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8:28Canelo vs. Saunders: Beyond The Bell
Canelo vs. Saunders: Beyond The BellKo‘rishlar soni 324 mingKun oldin
24:27FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo vs. Saunders
FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo vs. SaundersKo‘rishlar soni 430 mingKun oldin
13:23HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders
3:28Canelo Y Eddy Reynoso Discuten La Pelea
Canelo Y Eddy Reynoso Discuten La PeleaKo‘rishlar soni 192 mingKun oldin
0:12Canelo \u0026 Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Hug It Out
Canelo \u0026 Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Hug It OutKo‘rishlar soni 506 mingKun oldin
8:32FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Elwin Soto vs. Katsunari Takayama
4:42Canelo's EPIC Cinco de Mayo Themed Ring Walk
Canelo's EPIC Cinco de Mayo Themed Ring WalkKo‘rishlar soni 616 mingKun oldin
1:50Tyson Fury Is ADAMENT Billy Joe Saunders Will Upset Canelo
0:07Boxer Dances In MIddle of Fight, Trolls Opponent
Boxer Dances In MIddle of Fight, Trolls OpponentKo‘rishlar soni 187 mingKun oldin
11:43FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Kieron Conway vs. Souleymane Cissokho
19:15FULL FIGHT | Marc Castro vs. Irving Macias Castillo
FULL FIGHT | Marc Castro vs. Irving Macias CastilloKo‘rishlar soni 49 mingKun oldin
9:52FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Frank Sanchez vs. Nagy Aguilera
FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Frank Sanchez vs. Nagy AguileraKo‘rishlar soni 86 mingKun oldin
28:07FULL FIGHT | Keyshawn Davis vs. Jose Antonio Meza
FULL FIGHT | Keyshawn Davis vs. Jose Antonio MezaKo‘rishlar soni 38 mingKun oldin
1:17Canelo Gives Final Thoughts Ahead of Saunders Megafight
2:51Frank Sánchez Habla Sobre El Extraño Final De Su Pelea
21:59FULL FIGHT | Kelvin Davis vs. Jan Marsalak
FULL FIGHT | Kelvin Davis vs. Jan MarsalakKo‘rishlar soni 15 mingKun oldin
11:54FULL FIGHT | Christian Alan Gomez Duran vs. Xavier Wilson
CANELO VS. BILLY JOE SAUNDERS: BEFORE THE BELLKo‘rishlar soni 1.9 mlnKun oldin


  • If BJS planted his feet a little bit more and threw his shots with more conviction, he'd be dangerous. Having all the skill/technique in the world isn't going to cut it at this level if you got pillow fists. You'll just get walked down/cut off sooner or later.

  • Still GGG is better though

  • Next, canelo vs AJ

  • Canelo is going to be a standard of newer boxing skill where you really adjust your style to your opponent and win. I feel like Crawford has similar strategy but he has not fought for so long so it's Canelo's stage right now.

  • 💥🇲🇽✨MEXICO! MEXICO! MEXICO! 💥🇲🇽✨

  • Wasn’t as close as announcers were making out to be before the end

  • Does Canelo fight on every Cinco di mayo celebrations ?

  • Why does Saunders have a target on his balls ? Hoping for a low-blow DQ win ?

  • I'm glad canelo smashed his face. Billy was talking all that smack before hand. Better to be humble and let your fist do the smack talking

  • Nobody deserves a shot at Canelo more that Andrade. But it's not going to happen so hopefully Charlo, Benevidez and Andrade all bang it out

  • Re arreglada la pelea,a parte unos payasos!!

  • At the end if that final round when canelo went to the corner and I saw his reaction i said "he knows something we don't know, its over". At 56-1 and still in his prime and somehow keeps getting better. Hands down best in the game right now and will go down as one of the best ever.

  • I trust canelo so let’s bet against furyyyyyy

  • 19:03 Did the referee just say dude???shiiii, cmon man!!

  • Just make me think how great triple g is

  • No covid?

