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9:56Eternals PLOT LEAK PROVEN REAL! Marvel's Eternal MCU Phase 4
MS MARVEL FIRST LOOK! COMIC ACCURATE COSTUME!Ko‘rishlar soni 72 ming7 kun oldin
8:44Spider-Man No Way Home TRAILER RELEASE \u0026 PLOT LEAK
Spider-Man No Way Home TRAILER RELEASE \u0026 PLOT LEAKKo‘rishlar soni 199 ming7 kun oldin
LOKI NEW PLOT DETAILS REVEALED! MULTIVERSE Set Up!Ko‘rishlar soni 51 ming7 kun oldin
3:15Robert Downey Jr Releases Avengers Endgame DELETED SCENE BTS
8:50Spider-Man No Way Home VILLAIN \u0026 DARK AVENGERS SET UP
2:06SHANG CHI and the Legend of the Ten Rings Official Teaser


  • They lick tounge in thumbnail

  • Next Venom movie title: Knull Let There Be Darkness

  • I'm most excited for Wolverine. I mean...duh

  • I think MCU really will have both maguire and garfield in the spideman movie,c'mon man MCU really has a way to give its audience what they want and its a huge huge money in the box office for them plus Disney and Marvel are in great terms now and the best part is the group running the MCU are geniuses unlike the Warner Bros.

  • after Wanda Vision i'm expecting Xmen Shakespeare next or X Force Opera? Dead Pool could probly be more believable in song n dance routines? did you feel like you were on stilts watching Wanda Vision? i kept wondering at the mastery of puppet making & marionette work?

  • The plot leak sounds like 30 minutes of a movie. So there may be more to Icarus' intentions than it says. But sounds like a good flick

  • Thor love and thunder is in my birthday

  • How enter the give away

  • So awesome

  • Will the movie be good? The first movie was trash trash trash.

  • So good to here the kids seem to b playing nice with each other

  • Stuff is about to get crazy

  • Waiting For your 1M...let's go brother...we are always with you

  • Can't wait to see how they will top The Infinity Saga and Endgame!

  • I'm starting to want to see new faces, new talents.

  • Cant wait to watch venom

  • I want Nicholas Cage again as Ghost Rider.

  • Is anyone going to realize that at 1:38 it says No Way Ho

  • What if by multiverse they mean bringing Tom Holland's spiderman from different realities??

  • easy dr strange wanted to be the only one using the time stone

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  • If anyone can do this in a tasteful way it’s marvel. I would like to see M’Baku as the next black panther. It would be a complete different approach from t’challa and I’m sure that would make for a great story. He’s still a strong and fearless leader. I know shuri became the black panther in the comics but I have to say I’d prefer to see a man in the role.

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  • I’m excited for all of them

  • They got me both crying and freakin' hell out all at the same time! God I love Marvel Studios.

  • Will these changes make a difference to fans, not sure: A majority of The Eternals characters have been race and gender swapped. The only characters that look similar to their comic book iterations are Ikaris, Thena, and Phastos. They changed Makkari to a black, female, deaf character. Kingo now appears Indian instead of appearing to be Japanese.

    • I thought that was Shannon Doherty..

  • 2025.. the trailers is coming soon

  • Hopefully they make it make sense and don't confuse people. If they use the multiverse to explain it that could work. If they don't explain it and things just show up like Vulture, Spiderman, and the Daily Bugle with no explanation that would suck.

  • Tyron Magnus brought me here

  • Truly, honestly im excited for it all.

  • we are venom! C:<

  • What if shuri took over, and she and killmonger comes in great agreement. Killmonger was right but did it the wrong way, if he now walk the correct path, he can took over as black phanter. Shuri is obviously loves science, and killmonger is obviously took the heart shaped herb that makes him superhuman. And if I'm not wrong, no more heart shaped herb except the one stolen to "revive" tchalla last time

  • In this movie you can tell Black Panther is gonna die, because its titled "Wakanda Forever". Lots of fans said this when Black panthers father died, meaning there is likely to be a funeral in this movie.

  • It'll be super cool to see Wolverine team up with Steve Rogers Captain America in WW II, the Weapon X Program, getting his adamantium, introducing Alpha Flight, taking on the Hulk, meeting Professor X, Deadpool adventures - all very cool! But we've seen a great Wolverine. What I can't wait for is a truly great Fantastic Four!!!

  • So I subbed to the Cosmic Culture and I've been subbed to you for a while. Is that it? Am I in the contest for Storm Breaker now?

