3:11Joyner Lucas - Gold Mine (official audio ADHD)
Joyner Lucas - Gold Mine (official audio ADHD)Ko‘rishlar soni 751 mingYil oldin
4:04Joyner Lucas - I lied (official audio ADHD)
Joyner Lucas - I lied (official audio ADHD)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mlnYil oldin
59:52Joyner Lucas - adhd (Full Album)
Joyner Lucas - adhd (Full Album)Ko‘rishlar soni 3.6 mlnYil oldin
4:00Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)
Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)Ko‘rishlar soni 43 mlnYil oldin
4:07Joyner Lucas - Lotto (ADHD)
Joyner Lucas - Lotto (ADHD)Ko‘rishlar soni 18 mlnYil oldin
8:30Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official video)
Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official video)Ko‘rishlar soni 16 mlnYil oldin
4:29Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official audio ADHD)
Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official audio ADHD)Ko‘rishlar soni 18 mlnYil oldin
3:46Joyner Lucas - The Making of ADHD (All In One Take)
Joyner Lucas - The Making of ADHD (All In One Take)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mlnYil oldin
5:13Joyner Lucas - ADHD with Revenge Intro (official video)
3:26Joyner Lucas - ADHD (official audio)
Joyner Lucas - ADHD (official audio)Ko‘rishlar soni 14 mlnYil oldin


  • Whoever listening in 2021 a legend ❤️❤️

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  • The🔥👌🏾 Bean👌🏾💯🙏🏾 stand up support is important 😉 for ur artist 🔙

  • First of all don’t blame the Republican Party.It’s the Democrats that are in power majority of the time when y’all are suffering…

  • Is 1:47 supposed to be a joke? Who even hired that

  • Not the manhunt music😩😩

  • best song (in my opinion) joyner has put out👌🙏

  • Nashe

  • So underrated! Joyner & lil baby kill this 🔥

  • Is this about six nine?

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  • Just saw this for the first time tonight. It's Hendrix good.

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  • Fuckin love this video

  • the bbboys is a story you should know. We've been on tv (Gilio family on discovery)and our foster care is the mess up thing took a twist believe me... This is what you should research. we have a story to tell. Look into i promise you will not be let down. any questions hit me up

  • As far as I'm concerned this is the only versus. Can we settle this now so I can play this at the bar? Wtf

  • This song shows the two sides of society like a coin 🪙, even though they are one in the same, there’s still two faces who never se each other eye to eye.

  • He never misses it’s crazy 🔥🔥

  • I'm old. What's the 8+9 mfg 8+9 mfg mean?

  • I feel like Busta was intimidated, and only did a short verse in acknowledgement of Joyner trying to best him. Instead of competing he did more of a fuck you and don’t try nothing verse which hit hard because it’s Busta, but Joyner washed him on this song imo

  • This one is a W for sure lol

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  • "Money ain't everything. Nigga, Speak for yourself" Yup!

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  • If Joyner keep this up.....he gon be on top of the world 💯💯

  • Love the songs that you have been releasing!! I have been listening to him before anyone knew his name! I always said since I found that first song “If I had a label he would have been signed!” So glad to see him gettin what he deserves! Pls don’t change! #fanfromday1 #iknewyourname #speaksmytruths

  • I dont have a hundred symbol so heres a banana 🍌

  • The way lil baby says “ramen” you can tell he never survived of it 😂

  • Makes me wanna rob my momma just to feed her, then apologize, buy her a house and ask if i can live there. 🔥🔥🔥

  • He playing gta

  • It’s pretty safe to say that Joyner is one of the best working today.

  • Joyner Lucas is the truth. No more needs to be said.

  • Love is pain when you both know its worth with taking our.. hands as one....817

  • Lil baby is unfuckinstoppable Nigga switched that flow up nd had me stuck didnt see it coming first time hearing the song so like im 🤯🥵

  • 👍289k 👎2.7k currently 05/09 5.3mil views

  • Men this bro is a Nut And im in double nut zone That most people can not come Cause they R stuck in a sticky bubble

  • Grammy!

  • 1Currently one of the best lyricist’s in the game!

  • I didn't know he was on this type of flo

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  • Great duo

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  • Joyner

  • Joyner Lucas don’t ever miss!! 😤💪

  • oh bruh why is the swear words cut you have to keep it in the full album to keep up with the emphasis of how he implemented his words in his songs.

  • these niggas flew 👐🔥

  • i will to die for this shit......

  • Whoever disliked this song, I hope your charger works in a specific angle . .

  • I need JID and Joyner to collab, like yesterday.

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  • Yes Joyner get it in man

  • If you want to skip through the talking part than here 0:50

  • bruhh 5.3 million views what the fuck

  • True stories

  • I felt the first part

  • I love it when random people diagnose me with mental health disorders. it means I can talk or type random s*** into a youtube box

    • Atleast im not violating human rights. or talking s*** about random people I dont know.

  • procrastinate. better then getting into trouble.

