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Premier Boxing Champions Premier Boxing Champions

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A night at the fights used to be something big. Boxing meant flashbulbs, floodlights, and excitement, hundreds of voices cheering two men in the squared circle at the center of it all. Yes, there was a time when boxing was really something to see.

And now, that time is here again.

Introduced January 14, 2015, Premier Boxing Champions is a boxing series that returns the sweet science to its rightful place atop the sports pantheon. Featuring today’s best and brightest stars in their toughest, most anticipated bouts, Premier Boxing Champions airs on Fox, FS1 and SHOWTIME.

PBC is taking boxing back to its roots. This is boxing, pure and simple, where what’s brought to the fight, mentally and physically, is what determines who goes home the winner, and who just goes home.

Get ready for the fights, people. This is boxing at its best.


3:26Pacquiao vs Thurman HIGHLIGHTS: July 20, 2019 | PBC on FOX PPV
2:06Romero vs Yigit HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
2:50Charlo vs Castano HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
2:14Vidal vs Aleem HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
Vidal vs Aleem HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIMEKo‘rishlar soni 241 ming23 soat oldin
0:31Tell us how you really feel Rolly!
Tell us how you really feel Rolly!Ko‘rishlar soni 4.9 ming7 kun oldin
45:55Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence Jr. - Kick Press Conference
29:18ALL ACCESS: Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castano
ALL ACCESS: Jermell Charlo vs Brian CastanoKo‘rishlar soni 61 ming7 kun oldin
51:21Gary Russell Jr, PBC Mid-Year Awards & More | The PBC Podcast
0:51Deontay Wilder and His Team Are Locked in for July 24th
Deontay Wilder and His Team Are Locked in for July 24thKo‘rishlar soni 55 ming14 kun oldin
0:31Charlo vs Castaño PREVIEW: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
2:20Colbert Nyambayar HIGHLIGHTS: July 3, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
1:31Rivera vs Fernandez HIGHLIGHTS: July 3, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
0:42Deontay Wilder Trainer Malik Scott: "Retribution Is Upon Us"
1:12:03It's Prime Time: The Return of Chris Colbert | The PBC Podcast
0:31Colbert vs Nyambayar PREVIEW: July 3, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME
1:50Oberlton vs McCargo HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FS1
1:19Marshall vs Torres HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FS1
Marshall vs Torres HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FS1Ko‘rishlar soni 110 ming21 kun oldin
4:44Juarez vs Rivera HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FOX
Juarez vs Rivera HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FOXKo‘rishlar soni 270 ming21 kun oldin
6:08Apochi vs Glanton HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FOX
Apochi vs Glanton HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FOXKo‘rishlar soni 343 ming21 kun oldin
7:07Morrell Jr. vs Cazares HIGHLIGHTS: June 27, 2021 - PBC on FOX
49:05Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios | The PBC Podcast
7:45Rewatch the RD6 KO of Davis vs Santa Cruz
Rewatch the RD6 KO of Davis vs Santa CruzKo‘rishlar soni 214 mingOy oldin


  • Spence will send Pacman back to the Philippines with his combo right body shot left body shot left Hook right hook. His consistency IS frightening. Pacquiao might have his moments in the fight but in the later rounds Spence will punish him . Gonna put All my bitcoins on Spence After watching This fight . People who Say Pacquiao IS faster than Spence can't see how fast IS Spence. Spence throw much more power shot than Pacquiao . WE probably gonna see the man who will destroy Pacquiao .... Very very impressive win over Algeri !

  • 1:00 great knockdown call! Down he goes! One shot and it's over!

  • davis has ridiculous cardio.. man did a backflip at the end of a championship fight in a weight class where he had to gain significant weight for.. what a beast.. imagine if he moved up and fought canelo bruh.......

  • What really suck they stole the win and glory from from castano u cannot get that back a draw was to good for charlo even he knew he didn't deserve it

  • With this performance,charlo can't hang in the ring with ggg or Jacob

  • Wow and fighting like that u cant challenge canelo. Sad

  • Too bad this fat phony is going to go his whole career with ZERO title defenses. He'll dodge Wilder the same way he did Klitschko. 💯💪🏽💯

  • Castano is the new kid to look out for smoked charlo

  • Im a Pacquiao fan but I think Spence will hurt Manny. If manny lands the same punches that Thurman hit him it will be very bad. But Manny can win a decision tho, if he outboxes Spence for 12rounds.

  • Awful fighter Romero can’t imagine with tank

  • Errol for the win! lets go!

  • Pakyaw most Filipino wish you to win but the effects to the Nation is nothing.

  • David is one the Best I've ever seen.

  • Pakyaw kahit manalo ka pa ay wala ng epekto sa mga Pilipino.

  • Que bonito boxeo tiene castano me gusta tipo agresivo sale castano

  • People that say lara lost are probably bitter canelo fans 😂 lara schooled castano

  • Headbut?

  • I'm good with the decision, but I think castana brought the heat.