  • That's EXACTLY WHY I DON'T LIKE The MCU'S chaim of being Earth 616 👎👎!!!!! Ikaris is a hero to his people & humanity! In the TRUE 🌎 616 Ajax is a Man who did die in a battle who's connected to The Aztec gods. The Eternals regenerate cells so U can't really kill unless they truly wish to die

  • Captain america by steve rogers

  • Rest In Power Brother

  • Liev Schreiber: "X-Men Origins Reunites....Yeah😃"

  • The MCU is changing so much

  • Honestly Disney will destroy Marvel Super Hero movies played out! This is the last one I'm excited for!

  • Trust me none of these guys know shit!!! Literally every week for the last two months people say it's coming

  • I imaginings they gonna add a new Black Panther and Chadwick Boseman will be shown his Funeral in the movie.

  • He is looking down on this and he saying that he good friend is playing his part of this movie so I hope he plays this part well like him well because he has big shoes to fill ❤️❤️

  • Heyyyy Guardians 3 on my 17th birthday!

  • I hope this happens because Venom and Spiderman are some of my favorite characters showing from my profile pic

  • Dude marvel is gonna release so many movies in 2022 i can't wait

  • I doubt she’s a skrull

  • Making tobey look old

  • Great Epic Title to keep him as tha Man as T’Challa !!!!!

  • why do i feel like iron man will be resurrected in the future series plus Spider-Man no way home could introduce Miles Morales into the mcu and other characters.

    • or they could bring iron man back this way. iron man died in the mcu right?. maybe in miles Morales universe iron man is still alive and miles Morales is actually spider man in that universe. maybe peter can travel through space and bring iron man back into the mcu along with miles from a different universe maybe even Toby McGuire spiderman.

  • Cant wait

  • I like Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man more than Tom Holland's Spider-Man, because I first experienced the mystery from the amazing spiderman movie.❤

  • Good gosh I hope it's not on Hulu. You can't get that in Canada.

  • This movie better be R rated because you can't have carnage in a PG13 movie.

  • wtf is the cpumc??? i know what mcu stands for but idk, that's weid

  • Maybe they shooting only the masked shots and maybe they call them for their face shots

  • Hugh and Ryan are such good friends and have a great chemistry but well never see a deadpool wolverine crossover with them😩😩

  • Alfred Molina already confirmed A Spider-Verse.

  • Loved the video

  • If Thor dies or loses his powers I'm done

  • Check in the commercial for the movie if venom has a Spider-Man insignia on his chest then you'll know whether or not he's in the movie. PS I Love stormbreaker

  • Julia Carpenter for psider woman. Every one say Jessica. BUT MCU has a storyline for skrulls already and that is why people be like Jessica Drew. Skrulls .. How about Julia Carpenter, She is a goverment agent, A stand alone, Orig stories, Also was an avernger and is NOT tied to Skjrulls but a lot of other characters that can be used or cameo what have you But Julia would be Fresh choice. Plus Black costume :) webshooters on backs of hands :) But Jessica is bad ass we all know it lol But MCU Kuli Carpenter can be spider woman but use the name she wanted to use in comics which was Uhmm Arahcnos or something.

  • This is a page that I truly love!!

  • I find his reference to the game one night werewolf suspicious. For anyone who hasn’t played the game you draw a card then close your eyes and follow the instructions. There’s an insomniac, villager, werewolf and host of other characters. Generally, if you are not the werewolf you have an alibi for why you’re not based on the instructions you followed for the character you drew. Someone who has no alibi will usually just keep saying “I promise I’m not the werewolf” over and over again until everyone believes them or they are found out. Andrew sounds like a werewolf desperately trying to prove his innocence even though it is clear he really is the werewolf. Based on his constant reference to the game One Night Werewolf, and how he says he is not the werewolf, it seems like he is hiding the secret that he really is the werewolf, or in this case, he really is in this upcoming Spider-Man movie

  • I really like you're theory

  • Thank god. I hate recasts its ruins the immersion

  • I'm thinking fantastic 4 is basically gonna be avengers 4 .. gonna be sick.

  • No cap he could've easily turn back only Tony with the time stone without affecting anyone else

  • I just call it the VenomVerse

  • I’d expect ms marvel to come out in October as there’s a free month there

  • 2 professors 1 cup *GOD I DON'T EVEN WANNA THINK ABOUT IT*

  • Give us the Ultraforce and Squadron Supreme teams!

  • I’m saddened by Chadwick’s passing like most people are. But the black panther character lives on, personally they should recast him.

  • wow

  • I think it would be really epic if the next venom movie shows him think he's beat carnage just to have spiderman face venom first then eventually team up to take carnage down in like a Venom 3 Spiderman 4 crossover movie 🤣

  • My most hype comic book movie

  • They're really doing us dirty with how little were seeing. they already finished the film and still nothing fucked up

  • Wakanda and doctor strange with Wanda vision

  • We’re all going to be on the edge of our seats for the next several years as we watch the MCU explode into awesomeness!😍👏🏻