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Bugha burst onto the gaming scene in early 2019 as a member of the Sentinels Esports Organization. He quickly cemented his status as one of today's top Esports superstars by winning numerous gaming awards including the Solo Fortnite World Cup Championship, 2 PC Gamer of the Year Award's, Esports PC Rookie of the year award, and multiple online tournament and events. Bugha is primarily a Fortnite streamer, but does play other games from time to time. You can find his Video separated by category below.

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Social Media Links:
Twitch: twitch.tv/bugha
Twitter: twitter.com/bugha
Instagram: instagram.com/bugha/
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@bugha


ONE OF THE BIGGEST MOMENTS OF MY CAREER! | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 684 mingKun oldin
9:43OWL & Bugha's NEW Content House (w/ Eomzo & OWL) | Bugha
9:53Grey Pump + A SOLO In DUO ARENA = ... (w/ OWL) | Bugha
9:30The GOD DUO IS BACK - CLIX & BUGHA | Bugha
The GOD DUO IS BACK - CLIX & BUGHA | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 576 mingKun oldin
11:58Final Guy vs The Chug Cannon (w/ Zyfa & OWL) | Bugha
Final Guy vs The Chug Cannon (w/ Zyfa & OWL) | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 93 ming7 kun oldin
9:50I Faced MY FEARS To Win This Game (w/ OWL & Zyfa) | Bugha
9:27We STOLE Each Others Loot! (w/ OWL & Zyfa) | Bugha
We STOLE Each Others Loot! (w/ OWL & Zyfa) | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 121 ming7 kun oldin
11:03The BEST Graphics Settings In Fortnite... | Bugha
The BEST Graphics Settings In Fortnite... | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 189 ming7 kun oldin
12:36The NEXT Steps After Fortnite...?
The NEXT Steps After Fortnite...?Ko‘rishlar soni 317 ming7 kun oldin
13:03INSANE 40 Kill Arena Game! (with Emad & OWL) #BrainHP | Bugha
15:08I Hit MAX DAMAGE Only In Duo Arena (w/ OWL) | Bugha
I Hit MAX DAMAGE Only In Duo Arena (w/ OWL) | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 145 ming14 kun oldin
11:49I CARRIED Our Trio To Champs In Arena! (w/ Zyfa & OWL) | Bugha
20:02John Cena CHALLENGED Me In Fortnite (Fast & Furious 9) | Bugha
11:08This Skin Turns Any Player INTO A BOT (w/ Nosh) | Bugha
This Skin Turns Any Player INTO A BOT (w/ Nosh) | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 161 ming21 kun oldin
11:35I HARD CARRIED Nosh In The Thanos Cup (w/ Nosh) | Bugha
I HARD CARRIED Nosh In The Thanos Cup (w/ Nosh) | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 157 ming28 kun oldin
11:12Destroying Our First Thanos Cup Lobby! (w/ Nosh) | Bugha
16:41NAE FNCS Grand Finals Viewing Party | Bugha
NAE FNCS Grand Finals Viewing Party | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 133 mingOy oldin
15:53EU FNCS Finals Viewing Party | Bugha
EU FNCS Finals Viewing Party | BughaKo‘rishlar soni 122 mingOy oldin
12:17My FIRST WIN In Chapter 2 Season 7 (w/ OWL & Nosh) | Bugha


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