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Simul with Ding Liren
Simul with Ding LirenKo‘rishlar soni 258
2:26:35IM Sebastian Mihajlov vs Magnus Carlsen on Play Magnus app
4:22World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen takes the Chili Challenge!
1:28:39Banter Blitz with Jan Gustafsson (235)
Banter Blitz with Jan Gustafsson (235)Ko‘rishlar soni 8 ming21 soat oldin
1:45:39Banter Blitz with Anish Giri
Banter Blitz with Anish GiriKo‘rishlar soni 53 ming21 soat oldin
11:06Opera Highlights Nakamura vs Carlsen New in Chess Classic Final
1:18Magnus Carlsen ranks the World Champions
Magnus Carlsen ranks the World ChampionsKo‘rishlar soni 86 ming21 soat oldin
1:32:19Banter Blitz vs. 1.e4 with Sam Shankland
Banter Blitz vs. 1.e4 with Sam ShanklandKo‘rishlar soni 10 ming21 soat oldin
1:38:02Banter Blitz with Liem Quang Le
Banter Blitz with Liem Quang LeKo‘rishlar soni 9 ming21 soat oldin
1:43Magnus Carlsen ranks Garry Kasparov
Magnus Carlsen ranks Garry KasparovKo‘rishlar soni 48 ming21 soat oldin
2:43Magnus Carlsen ranks... Magnus Carlsen!
Magnus Carlsen ranks... Magnus Carlsen!Ko‘rishlar soni 47 ming21 soat oldin
1:43Magnus Carlsen ranks Hou Yifan
Magnus Carlsen ranks Hou YifanKo‘rishlar soni 34 ming21 soat oldin
2:02Magnus Carlsen ranks Judit Polgar
Magnus Carlsen ranks Judit PolgarKo‘rishlar soni 26 ming21 soat oldin
2:07Magnus Carlsen ranks Vishy Anand
Magnus Carlsen ranks Vishy AnandKo‘rishlar soni 40 ming21 soat oldin
1:54Magnus Carlsen ranks Anatoly Karpov
Magnus Carlsen ranks Anatoly KarpovKo‘rishlar soni 31 ming21 soat oldin
1:55Magnus Carlsen ranks Bobby Fischer
Magnus Carlsen ranks Bobby FischerKo‘rishlar soni 60 ming21 soat oldin
2:15:52Banter Blitz with Wesley So
Banter Blitz with Wesley SoKo‘rishlar soni 26 ming21 soat oldin
1:47Magnus Carlsen ranks Vladimir Kramnik
Magnus Carlsen ranks Vladimir KramnikKo‘rishlar soni 50 ming21 soat oldin
1:12:59Deadly King Hunts #19 by WIM Raluca Sgircea -
Deadly King Hunts #19 by WIM Raluca Sgircea - CoChess.comKo‘rishlar soni 4.9 ming21 soat oldin
2:55The Rise of Vladimir Kramnik | Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam
4:49Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: "It's a fantastic result for me!"
1:07:02Checkmate Patterns Manual | Aryan Tari | Chessable
Checkmate Patterns Manual | Aryan Tari | ChessableKo‘rishlar soni 8 ming7 kun oldin
1:26:40Banter Blitz with Aryan Tari
Banter Blitz with Aryan TariKo‘rishlar soni 10 ming7 kun oldin


  • Can we get the pgn of the game they played? It looked like Magnus promoted to a knight, that would be interesting to see.

  • I’m so surprised to hear that Carlsen didn’t see so much talent in Fischer. I thought in terms of natural talent, Fischer was the one of the greatest of all time. When he was at his peak, nobody was close to him.

  • If he hates his games then my games is El Diablo

  • This is the preperation for Ian

  • Big bright goofy smile -Minus Carlsen's celebrity crush? The world chess champion clearly has a crush on a comedian.

  • Of course it was pretty difficult for magnus he is playing a top gm.

  • Beating a SUPER GM while answering questions, World Champion for you🔥🔥.

  • how many cameras are required to shoot this. This wasn't really filmed live was it. n'ermind

  • This is one of the funniest least surprising things I've ever seen. Magnus not giving an absolute crap about any of it.

  • I think magnus is preparing for the world championship

  • 3:57 Pretty much all of the gms in the world after playing magnus

  • They should have had nihal Sarin play, then Carlson would be done. 😂😂😂

  • My man Giri was made for Banter Blitz lmao

  • I thought Max Euwe would win the sanity category. "There's something wrong with that man. He's too normal." - Bobby Fischer.

  • Damn I'm hearing him talk for the first time

  • but no one explains why he resigned here.

  • Q: Stockfish, what you have for dinner last night? Stockfish: A stack of GM's with a few IM's as a side dish.