  • I do watch Donald Trump is dead

  • I got some needs, I need the money like I need to breathe I need the hundreds, a lot of Tell that lil' bitch I'm out of her league Out of her league Yeah, Joyner Joyner, Joyner, Joyner [Verse 1: Joyner Lucas] I got some needs, I need the money like I need to breathe I needs some hundreds and I need to scheme I need the W by any means, yadada Yadada mean, tell that lil' bitch that I'm out of her league Enough is enough and I think I'm allergic to suckers, you niggas keep makin' me sneeze If thеm out for blood, then I'm makin' them bleed You try to run and I'm breakin' your knees I madе 'em fall like I'm rakin' the leaves You know I ball like I play for the league I mean what I say and I say what I mean I ain't no joke, we ain't makin' no memes If I pull up on 'em, I'm makin' a scene Boom-boom-boom, then I'm makin' 'em scream Straight from the bricks, I need a lick I dreamed about it since I was a jit Nigga, I'm lit, I cannot miss Came from the bottom and got me a check Bitch, I'm a threat, I gotta flex You want the crown, but don't know what it takes I am built different, I'm not what you think I cannot lose, I'll go out with a bang I hope you never say my name in vain I'm with whatever, just not play no games I know they say I changed, I cannot say the same I bet they want me shackled and locked in the chains I guess that's just what happens with bad news On my mama, I've never been fragile I'm the wrong one to fuck with, it's taboo Turn you niggas to R.I.P. tattoos Still a youngin but feel like a OG Can't forget all the shit that they told me Tired of niggas thinkin' that they know me You gon' turn me back into the old me You gon' turn me back into a savage I done did shit you couldn't imagine Leveled up and then bought me a mansion I can never go back to a has-been [Chorus: Joyner Lucas] I can never go back to the old days, no way Back to walkin' to work on a cold day Back to thinkin' my ex was my soulmate Back to tellin' myself, "We'll be okay", we'll be okay Was survivin' off ramen and OJ Shorty payin' the bills, I had no say I can never go back to the bottom, to the bottom Sellin' drugs, never know when the cops come Niggas jealous, they wanted to rob us I was just trying to get me some dollars, a couple dollars Turned my pennies from hundreds to commas I'm so happy them days are behind us [Verse 2: Lil Baby] I ride by different spots, I get flashbacks I can't get on your level, I'm past that Watch me run that shit up, I can't go back to nothin', trying to get to the top of the world My nigga went crazy, he walked in his condo and seen someone fuckin' his girl (Girl) Fuck all that spinnin' blocks, that's that lil' boy shit, we catch him, we rockin' his world (Boom, boom, boom, boom) I let everybody have they fun with me Never had a woman say she done with me I was workin', now I own the company I keep money coming in constantly My lil' brodie and them be having Runtz for cheap Trying to get it, I've been on the run for weeks I don't think none of you niggas could come for me Both of my kids got it honestly I'm the real deal All the way, I don't half-step Gotta do better than last year, that's my motto Put a switch on the blick, fully auto Put them thangs on the plane like I'm Ralo Proud to say that I've finally changed up Why the fuck they keep bringin' my name up? 'Cause I'm poppin' [Chorus: Lil Baby & Joyner Lucas] I can never go back to the old days, no way Back to walkin' to work on a cold day Back to thinkin' my ex was my soulmate Back to tellin' myself, "We'll be okay", we'll be okay Was survivin' off of ramen and OJ I was payin' them bills, I had no say I can never go back to the bottom, to the bottom Sellin' drugs, never know when the cops come Niggas jealous, they wanted to rob us I was just trying to get me some dollars, couple dollars Turned my pennies from hundreds to commas I'm so happy them days are behind us [Outro: Joyner Lucas] I'm so happy them days are behind me I'm so happy the paper done found me I done keep some good niggas around me I got rid of them niggas who doubt me Keepin' good energy and I'm prayed up Tunnel vision, ain't nothing can phase us Once you cross me, ain't nothing can save you Pull that thing out, and fuck it, it's dangerous Bitch, I'm dangerous Produced By Tom French & Glazer Written By Lil Baby & Joyner Lucas Release Date April 30, 2021 From Lil Baby To DaBaby: A Brief History Of Hip-Hop's Baby Names Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby Join Forces On “Ramen & OJ” JL2* (2021) Ramen & OJ kwasioo 1,048 10 days ago Joyner and baby what a great chemistry Symbolicate 131,282 10 days ago flow on this song is crazy good, lil baby riding this beat perfectly Mikadin 689 10 days ago the bars, the hook, the beat, the flow 🤌🏻 SAMBONATOR 231 10 days ago Joyner and Baby both did their part CH1mxk_ 722 10 days ago i knew this was gonna happen after lil baby said zeze freestyle was fire and this is fire

  • always legend

  • This is the first and only song I dont like from him cause the autotune but other then tht song was lit

    • Smh couldn't even finish the video autotune fucked it up

  • Definitely the G.O.A.T👑

  • yo, joyner was like we want to understand you on this one ☝️ lil baby did good dope shit

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  • That beat goes crazy 🔥