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My name is Summer and here is where I post my music and musings about life! For any questions please reach out to [email protected]


0:13Anthony is gay and I am... #shorts
Anthony is gay and I am... #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 2.9 ming5 soat oldin
0:15How to pronounce my Chinese last name: Luk
How to pronounce my Chinese last name: LukKo‘rishlar soni 14 ming5 soat oldin
0:16Jeff bezos trend by a trans woman...#shorts
Jeff bezos trend by a trans woman...#shortsKo‘rishlar soni 19 mingKun oldin
0:33Have you ever noticed this? #shorts
Have you ever noticed this? #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 816 ming7 kun oldin
0:21do you know what a demisexual is? #shorts
do you know what a demisexual is? #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 2.5 mln7 kun oldin
0:57My love life as a trans woman #shorts
My love life as a trans woman #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 2.6 mln7 kun oldin
0:14Someone told me they use they/them pronouns...#shorts
Someone told me they use they/them pronouns...#shortsKo‘rishlar soni 424 ming7 kun oldin
0:50Growing up trans in a family that didn’t accept me #shorts
0:12Has anyone ever told you this? #shorts
Has anyone ever told you this? #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 34 ming14 kun oldin
0:41Would you date someone with a disability... #shorts
Would you date someone with a disability... #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 38 ming14 kun oldin
0:15A corny introduction to a trans woman 😆 #shorts
A corny introduction to a trans woman 😆 #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 37 ming14 kun oldin
0:40Bet you didn’t know this about herpes #shorts
Bet you didn’t know this about herpes #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 174 ming14 kun oldin
0:53How to reply when people say being LGBTQ is a sin #shorts
0:16What to do if people keep ignoring a boundary you set #shorts
0:34What a trans woman does in a bathroom #shorts
What a trans woman does in a bathroom #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 37 ming21 kun oldin
0:46What it was like growing up trans #shorts
What it was like growing up trans #shortsKo‘rishlar soni 28 ming28 kun oldin


  • "You sound dumb." Uh, yeah, coming from the guy who's pretending to be a girl 🙄🙄🙄

  • You're beautiful. ❤️

  • Anyone realize the vid poster is trans and the whole point is pointing out hypocrisy?

  • Her voice is so satisfying 💖

  • Never thought of this just said a lie straight up

  • The sheer amount of people trying to justify hatred because the verses pointed out are from the old testament, etc, is ridiculous. Why is it so hard for people from abrahamic religions to just... Idk... Not hate? Or if you want to try to say that you want to guide us towards the light out of love, why can you not just mind your business? You think you're the first to tell us all the woes of hell, that we need saving, that we are sinners but it's not too late? If the first million people didn't get through to us or, in my case, *were the entire reason I stopped believing to begin with,* what makes you think you're going to be anymore successful. We literally just want to be left alone and given the same rights as any other human being. We just want to be allowed to exist! That is it! Telling us we are going to hell is only making us fight harder and get louder.

  • Everyone is getting the trans flag on the emojis. WHY HAVEN'T I GOT IT YETT???? 😭😭😭 My profile tells you what I feel about that.

  • My name is Meimi and I'm omnisexual 💘✨

  • I'm so fucking confused rn. Is this real?

  • My name is Caelan 💫 And I am a transgender man 💕🏳️‍⚧️ It feels like such a relief to be able to be proud of myself now, and it's all because of your amazing videos Summer!! You've helped me become more confident in who I am, so thank you 🥺☺

  • You have been a trans for how many years

  • I think what she's saying is that it doesn't concern you of what she's wearing,its ok if you prefer wearing a bra. I get it if you think that men never said this,but it could happen. Also I wrote this because people were calling her a guy,That's just very rude. If you don't agree with me please tell me why? Also english is not my best.

    • I not throwing shade honestly it just that they are mostly one's that say it never happens

    • Also why do i see mostly guys complaining 🤔hmm???

  • ~I’m trans~

  • people in comments, yes, there might be 1000000 labels in this world, which are made so that people feel comfortable in their identity and it is a step closer to accepting your identity as a whole. I bet y'all are the same people who invalidate the whole ace and aro spectrum saying that "it is what everyone is like" and say that it's not a part of lgbt spectrum as well. demisexuality exists, asexual and aromatic spectrum exists stop fcking ignoring it, split attraction model exists look it up and then speak and stop questioning & invalidating labels, rather start accepting them.

