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I SLEPT ON ICEKo‘rishlar soni 2.3 mln7 kun oldin
12:37getting surgery
getting surgeryKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 mlnOy oldin
10:53my experience being HOMESCHOOLED
my experience being HOMESCHOOLEDKo‘rishlar soni 2.6 mln2 oy oldin
10:23growing up with STRICT PARENTS
growing up with STRICT PARENTSKo‘rishlar soni 4.6 mln3 oy oldin


  • im from sweden :0

  • bob: YOU DUMB b word

  • 2:18 ah crap

  • you couldve ripped the paper in half in the school bus and hid the pieces you ripped

  • my son is being homeschooled too

  • i love math yay

  • dEmOn sLaYeR ReFeReNcE? 10:56

  • 5:47 AYO?!?

  • Socks: Says that forming an addiction with a game is a life style Me: No way Also Me: Watches watches UZfire videos all day and only play ACNH

  • Hi

  • Voldemort just played a game of I gotta your nose and never got his nose back

  • Lamborghini

  • Alt title: growing up with strict teacher

  • If I had strict parent. I would be dead

  • Nadwe:w-w-WAIT did u just say doki doki literature club??????? Tbh: oh my g- plz police take this 14 ye old away take him away

  • man i loved beaing homeschooled as i kid THE BEST DAY'S OF MY LIFE!


  • Once I had tahat thing but I had the thing for the mouth

  • This is not PG…

  • dude i can relate cos once i was playing among us with my sister and mom brang diner and she told me to PAUSE! the game sooooooooooooo relateble man but i wasn't alloud to go to my freinds house

  • Yo it’s got a stack of likes ;)

  • If you can talk 🇸🇪 then hej

  • 3:07, there’s like a car with the doctor’s. Please like this comment if you saw the cat and like this video.

  • i knew you were going to sweden as soon as i saw the title

  • I get to play any time man

  • This is a very funny video

  • Yes

  • Hi

  • Pathetic, Southern Canada during winter is practically equal. This is a joke and I mean no hate.

  • I got surgery 3 times because I had been haveing cancer for a long time and I got the sleeping medic in a needle in my arm

  • uzfire.infoIKXDd21khm8?feature=share watch it socks XD

  • bruh true tho fatmemegod is in the thumbnail

  • socks becomes snowcross racer

  • 4:35 this is the best magic trick ever


  • I guy say a Indian food name: Me Indian : WTF

  • 1:8

  • 1:100

  • If I called my mom a b word it would bw a whole dbz fight but my mom will only fighting

  • fun fact u in philippines u can drink beer at a young age i tryed beer when i was 7

  • U should see me my stumic

  • They did the cup thing at my school

  • I got surgery Too cuz I got infected

  • I’m in Sweden right now

  • Tri paloski

  • I went there and my mum is from Sweden

  • The dogs are SONIC

  • From phineas and pherb

  • The girl doctor on the left looked like candice

  • wait memegod is indian?

  • its a husky

  • i have the type of dog your talking bout

  • i live in norway and i have been in sweden

  • i lov wwe

  • Where is sock sunday &meme Monday

  • 1:13 YO i can play games like the entire day lik since i had my computer

  • F for socks

  • As a filipino i understand you indian friend

  • I like the chocolate milk every day I wake up I have some

  • 4:00 HAHAHAU

  • I don't drink tee

  • 2:38 Bruh are you playing Minecraft? I like your cut e

  • 1:24 why is it PlayStation2 tones *why is it PlayStation2 tones* *WHY IS IS PLAYSTATION2 TONES* W H Y I S I T P L A Y S T A T I O N T O N E S

  • M U S H

  • Holllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly

  • Socks sounds like me in school.

  • E

  • About your past life if that’s okay with you

  • Who else can’t stand their parents

  • My little sister eats mac and cheese breakfast lunch and dinner

  • I was 1 of the nurses

  • socks dream:memegod

  • First animation with laff

  • i have broken my arm 2 time and to surgery and the same thing happend to me and i scream for a long time the 2 time so socks i feel yor pain

  • Ooh~

  • For my 0eople they where once governed by the British so we had their way of speaking but instead 9f we say mush it was MASH!! and it actually means RUN to dogs btw way my country is named The Commonwealth of Dominica

  • Its basically virtual school before virtual school

  • 2:56

  • Thx I love math