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27:30How Star Trek Comes To Life | First Contact Day | Paramount+
0:31Star Trek: First Contact Day Trailer | Paramount+
Star Trek: First Contact Day Trailer | Paramount+Ko‘rishlar soni 2.4 mln21 kun oldin
0:58Strange New Worlds | Start Of Production | Paramount+
2:20For Heaven's Sake | Official Trailer | Paramount+
For Heaven's Sake | Official Trailer | Paramount+Ko‘rishlar soni 998 mingOy oldin
2:01Explore the Expanding Yellowstone Universe | Paramount+
2:40Texas 6 | Official Trailer | Paramount+
Texas 6 | Official Trailer | Paramount+Ko‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln5 oy oldin
2:09The Stand | Official Trailer | Paramount+
The Stand | Official Trailer | Paramount+Ko‘rishlar soni 3.3 mln6 oy oldin
1:23Console Wars | Official Trailer | Paramount+
Console Wars | Official Trailer | Paramount+Ko‘rishlar soni 35 ming6 oy oldin
19:33Star Trek Day 2020 | Lower Decks Panel | Paramount+
Star Trek Day 2020 | Lower Decks Panel | Paramount+Ko‘rishlar soni 24 ming7 oy oldin
18:33Star Trek Day 2020 | Enterprise Panel | Paramount+
Star Trek Day 2020 | Enterprise Panel | Paramount+Ko‘rishlar soni 102 ming7 oy oldin


  • Wonder if the Borg will return in this. Im very interested to see what they would look like in animated form

  • star trek discovery, Killing the franchise one bullshit season after another. Hopefully this is the final season of this trash.

  • Here's an idea: Let's see the Romulan war - Why not finish Enterprise?


  • Earth Day & 💚420 & First Contact Day ....wowzerz I💙Star Trek!! This vid was cool. 🖖

  • Are all the episodes available, or are they streaming, week by week?

  • Its so great to see the the comraderie and affection they all share...make you feel more connected to the greater Star Trek Family.

  • Beavis And Butthead Spongebob James Corden Young Sheldon Dora Paw Patrol And More

  • Lately, whenever I'd hear about the violent, white supremacist, treasonous Q's on the news, I'd think wistfully of our rascally Star Trek Q, and wish for MORE of him and LESS of them. Looks like I'm getting my wish, on both accounts. Yay!

  • First Contact was the beginning of the end for TNG characters acting like... TNG characters.

  • Ugh, Wil Wheaton...

  • inserts *Seth Rogen laugh*

  • The very fact that this can actually be an ad campaign these days makes me hopefully for humanity.

  • If you haven't seen this already go watch it, it's SO good !

  • Dora is the leader?

  • happy 4/20 :)

  • Cant wait !!! Love this show !!

  • Beavis and Butt-Head is my favorite Paramount+ Show.

  • Why would you intentionally make your show laggy.. that’s awful to try to watch

  • The elephant being sent somewhere he can be happier is a good thing. I can't shake the feeling it's Cher trying to be Oprah in the "Look at me! Look at what I can do!" sense. Performative concern, in short. Also, this has nothing to do with Earth Day. Saving the habitat of at-risk animals would be. Transporting a single animal is showboating.

  • we all want westley to return

  • Haha picard go beep boop

  • the first appearance of Q in TNG had clothing similar to the main Doge (Duke) of Venice in the Middle Ages.

  • I dont like how angery they get in Star Trek Picard all the F words makes it seem less then a Star Trek I enjoyed the first season but it just seemed to trendy

  • Soon as the Race card into play, I turn off. Remember "He of first mention", I didn't say it they did. Always look to where the finger points from.

  • I love Hawaii Five O

  • (c) Paramount Pictures Nickelodeon Nick Jr CBS A ViacomCBS All Rights Revesed Warner Bros A WarnerMedia Company All Rights Revesed

  • Picard really sucked, but the Picard/Q dynamic means that NOW I have to watch season 2. It's like I keep being kicked when I am down.

  • Definitely not recommending this to my wife....but I'll definitely watch it.

  • I love you guys lol i may give Lower Decks a watch it sounds interesting, as for Star Trek shows noop i'm too good at telling what will be good straight away so i haven't given any a go since Voyager until Picard came along and i couldn't resist Picard because it's just so much better, so many shows are just butchered after 10 or 20 episodes now so i just don't watch anything unless the quality is there and having real good intentions for the viewers where i feel it's both for the enjoyment of the actors and the views like shows used to be,. I just know what's the best and who really cares for the viewers because of shows in the 90s - early 2000s and i feel production companies need to start caring again because SO much great stuff was made and i miss it. There's more of me out there than you'd think lol but those that just watch "cos it's Star Trek" oh no... Why? lol, nah i only want the best of the best stuff. For Star Trek TNG is defo my fave i feel the principles click with me more than anything else and the way Picard accepts things easier than other humans that's just kinda how i am and i feel it clicks a lot more with how i think as someone who's quite over the average iq and thinks differently i just resonate so much with it.


