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Dude Perfect. Plus more Dude Perfect [Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, Fails, BTS + way way more] 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️


8:04RC Helicopter Battle (Behind The Scenes)
RC Helicopter Battle (Behind The Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 763 ming15 kun oldin
8:08Longest Dunk Wins (Bloopers \u0026 Behind The Scenes)
8:02Ty's Worst Night Ever! (OT 24 Behind the Scenes)
Ty's Worst Night Ever! (OT 24 Behind the Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 2.3 mlnOy oldin
TY QUITS DUDE PERFECT?!?!Ko‘rishlar soni 6 mln2 oy oldin
9:16Game Night Stereotypes (Bloopers \u0026 Deleted Scenes)
4:45RC Frogger Fails
RC Frogger FailsKo‘rishlar soni 1.5 mln3 oy oldin
9:07Reindeer Christmas Prank (Behind The Scenes)
Reindeer Christmas Prank (Behind The Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.9 mln3 oy oldin
6:17Dude Perfect Corn Maze (Behind The Scenes)
Dude Perfect Corn Maze (Behind The Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.7 mln4 oy oldin
6:35Go Kart Paintball Battle (Behind the Scenes)
Go Kart Paintball Battle (Behind the Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.1 mln5 oy oldin
8:36Halloween Stereotypes (Bloopers \u0026 Deleted Scenes)
4:54Giant Pumpkin Carving (Behind The Scenes)
Giant Pumpkin Carving (Behind The Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln5 oy oldin
6:34Pool Stereotypes (Bloopers \u0026 Deleted Scenes)
Pool Stereotypes (Bloopers \u0026 Deleted Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 9 mln6 oy oldin
3:26Football Skills Battle (Behind The Scenes)
Football Skills Battle (Behind The Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln7 oy oldin
5:31Airsoft Battle 3 (Behind The Scenes)
Airsoft Battle 3 (Behind The Scenes)Ko‘rishlar soni 1.3 mln7 oy oldin


  • Cory practiced "20 times in a row" just to drop it in the real battle. He could've won, but a cool battle!

  • 3:50 you chose ur job brotherr

  • You should be better at toy trick shoot

  • dont quit ty or i miss youre tricks

  • Kudos for Chad for letting them do that

  • Sparky got jokes 😂😂

  • Derek is 100% my favorite editor now

  • Garrett at 1:23 "I will never get on another helicopter again" also Garrett for the egg drop challenge: "we gotta take this helicopter up higher so my parachute can open"

  • It suddenly went 100K to 1M I last saw that on 2 months ago

  • Cheddar is now the coolest most famous mouse on UZfire😄🐁

  • 2:36 that scared me

  • I guess ty really wasn’t acting for rage monster

  • Purple hoser will be back

  • I really want this just to be a joke

  • I thought every rage monster scene were done instantly in 1 shot.


  • .

  • The rage monster comes to life👿

  • Shut your mouth shut you mouth sit there and look pretty LOL

  • Good

  • Damn! Cody got fat 😂😂😂

  • 0:40 tf was that noise lmao...

  • Does anyone else watch all their videos on all of their devices to give them more views, or is that just me?

  • What is the backtrack for all of your videos

  • Dude perfect, where adult men can get very angry, and not cuss

  • Garrett you can do it you are such a talented guy keep pushing and know that God loves you!

  • he is rage monster

  • Imagine he finlaly got the boom shot and found out he didn't record it XD

  • I spot a drink lol 0:45

  • Being in the woods looks kinda fun ngl

  • Try harder

  • For Garret: you can't quit You got bills to pay

  • Ur telling me OT is scripted?

  • Ty is turning into the Rage Monster in the bloopers than the stereotypes.

  • best, but.... ⭐

  • No mask. Dislike

  • Ty is controlled by his anger of wanting to do perfect shots

  • 👍

  • You need a replacement for ty? Add me!

  • Why the piss blue?

  • Can we please have the raw footage of ty?

  • Lovely

  • What song is playing in the background?

  • The one clip of him hitting the bench tys bringing it back

  • Is this Ty’s house

  • I have a feeling Garrett's gonna leave DP

  • It literally went in the bounced of the dang freaking thing

  • Thanks for this bonus and bloopers dude perfect 👍❤️❤️👍👍 love your videos

  • Y’all better cherish these editors

  • If ty quits dp almost 70 to 80 percent watch will not be there

  • Art

  • Never quit Garrett!! You are too good for that man! Every defeat will make your inevitable future victory all that much sweeter and more glorious. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!

  • W

  • 5:40 what are those called my childhood hit me like a truck

  • Poor tt

  • Tys face looks like he just wants to scream

  • It is Importical!! When it is very BLOOPIES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ty is a good Tiger King

  • Do yall think Cory is a good Harry Potter becuase I dont

  • So Funny Tyler Toney HAHA

  • mark

  • 2:34 Who do you think would win? Goku from dragon ball Z/Super or all of Harry Potter?

  • It’s not yoda it is a species of

  • Nice voice Cory

  • And i like BTSER"S as our name not bounsers.

  • don't quit.

  • 6:69

  • congrats TY you did it!!!!!!!

  • Every 10 secs a commercial?

  • Purple Hoser!

  • be a youtube star" So cute

  • yo garrett ma man, bro most of us r here to be entertained and let me tell u we r highly entertained with everything u guys do. so take it easy on urself

  • anyone know the intro song?

  • Cool

  • its kinda weird seeing them pretend to be kids when most of them have beards

  • Work smarter not harder Garret

  • Is that Table made out of candy 🍭 wood? Candy 🍭 Wood is probably a thing like Candy Glass.

  • Heinies is way better than bts'ers or inside crew

  • Try harder Garrett!! You've got this. 👊🏼