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44:13DID THEY PUT ME IN THE GAME FR?! | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 4
ESCAPING THE NETHER... | EEZYCRAFT #10Ko‘rishlar soni 475 ming7 kun oldin
1:06:24SURVIVING RUST (survivor, but content creators ONLY)
SURVIVING RUST (survivor, but content creators ONLY)Ko‘rishlar soni 677 ming14 kun oldin
48:50Last Night in the City... | GRAND THEFT EEZY II #3
Last Night in the City... | GRAND THEFT EEZY II #3Ko‘rishlar soni 383 ming14 kun oldin
NEW CRIB, WHO DIS?Ko‘rishlar soni 491 ming14 kun oldin
22:09DODGEBALL, but it’s the SWEATIEST video game
DODGEBALL, but it’s the SWEATIEST video gameKo‘rishlar soni 530 ming14 kun oldin
49:24TODAY I GOT TIME, UNDYNE! | Undertale - Part 5
TODAY I GOT TIME, UNDYNE! | Undertale - Part 5Ko‘rishlar soni 297 ming2 oy oldin
1:24:04LET THE NIGHTMARE BEGIN... | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 1
1:21:02PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME, bru | Undertale - Part 4
PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME, bru | Undertale - Part 4Ko‘rishlar soni 396 ming2 oy oldin
41:40ESCAPE the VR NIGHTMARE that is Jurassic World: Aftermath
1:15:57Papyrus Gotta CHILL, bru. | Undertale - Part 3
Papyrus Gotta CHILL, bru. | Undertale - Part 3Ko‘rishlar soni 501 ming2 oy oldin
1:03:43New Family, New Problems | MAFIA 2: Definitive Edition - Part 2
1:02:27A Stealth Game, But I Rather Shoot Everyone Aggressively
21:13Resident Evil 8 Demo... eugh. (PS5 Exclusive)
Resident Evil 8 Demo... eugh. (PS5 Exclusive)Ko‘rishlar soni 457 ming2 oy oldin
50:45WHAT IS THIS GAME? | Undertale - Part 2
WHAT IS THIS GAME? | Undertale - Part 2Ko‘rishlar soni 400 ming2 oy oldin
1:03:55New Kid On The Block | MAFIA 2: Definitive Edition - Part 1
58:27A CLASSIC ADVENTURE | Undertale - Part 1
A CLASSIC ADVENTURE | Undertale - Part 1Ko‘rishlar soni 610 ming3 oy oldin
43:24It's Time... to INVADE the EVIL MANSION!! | EEZYCRAFT #9
52:06The Most Painful Minecraft Video... | EEZYCRAFT #8
The Most Painful Minecraft Video... | EEZYCRAFT #8Ko‘rishlar soni 555 ming3 oy oldin
49:38MESSAGE FROM THE DON | MAFIA: Definitive Edition - Part 6


  • So, I may be late but ain't they supposed to be quiet because he can hear them? 😂😂😂



  • That lip smacking was hilarious! Making me wanna ask what you were eating 12:48 Three years too late though

  • My worst nightmare is to get attacked by an EF5 tornado, deadass. I know because I have this dream like once a fucken week *for some reason.*

  • ☠️

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/qYyymJiCt9iliY8

  • Berleezy do more Minecraft videos with hixen

  • Berlin i think 18 is the lucky day to play SOMA

  • Berlin: "Does he have a mask on?? 1:03" The guy: "I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you"

  • "foon and spork" ??

  • When I saw this scene when I was playing I was bawling my eyesss outt

  • Is this gonna be a series? I need that next episode lbs

  • My name is Troy, and I claim no negative energy from the Troy in this series 😂

  • 20:21 when the imposter sus

  • W Donald

  • Why i thought he was talking about when Squidward at all the crabby patties

  • The roads are spot on to real seattle roads all of them are narrow as hell

  • sadly why peeps makes a manly voice for monika

  • Berlin: i'm not doing anything wrong tho she's not my girl Katrina: *does what Berlin is doing* Berlin: this is why i don't mess wit her no more

  • Bruh Berleezy really made AJ a monster. Not everything can be solved with killing niggas and then riddling them with bullet holes.

  • 1:05:15 next steps EUGH EUGH😂🔥

  • You can revive yourself by putting yourself next to the fire

  • I need this animated ASAP No rocky

  • This man's mic sounds like the mc donalds speaker

  • Good action music

  • i love the man man parts so mush

  • sakuras voice tho

  • I think Berlin may be afraid of the dark now


  • This game is like the anime erased

  • Still watching this whole playthrough... 2021🤷🏿‍♀️ Better late than never🙃

  • my scariest dream was when i was like 13 and it was Halloween and i was going trick or treating with a girl i didn't know so she dared me to go in this prohibited house on the street that all the kidss were scared of so i said bett i go inside the house its my mom so i asked for some candy and she jumped from the landing by the steps and her faced was all distorted so i tried to scream and next thing i know she killed me with her bare hands and i witnessed it all and i was scared to talk to my mom when i woke up.

  • He's like a little kid following his mother

  • @iBerleezy yo you should play Minecraft story mode on the channel!

  • 14:24 I just want to know how... how tf did you not only thought it was a girl, but you thought it was frost 1. She’s like sub zero in terms of power 2. Those heated up hands should have been a clear sign but you looked at jax’s ass instead.... 🤦‍♂️😖

  • 4:49 missed every shot LMAOO

  • Watching this after little hope

  • Okaaaay!!!! That's my BSU President right there!!

  • That being said, finna miss the times when you would upload and have the Kendrick Lamar, "Big Shot" instrumental in the background.

  • Plot twist Eugene is Clem’s dad.

  • The fact that they argued for a good 5 minutes over some keys bru☠️

  • i tried to wait on you but i was about to get this whole game spoiled im so sorry lmao

  • for everyone looking for Braxxx’s socials, hes Kraken on Twitch and Hendo on UZfire <3

  • yea imma just head out at 1:59

  • 20:01 omg this dude said get the soap but don't drop it

  • 6:30

  • i love u

  • wowwwwww

  • congrats Berlin🥳 you’ve achieved so much over the years and it’s only up from here❤️🙏🏽

  • -HI-


  • can someone tell me what Braxxx’s twitch is


  • Berlin hyping up PG is one the best thing I'll ever see

  • She said “get to fun part, which is shooting people”😂😂

  • hax he stop her on demon mode

  • 16:55 that singing thooo

  • I think if Andrew would've shot Taylors monster he would've unlocked fearful but since yall didn't shoot he didn't unlock it

  • How tf do you manage to kill everyone unintentionally?

  • As quickly as he came he left again 😂

  • Rip chuck

  • bro i jumped from the first game and my shoulder came outta place and it went back in immediately after

  • 13:46 LOVE IT

  • 25:12 Song name?

  • Berleezy: when has DK ever needed help Also Berleezy 5 minutes earlier: Bru where's my teammate I need my teammate

  • AJ is six...

  • The Shit Stains !!! 😂😂

  • “Scared the mess out me I pooted a little”😂😂💀

  • Keep Doingg💢🌃 Blessingz Bruu

  • "Dum dum" *"What are you dum dumming about bru"*😭😭

  • Baby: *Extreme Violence Option* Berlin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dog: *Extreme Violence Option* Also Berlin: THAT'S HORRIBLE!!!

  • 3:40:10 LMFAo

  • Pois got vocals 😂

  • 9:58 💀💀💀

  • Why Carl look like Dontai

  • Why does Monika sound like a Chinese man with a speech impediment 💀⁉️

  • I say SUPERMAN is the best being the prime DC superhero and I see Batman as second best!