  • wow, charlos defense was on point! watch in slow motion, dude missed 85% lmao

  • Manny Pacquiao in still Manny Pacquiao, i know that ur still a boxing champ... sa darating mong fight, expected that ur still the boxing Legend world wide, good luck and go go go lang with ur fight...laban...

  • Excelente pelió prichar colon sin pegar en el cerebro a su contrincante .

  • Of course it's a draw Castano won the fight I kept telling everyone charlo been a hype.. kiss that canelo fight goodbye he has no chance against him...

  • wilder seems so tired from the first round.

  • hell lose to canelo for sure

  • Canelo sleeping this nigga for sure

  • Wow just wow! In fights like these I don't care who won. But I Gave castano a slight edge

  • Guess Tank brought that power up two classes with him, after all!!

  • He thinks he is better than what he is, he will never be as good.

  • Great fight

  • Mahina english mo Manny ah, Tatar Degong help mo si manny at sabih mo mag basa sía at wag sia mag absent sa Senado ! 😆😆😆😆

  • What a robbery

  • Wow how was this a draw!???

  • 8 low blows by Spence in round three. Dirty effin fighter......

  • I am anticipating this single event more than the entire tokyo Olympics

  • my dude rusty but he let the hands go this time 💯 get back to it .

  • En menos de un mes fueron exhibidos los gemelos, muchas cámaras y pocas credenciales, no tienen nada que hacer con la élite del boxeo.

  • this is unbelievable seems like he just resurrected just like undertaker lol

  • Beautiful KNOCKOUT 🥊🥊🥊

  • Pakyaw never wen to Erol spens

  • Am a charlo fan but dude lost period

  • Bruh, that boy castano ain't no joke

  • Yes Charlo has met his match. I love the iron man but he lost. His reaction was superficially that of disappointment 😞 but deep down in his heart he was thanking the judges for saving his ass. Castano is the real deal

  • everytime i hear wilder talk i come back and watch this fight. makes me feel better every time !

  • Tremendous refereeright there

  • Wtf, Charlo is my favorite fighter but he got his ass handed to him

  • Castano just keeps getting robbed 😤 ☝Castano wins by unanimous decision

  • What a garbage decision. You could maybe…maybe give AB 4 rounds here - Vargas out worked, out landed AB the entire fight.

  • Too much blood and swollen in left year

  • I've kept up with castano since he was coming up with maidana. that's his style, look him up. just like maidana, combos with power.

  • The corner should have been told him to go "Mike Tyson" a hell of a lot sooner. The trainer did a horrible job... smh- kept telling him he was doing great for the first 5-6 rds even though he was losing them all!😆- I hadn't seen Jack fight before the Tyson card so this was very surprising to see ....but he appeared to have no answer for the Southpaw Marcus who definitely made this HIS fight from the very beginning. Southpaw who can box plus has alot of power? He's a problem...smh-- outboxes, outclassed Badou jack this go round .... Bounce back champ!

  • Another example how PBC hypes the charlo sisters 👯‍♀️ and protects Plant 🌱 from Canelo taking all the Belts

  • Castano rocked Charlo 💯% facts Castano deserves to be undisputed 👊🥊

  • Ennis takes a punch well, he’s definitely the future of the 147lb division

  • Castano won

  • Glanton is like a freaking Boulder. Apochi nah my guy

  • Damn Charlo 0:26

  • Benavidez be trying to kill his opponents

  • The last knockdown he def hit him but it was the massive stiff arm that made him go down lmao!!

  • More like a Castano highlights

  • To all youngster Pacmans fought Thurman is the best!

  • He can fight him outside because that's how olympians fight but he chose to fight in whitefield style and I think Freddie Roach is just letting him to fight the way he wants on his debut fight.

  • Broner looks scared haha like Mayweather

  • Just because you throw a lot punches doesn’t mean you won the fight. Most of castanos punches were being blocked and dodged and charlo hurt him a couple of times. People saying castano won clearly don’t know boxing

  • I wanna see Thurman fight again.

  • Aye that Castano guy is legit man never heard of him but got damn that was good pressure

  • ต่อยแบบนี้เสร็จปาเกียว

  • Puerto rico en los pantalones de laraaaa

  • MANNY PACMAN PACQUIAO NO MATTER WHAT IAM one of your loyal Fan And Just Focuse Let those NEGATIVE PEOPLE TRASH TALK ABOUT U remember U ARE MANNY UR THE 8 TIMES WINNERS IN A DIFFERENT DIVISIONS And Eventhough they are laughing about your English just let them be cause ENGLISH is not Ur (our) mother language So reply Abd face that Interview and Let them hear you and see Ur ACTIONS IN THAT RING N UR THE ONLY PILIPINO fighter who Stoped the crime in the Philippines while your in the RING means the whole county watching your fight we supports you from the KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤👍👈

  • Honestly that draw was fair. That was the most challenge Charlo has had

  • It seems thurman hits harder than spence

  • it's like im watching a fight in the 70's with that afro