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1:49Funeral Time (Sneak Peek) | Final Space | adult swim
Funeral Time (Sneak Peek) | Final Space | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 153 ming21 soat oldin
2:01Birdteam Costumes | Birdgirl | adult swim
Birdteam Costumes | Birdgirl | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 20 ming21 soat oldin
5:43Final Space BTS: The Art | adult swim
Final Space BTS: The Art | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 11 ming21 soat oldin
3:18METOLIUS “Virtual Babysitter” | adult swim smalls
METOLIUS “Virtual Babysitter” | adult swim smallsKo‘rishlar soni 10 ming21 soat oldin
1:20My Hero Academia: Season 5 Trailer | May 8 | Toonami
1:41OFFICIAL TRAILER #2: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim
17:17Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine | adult swim
2:03The Future of Sebben \u0026 Sebben | Birdgirl | adult swim
2:35DANCE AWAY THE PAIN | adult swim smalls
DANCE AWAY THE PAIN | adult swim smallsKo‘rishlar soni 21 ming7 kun oldin
4:50Final Space BTS: Storyboards | adult swim
Final Space BTS: Storyboards | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 10 ming14 kun oldin
2:37MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE | adult swim smalls
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE | adult swim smallsKo‘rishlar soni 17 ming14 kun oldin
1:36Gillian, Assistant Extraordinaire | Birdgirl | adult swim
1:47Quinn's Memory | Final Space | adult swim
Quinn's Memory | Final Space | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 68 ming14 kun oldin
3:28VIRTUAL PRISON | adult swim smalls
VIRTUAL PRISON | adult swim smallsKo‘rishlar soni 42 ming21 kun oldin
1:38Gary's Wasted Robot Arm | Final Space | adult swim
Gary's Wasted Robot Arm | Final Space | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 92 ming21 kun oldin
3:34Inside the Episode: One of Us | Final Space | adult swim
1:54Pay Day | Birdgirl | adult swim
Pay Day | Birdgirl | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 78 mingOy oldin
2:38BABYDAD "Playdate" | adult swim smalls
BABYDAD "Playdate" | adult swim smallsKo‘rishlar soni 18 mingOy oldin
2:18Lord Commander and Avocato | Final Space | adult swim
22:54Birdgirl S1E1 (Pilot) | adult swim
Birdgirl S1E1 (Pilot) | adult swimKo‘rishlar soni 361 mingOy oldin


  • "yeah thats right get your fingers in there"

  • jimmy knew before hand because hers fake

  • Funnily enough, Lindsey Wagner would've been like, 60 when this episode came out which probably would've put her more into Jonas' age range than Rusty's (who's about 42-43). Sounds more likely that Rusty was fantasizing about one of his dad's flings.

  • Doge coin?

  • ew Rick uses an iMac?

  • It reminds me old Java games. I love them so much.

  • Bro I like camping but In the sceme of Rick and morty no one likes jerry I’m one of them but I do like camping

  • is that will forte

  • I’m only confused why Frylock didn’t hold the gun with his fries.

  • They just casually beat up the devil. Literal satan.

  • Love it and now I want more...

  • “I think Billy Graham is in hell”

  • "I just wanna drink right now and read the bible" lol

  • Terrance beewwm!

  • Los 13

  • first time i saw a guest gave eric the high five... wasn´t disappointed

  • Whichhhhh episoooode was thisssss please gimme help

  • Wtf, why can't I stay awake??

  • I'd buy that for a dollar..

  • I am waiting for this season to came up, so I'm so confused, didn't Ash had only one eye? :v

  • I love how Rick Michel Jordan’s Morty

  • Pretty pink bow for your head is an essential item to any and all attacking female scorpion ♀️🦂

  • 1:19 mabey the nerd isn't so bad after all.

  • YouPlanet

  • I'd like to think the Klokateer didn't give a shit about the girl or the belt and was told to go up and talk about her belt and got shocked every time even though he tried to avoid it 🤣

  • this one is pretty good too

  • Oh damn it’s misery!

  • Ngl I always get motseralla and chedar

  • A happy nuke would have a happy mushroom cloud...

  • If the initial attempt worked the boys would’ve been stuck with Dr. O’s iron grip on their hands, they got off lucky.

  • Two drunken grandpas fighted each other... just a usual Friday

  • Well I am now traumatized.

  • pls plssss bring that on netflix and not the half season again

  • i have ocd and its really difficult to sleep, every night i put your videos and fall asleep to them, i know all the lines, thank u joe ur rlly helping me

  • I was scared

  • Okay, so was this song by the guy in Flight Of The Conchords?

  • 0:26

  • I've got two words for you, Poppy: BLOOD OCEAN

  • I might need another time at the psych ward

  • Why is this so good

  • At 6:45 wtf is wrong with morty’s face lol

  • “who the fuck cooks like that?” “Dancers!” the way Hannibal says it, as if Eric obviously should know this 😂

  • this show is so unpredictable i couldn´t even spoiler myself with the comments.

  • WTF

  • Who else thinks they'll get rid of space Beth in the first episode because I'm noticing she isn't here

  • Noticing a lack of space Beth here. I bet they just don't bother and get rid of her in the first episode

  • "Aight bro, i gotta rip this sink before i panic"

  • Truly this is Daniel Day-Lewis' greatest role.

  • Omarion is def Lewis Hamilton if Lewis was born in America

  • perfect ad don't exis---

  • When I want to get the lastest boxset release of an anime I'm collecting. 0:45

  • this *_jaaan_* uary 10/10

  • “We’re talking Oscar all night long and we’re so exited about doing it!” A classic Oscar line and a good Oscar’s eve to all!!


  • It confused me alot 😂

  • Wait ive seen this vefore i even knew rick and morty 😂😂😂😂 omfg love it

  • Omfg finnaly waited a whole year for this I just finished watching 4 seasons twice i watched wm once didnt even look at it for s year forgot everythibg watched it again :>

  • I feel so bad for dip

  • March 31

  • Almost stopped the video when Felipe walked out. Dudes not needed

  • Opal just wanted someone to see her dance

  • I'm surprised sony even allowed this

  • Rick & Morty Kings

  • What episode is this cuz

  • Funnily enough I think this is possibly the only time in the series that Doc interacted with Shore Leave.

  • Kinda reminds me of the video game episode from Community

  • very efficient process. We usuually take a day or two to separate the fleeb from the schleem.

  • The mom really hits hard for me. The way she talks about wanting to take care of a child really to only make herself feel better and how she objectifies the child is probably the most horrifying part for me

  • lets make an open source game with this!!!

  • Who even likes slice? It tastes like Perrier

  • At this point they have to be making a game. Otherwise, I'm gonna trace these sprites and make one myself.

  • I love Err breaking character at 0:45

  • muchliketheeconomicalproblemsihavehadasanadultmyfatherhadthesameproblemsiguessiinheritedthemfromhim

  • “So the Jews........ not so bad!” -Adolf hitler

  • sooooooooooooo...

  • Just awesome.

  • even with those BIG ASS light on him his pupils were still dilated af

  • Nice Human music at the end

  • Your son is in hell Delgado!!!