  • Sheeeeeeesh


  • Massive difference in power. BJS can’t match them whippin power shots. He done ok until canelo wanted to put pressure on and then he was doomed

  • Where was the fukin tyson fury i bet canelo can beat him too

  • Big fan of both of these but I'm gutted for bjs

  • Wow... KingNelo trending at #1! Viva Mexico!! 🇲🇽 😳

  • Petition for jake Paul to box canelo


  • La mejor pelea que yo e visto viva mexico

  • The sad is that he is a very great boxer but in the back of his mind he's going to remember that he has 1 loss that Mayweather did to him

  • the crowd seems to have no covid

  • Dazn adding kate abdo and roy jones was the best thing that could happen to the commentary team. I hope they start letting roy jones call the fights and maybe add jim lampley to the team

  • Remember BJS mocked Monroe for quitting in the Golovkin fight!!

  • Cinema

  • Mafia... That’s why I prefer UFC over Boxing

  • It makes me so happy to hear the people get louder for Camelot from 9:29 to 9:40

  • Tommy lee sparta spartan soldier🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • billy cyclopus saunders

  • homosexaunders

  • Already at 5.5 million views on Monday and still trending number 1, just shows how popular canelo is and how huge this fight was 🥊

  • Soooo Cal loves you, mi amigo. Gracias!! ❤️

  • There was nothing Saunders could do at the end. No Hail Mary bombs he could throw, nothing. Must be a horrible feeling.

  • maldito arrogante... siempre hay quien los ponga en su lugar que bueno que le rompieron la cara

  • Shakespeare would be proud.

  • He couldn't handle canelos power, one clean shot landed and it broke his orbatle bone

  • Aguilera won the Oscar this year

  • My favorite part was how Eddie wanted NO PART of the post fight interview LOL

  • Hard to beat a known drug cheat

  • Un lloron que iba perdiendo a pelea aprovecho para hacer un show , el le metio un cabezazo a su rival y ni pio

  • He never had a chance bringing a fork to a gun fight

  • Us Brits seem to have brittle eye sockets 😂

  • Trauma to the eye or any injury that affects the boxer’s vision and the fight will be stopped to protect the boxer. Unfortunately they are the rules.

  • I feel bad for how bad canelo beat then

  • Trauma to the eye or any injury that affects the boxer’s vision and the fight will be stopped to protect the boxer. Unfortunately they are the rules.

  • I thought the rules were that it was only called by the Ref? It looked like their corner basically called it

  • boxing is about fight, not about talk botak

  • Канело он боксёр высшего класса, всё чётко в его движений,уход,уклон от удара,защита,слов нет,красивый бокс

  • Mr.Clenbuterol😂🤣💯 he scared it's sad how Eddie hides him from real fights

  • Yo un día salí de México. Pero México nunca salió de mi......viva México y usa mi segunda casa ....saludos ✌️ people.

  • last man standing thats how it works

  • It’s time for Canelo vs Pac man

  • fake boxer

  • Coming for that belt Caleb

  • Canelo is a bad man!

  • Dude is the best. Done n done. Wow

  • Watch Eddie in the beginning 🤣🤣🤣

  • Billy licking his lips from the taste of that juicy beef.

  • What Canelo had that Saunders hasn't was Power and accuracy. Canelo has experience of fighting some of the greats, while Saunders, well, it showed.

  • one punch changed the entire match

  • Canelo now u could put your sausage in his eye socket

  • They together made that an awesome fight. Canelo should be proud and Saunders has nothing to be ashamed of

  • Canelo is pound for pound 👑 the media needs to stop pushing the narrative that Crawford is pound for pound

  • He running...

  • From the uk u robber

  • He acting like he was hit by a car lol!

  • Lol. I thought celeb plant is jack paul. Im MMA fans btw. Im very sorry

  • Canelo is the best boxer right now but some how people are calling it a lucky punch😂😂

  • Chris Mannix is an idiot

  • ryan garcia is my fav bro hes so fast

  • A true boxing fan... will NEVER miss a Canelo fight....once in a generation fighter.

  • Wow no masks great covid spreaders

  • Manny vs canelo

  • Flopping and crying 😢 I don’t want to fight

  • Embarrassing should never call himself a professional ever again the big pudding