  • He deserves at least 9 for the first 3 categories.

  • He just said "Scheveningen" the right way, wow


  • Magnus doesn’t make sense here. All the Polgar sisters got extreme training. Only Judit became a top 10 player. When Susan and teacher couldn’t solve an endgame problem once, they woke up Judit, who solved the problem half asleep.

  • Fun fact; Magnus played his first world chess championship in INDIA!!!!

  • I thought he was gonna reply to "what is your favourite place in the world?" with "First place"

  • magnus i live in south africa come again😥

  • no. you are not. maybe you should play again master

  • Nepo: spending hours a day training for the world championship Magnus:

  • Howell put on like 35 pounds

  • He. Didn't answer the last question though 😑

  • Tell Magnus to come to south africa again. It is fun.

  • Awesome! Thanks for all the pain and suffering--albeit alleviated as much as possible, just admiring the very best in chess doing the crushing too--and showing us a few ideas anyway! But also for those handicaps to look forward to as well! Thanks again!

  • I was hoping for Anish to be his celebrity crush

  • I could edit better than this and ive only edited a few videos..

  • Drama Queen.. That was entertaining..

  • What was his favorite movie??

  • Magnus does not bully players, he intimidates; otherwise, Levon is correct ))

  • Magnus is trained. He practiced and practiced all the variations after he offered a draw to vidit.

  • Good job Sebastian, I enjoyed it. Handicap mode seems great, looking forward to it. I'm able to beat Magnus age 9 when I spend around 5-10 mins but never stand a chance against age 10, looks like I'll finally have a chance to take him down.

  • Isn't the sport is of chess is about magnus only? Common guys .. There are great players in other sports like Roger, Lindan etc etc. We find other players also involved in activities like this. But in chess it's like only magnus and rest of the players were not existent. If chess wanna popularize then all the players should be involved and encouraged along with world champion👍

  • 😂 usually his teacher is considered the greatest

  • Most of the answers were just sigh's. 😂 Still loved this ❤

  • Brilliant plays here... genius !

  • I had to drink water just watching this video.

  • Usually there are only about 100 points between a player's FIDE rating and his USCF. Tani hasn't played a lot of tournaments under FIDE rules so he has a wider than average difference. The fact of the matter is, most older 2200 USCF players are 2000 to 2100+ FIDE and Tani plays equal to them. So if anything, his FIDE is underrated at 1800+. He just beat veteran IM Justin Sarkar who has 2 GM norms and is currently 2380 FIDE.

  • A 6 may sound harsh but sounds very honest, especially when comparing her with the best chess players in the world and all time.

  • "but I am from the USA, and how dare you rate a non USA chess player higher than a USA chess player?" "this rating is offending me" cancer culture ^^ ps. and yeah, fischer was great player, , but he lost his mind , and he was prepering for years to face opponents while no active playing, so he could study them, while they could not study him.. right? so genius he could take a 10/10 for scheming though

  • I can beat magnus someday on board in about 15 yrs maybe but with this I can never win never ever win

  • This is basically, really bad version of Hot Ones

  • 58 minutes in ...” is Liv Tyler a famous person, I thought that was just your name “ 😂😂😂 ... even more hilarious is why someone would choose such a random actor for their profile name ...?!

  • Magnus just watching the intro to this video like "uhhh David?? Can we get to some chess or chili or something??"

  • Drink milk is good but baking soda is better to relieve the "enchilado"

  • That was surprisingly difficult for him

    • that's because David is a good player too !

  • Davids such a puss.

  • This is preparation for NOVEMBER

  • 10 years from now magnus is going to be an award winning pianist

  • Poor David

  • Anand one was too easy, he should have done fischer vs reshevsky and asked the same question

  • If chilli chess was a thing, we already know who its champion would be.

  • Absolutely astonishing!

  • This is great! Super high production value!

  • This was actually a great interview because it showed a lot of his personality, and I actually like it when they find little ways to annoy him. I think it makes him a better person.

  • I like how they kept the bloopers in the video! :)

  • danya does hyperbullet while talking to chat it’s insane

    • There is a difference between reading a question ans hearing a question dude!

    • Yo they won’t survive questions playing OTB for sure! On Internet you can Premove not OTB. If they could they would easily be 2700 blitz

    • Andrew Tang talks to his phone while playing ultrabullet, it’s crazier

  • 0:34 he is lying. Everyone has a crush.

  • nice post i like my smile now

  • In one of the tournaments he had a bad loss, they asked him which move went wrong he said "I don't remember".

  • This interview is missing the chilli

  • can anyone tell me which set of chess pieces they're using in this game please?