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0:23Wait, this is what happens in zombie movies
Wait, this is what happens in zombie moviesKo‘rishlar soni 8 mln2 oy oldin
2:35:11Just a man trying to have fun in RUST
Just a man trying to have fun in RUSTKo‘rishlar soni 377 ming3 oy oldin
11:00Horror VR is REAL fun
Horror VR is REAL funKo‘rishlar soni 439 ming3 oy oldin
25:34I Played Phasmophobia in VR And It Was A Nightmare
18:27Minecraft, But Destroying Blocks Spawns Random Mobs
Minecraft, But Destroying Blocks Spawns Random MobsKo‘rishlar soni 767 ming6 oy oldin
16:09200 IQ Brain vs Among Us with Zanny
200 IQ Brain vs Among Us with ZannyKo‘rishlar soni 327 ming6 oy oldin
28:28Hardcore RLCraft is Impossible.
Hardcore RLCraft is Impossible.Ko‘rishlar soni 2.1 mln7 oy oldin
15:22My Girlfriend Suffers in RLCraft
My Girlfriend Suffers in RLCraftKo‘rishlar soni 546 ming7 oy oldin
13:46Fall Guys \u0026 Suffering
Fall Guys \u0026 SufferingKo‘rishlar soni 122 ming8 oy oldin
15:41Hardcore RLCraft vs my Big Brain
Hardcore RLCraft vs my Big BrainKo‘rishlar soni 875 ming8 oy oldin
26:26RLCraft \u0026 Horrible Experiments
RLCraft \u0026 Horrible ExperimentsKo‘rishlar soni 768 ming8 oy oldin
13:25Classic Halo 3 custom games to ease my suffering
Classic Halo 3 custom games to ease my sufferingKo‘rishlar soni 206 ming8 oy oldin
20:41I Tried To Beat Dream's Minecraft Speedrun in VR
I Tried To Beat Dream's Minecraft Speedrun in VRKo‘rishlar soni 236 ming9 oy oldin
1:00:38I Spent 200 Days in RLCraft and Here's What Happened
19:24VR RLCraft is Impossible
VR RLCraft is ImpossibleKo‘rishlar soni 435 ming9 oy oldin
25:13RLCraft \u0026 Deep Sadness
RLCraft \u0026 Deep SadnessKo‘rishlar soni 572 ming9 oy oldin
22:14RLCraft vs Gonzo...
RLCraft vs Gonzo...Ko‘rishlar soni 658 ming10 oy oldin
15:51VR Minecraft but Every Mob Explodes
VR Minecraft but Every Mob ExplodesKo‘rishlar soni 185 ming10 oy oldin
51:16I Spent 100 Days in RLCraft and Here's What Happened
I Spent 100 Days in RLCraft and Here's What HappenedKo‘rishlar soni 15 mln10 oy oldin
16:30Minecraft, But Everywhere I Look Creepers Spawn
Minecraft, But Everywhere I Look Creepers SpawnKo‘rishlar soni 801 ming10 oy oldin
3:41:19RLCraft  vs A Desperate Man
RLCraft vs A Desperate ManKo‘rishlar soni 517 ming11 oy oldin
21:41VR RLCraft Gives Me Nightmares
VR RLCraft Gives Me NightmaresKo‘rishlar soni 589 ming11 oy oldin
26:02RLCraft but Everything Falls Apart
RLCraft but Everything Falls ApartKo‘rishlar soni 465 ming11 oy oldin


  • the "new men" are villagers

  • Those moving parasites are disgusting...

  • I ❤️ zombie hole 3.0

  • This man predicted the future of 2020

  • 1:04:16 not the dream speed run music😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Never been so infuriated seeing someone struggle with a bow.