  • Shut up Wesley

  • My gods I just found this. Awesome! (And I remember Gunsmoke perfectly well, I'm not that old.)

  • They’re totally right about newer generations becoming fascinated with Star Trek and Deep Space Nine in particular. I was born in early 1999, just a few months before this series ended, and I have finally given Star Trek a chance in my 20s. I just finished watching the finale of this show and in many ways I feel like I’m saying goodbye to some of my closest friends. I felt very similarly after I finished TNG last year, but DS9 ended up being so much more tender and honest in ways that I can’t even describe. It’s like I was really there, drinking in Quark’s bar, lounging in Sisko’s quarters, talking in Odo’s security office, or wandering the promenade. Maybe someday I’ll have the privilege of introducing those who come after me to this journey through time and space. Thanks to all the actors who made this happen and rest assured...I won’t be forgetting a single one of you.

  • Will wheaton is far too "corporate' in this interview when in fact he should be more cosy and warm to his familiar FAMILY.

    • @Peter Ainsworth hahaha yh right

    • The cast never liked him, that's why he's the way he is here.

  • The episode "little green men" where Aaron had the nurse giving him umax Rom was like, "uh come to think of it my ears hurt too". I didnt know Arron passed away amd that is sad. Honestly we are probably the same age

  • In a couple more years Alex should *Finally* be old enough to be a serious contender for "The Carrington Award".

  • I can't believe that even with numbers this bad that STD made it to a 4th season. I am not going to watch it.

  • That third season sucked!

  • wheres jolene?

  • TMNT 2003!

  • jeepers and creepers tv series (2021)

  • Wesley.......please, please just shut up. PLEASE.

  • We need Will back in Star Trek. Cast him in something

  • man I was going to watch this for James but Amber heard is in this so ew and bye.

  • You are jumping the shark.....

  • This is the 1st time I shave even heard of this. Looks captivating.

  • I came for Alice Krige, I stayed for Wil Wheaton

  • I thought All Stars would be people that stuck it out on the Challenge like Ct, Johnny Banana's Wes ?

  • So nostalgic to see Wesley, Picard and Q together:)

  • I love these people

  • "Deliciously naughty" a perfect description.

  • Am I the only one who never liked Q character and episodes but at the same time I'm thrilled AF to see John deLancie coming back and reprise this role again ?! Btw.. he looks great !

  • Beautiful

  • I made the Star Trek movies so it was me who made First Contact. Now, i want only $250 million from the entire Star Trek movies. The Tamayos own Paramount Pictures. What happened?

  • AJR ok orchestra vibes

  • DS9 is the best star trek imo as a young kid, i think it’s the most interesting and different series

  • I saw this movie before I was a TNG fan and I loved it. However after going through all of the TNG episodes I just don't like Picard's vengeance in this. It seems he worked past the emotions in the series. Even in the series he had the chance to bring down the Borg in I, Borg where they could infect Hugh with a virus but decides against it. I still like this movie, it's a lot of fun. Though it had to bring in the non-fans, like I was at the time, and bring in the fans. Overall, a good compromise.

  • Kirk and Uhura's lips never actually touched in that episode!

  • They need Q for a complete in-umiverse reset of that series' reality from whatever that terrible first season was to Star Trek.

  • Oh no paramount plus

  • Some of these comments are truely terrifying.

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Love Spongebob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice. Now kurtzman can ruin Q...

  • Is it just me or do these interviews feel kind of forced and fake? They seem awkward in comparison to former interviews.

  • Just when I thought we were rid of that intergalactic boob aka q, back he comes.

  • Is this somewhere available in Belgium?


  • Not everyone plays Jazz, Riker!

  • I’m so looking forward to the new season!

  • I am so thrilled that Q is coming back to be on Picard.

  • I wonder if they'll eventually run into Q or a Q? Or maybe the Traveler?

  • of course Q....If anybody didn’t know that you are living under a rock

  • OHHHHHH DAMN! I am so excited for this

  • Literally looked up the silo scene. He's a phenomenal actor. I did not notice one iota of panic or fear.

  • You can tell they’re tight because Patrick and Jonathan think Brent’s fear is hilarious.

  • Member berries in full force. I love TNG so much I just hope they have some good writing here

    • Based of 3 seasons of Discovery and 1 of this I would say not.

  • They FINALLY brought Q back to try to save this awful series...good luck.

  • This is a pretty good show, haven't finished yet but I don't think they get the answers they're looking for.

  • They won't belive you because you are a man" -Amber Heard