  • disgusting


  • There's no way you're trans you are really pretty 😌 Sorry for sounding weird

  • What

  • Haha wtf...more labels...this is how society should be

  • So your mad about us asking u a normal question lmao

  • Oooo I’m just vibing with that bucket hat

  • That's pretty normal. Don't make it a sexuality, it makes it confusing

  • Your all gona find out the truth when you die dont worry all questions will be answerd and all consiquences will be pursued and applied. Dont come crying to me though

  • I've seen a lot of girls go "BS, he says he's figuring things out, he's probably just cheating!". But, you know, sometimes people are truly figuring out things. I come from a religious background too, it can leave you a lot of scars from fighting with yourself.

  • We didn’t write the mail, we just deliver it. Take it up with the Author-He’ll judge you perfectly.

  • Nah I just believe them cause it ain't my buisness, I'm more like, ok, and?

  • Same reason I don't need to touch fire to now it's hot

  • surprised you ain’t canceled for this one. kinda putting a middle finger to lgbtq+ with that one. a similar cancellation would be billie.

  • as wrabel once said : " One page of the Bible isn't worth a life "

  • No...I say ok, cool and go on with my day

  • Feminists 🤮🤢🤮🤢

  • Congrats Sister. 🤙🏻😒

  • I think you’re beautiful 😃😄😊

  • Dudes would love it and will stare at it and you will feel uncomfortable till you put a bra on or you won’t.

  • Can i say something I really love being friends with u

  • Trust me, no guy would ever say this

  • Wtf

  • You look beautiful no matter what. No one can tell you differently!!

  • Im sure theres people who do think like this but in a sense tho you gotta understand what’s considered socially acceptable. when “we” dont like something we cancel it. If someones being racist we cancel them etc, for once we see the little affecting the majority. ur appropriating an assumption for a group of people but dont like being put in a box so why do it to someone else? Especially when no one is the same?

  • For all of the fallacy people sure try hard to get in still.

  • Sir calm down

  • then don't complain that stop harassment

  • Have you ever noticed how people who think a certain way often accuse others of thinking that way?

  • I refuse to come out as bi because I don't want to be ridiculed and called gay

  • Unrelated: For you or anyone here: Some support (you can be anonymous); The crisis lines are on google. Maybe search up the instructions to. The instructions for Canada: just text the word text or Text or TEXT I'm not sure which one. They are also on Quora (the phone numbers) if you search up something bad mental health related. They show up at the top if you click on the page from the website. Numbers that you can call are on google, as well as su1c1de prevention lines. Make sure it's the right one for your country. Make sure to search for your state/province/territory, I'm not sure if you have to for all but the states you may have to.

  • Unrelated: Don't reveal personal information please! It makes it a LOT EASIER for people to find out who you are and where you live/work etc.

  • This is idiotic. No man has ever complained about that. Stop posting shit

  • My name is Andy and I’m omnisexual

  • My name is Vanesa And I’m PANSEXUAL 💖💛💙 (*with a little bit of rustezz and an insane amount of luck you too.....*)

  • But now Christians aren't bound to the old testament

  • Tbh if i was a serial rapist i would have choosen the girl without the bra on .....they just asking for it 💁‍♂️

  • You can't be trans just be happy how u were born

  • So u think nipples became inappropriate in 1950?? That’s smart

  • You just assumed what others think.

  • Hi I’m Toilet and I’m pansexual trans 🏳️‍⚧️ and gay and I think I’m demisexual

  • Awwwww

  • "1950 " well In that case walk naked miss 2021.

  • Ideas don't have expiration dates and human progress isn't linear

  • Definitely Need to disclose Genital Herpes, unless you want to PURPOSELY INFECT someone without their CONSENT? Aids is a virus too, do you need to disclose that? Hell let's just fuck Everyone we want without making them AWARE and trade ALL the virus's and Std's because theyre similar or in the same categories. It'll be a big cooties bash.

  • In my opinion Summer is on the top of my most attractive women list

  • Amen!

  • By this very logic then its okay to walk around with a hard on... Question is how low or how high we set the bar for being appropriate. Looney ones will always play their looney tunes... What gets to the nerve is when they start justifying. And their very action means they are aware...

  • The kiss at the end made my cry a bit cause thats what my sister used to do but she moved and I don't see her😥

  • *Can we just talk about how absolutely beautiful she is?*

  • my name is jem and i’m bi

  • Why is he looking at them?

  • The other day i saw some nipples through a girls shirt. Didnt say nothing. About it, was actually refreshing.

  • I have never once ever thought this. Why the hell would people think this? It seems like its based in assumptions and is way to blanket of a statment

  • Hahah naw you nasty put a bra on


  • Idk what's more fucked up, a man thinking he's a woman or this skit

  • Off topic but your hair is so beautiful-

  • Eh di wow! Ikaw na