  • Ive been watching your videos for a while now. All i could say is great narration bro. Btw coukd you do a "Alien vs predator" hard core minecraft. thanks

  • I needed this today my mans 👌🏼

  • I ❤️ zombie hole 2.0

  • Weird creepy things

  • You should do 100 days with parasite and zombie apocalypse combined

  • Just so you know, you make obsidian with water over lava source blocks

  • Wow, forge threw away 8 diamond because he was afraid of people thinking he was off camera mining, that's a good man right there, you have earned my respect forge🥺✋

  • 26:20 destroy it now

  • Who else is triggered seeing forge use his zombie skin

  • Bowanoobwanoop and

  • Let me look at the video first

  • This man Sean did not do some off camera mining... He did broken camera mining

  • HWOOH, wOWza, that's a BIG BUTTON!

  • Dude finally did it without dying once, beautiful

  • Where do I find the map

  • This man Sean, he didn’t do off camera mining he did Broken camera mining

  • man tossed diamonds in the lava like it was nothing lmao

  • that's sugar Cain not bamboo lmao

  • “Know your enemy, and you’ll defeat that enemy” -Son Tsu

  • buddy, literally not worried about you doing off camera mining, you're not exactly great at the game- you'll need whatever advantage you can get.

    • you threw them into the lava you DORKASS

  • 2:39 toilet

  • FL: I replanted some of my bamboo Me: Well its not a bamboo, its a sugar cane

  • What shaders do you use?

  • Broken cam mining

  • Oh wow that’s a big button!

  • " Day 49 and no enchanting table"... Don't worry I play common hardcore worlds and by day 100 I remember I'm supposed to have an enchanting table. Xd

  • Sometimes, if you find gunpowder from chests or killing creepers (preferably get them from chests) maybe consider making TNT and just dropping on them, maybe....? And use it to some advantages

  • 🦵that 🧑🏿 🐕 off the ✈

  • No off camera mining Broken camera mining!

  • You gotta do a 150 days these 100 days are to short 😅 as it’s a hour and a half long lol

  • Make a diamond halberd

  • if i did this, I would set so that every 20 DAYS, the virus mutates, just so there is a little bit more time for me to manage my stuff, and i would put lava INSIDE the walls which would be like four layers thick

  • could you play this in vr? I want to see that lol

  • OOoooh wowza thats a big button

  • great video and congratulations on #1 on trending!! long time fan, love your content man

  • This is a good movie idea

  • 31:04 paulgg wants to know your location

  • Hooch wozah, that’s a big button

  • What ever forge says makes me think it's so serious matter

  • This man Shawn didn't do off camera mining, he did broken camera mining.

  • Dont click using a bow xD

  • Are you gonna make a part two?

  • Oohhh this does not make me feel good.

  • did forge just call Sugarcane Bamboo?

  • I just realized that the dungeon was modeled after RLCraft Rougelike Dungeons lol

  • 1:20:32 that is an ancient one it has a chance to spawn whe you kill the pillers or just normal parasites I think and they are really powerful and 1:21:23 that is also an ancient one but its a flying one

  • Were you on a server? Lag could explain that part where they just teleport on you.

  • Close to get heart attack for me

  • I’ve wondered this for a little while but what is your setup/computer specs?

  • Nice Bamboo (totally not sugar cane)

  • Exert your right to existence on the world!!

  • Cool video forge 👌

  • whenever i sub i dont feel happy

  • I can’t believe I watched the whole video and I realised it was 1hour and 24minutes

  • Take a sip every time he says “man”

  • Poor greg and bob

  • I didn't know this was today

  • 59:28 pigga

  • Damm that button looking kind of thicc 😩

  • the mod pack link isn't working for me

  • you had a brick house like that in the 100 days in a snow world

  • Obsidian is made by pouring water over a lava source block. Cobblestone is when water mixes with flowing lava. Hope that helps! (if you read this of course)

  • 16:15 *sugar cane*

  • A man needs to know why he out that in the script

  • Running lava in water= cobble *Running* water in lava= obsidian

  • oo wowza thats a big button


  • Why did you do that you crazy bro

  • #1 on trending for gaming

  • Borne identify?

  • This man shaun is a deemed legend.

  • "modpack web page not found" why?

  • Next vid you should be a nuclear apocalypses thing like fallout

  • Me: "I wish I could subscribe to a guy like you" Forge Labs: "I'm a guy like me" * Smooth 100 *