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Welcome To The Gaming Merchant. Currently I am playing Apex Legends! I am doing Apex Legends guides, tips and tricks, and some general Apex Legends gameplay too.

For business inquiries: [email protected]

If you want to check out the best content for the game, or just improve your own skills, you'll definitely want to stop by! I'd hope that you enjoy the content here.


1:00How To Win In Apex Legends Arena In Just 5 Minutes #shorts
1:05:04Opening 420 Apex Legends Packs In Season 9 Legacy
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15:55The Best Weapon Combo In Season 9 Apex Legends?
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10:16All Legacy Battle Pass Rewards In Apex Legends Season 9
1:00Valkyrie Arenas 1v2 Jetpack Clutch #shorts
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0:16POV: You're Hyped For Apex Season 9 Launch Day #shorts
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0:55This Apex Legends Ground Emote Is Hilarious In-Game #Shorts
1:00The Best Feature In Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy #shorts
11:08Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay First Look!
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  • The rarest animation I've seen is "You have eliminated the kill leader"

  • Gaming merchant is an A-wall apex legends player Smh (This is a joke btw)

  • Cant wait for ranked!

  • I love this game mode but my god ranked cannot come soon enough honestly. So many of my teammates have been like the ones in this video. Especially when it comes to Artillery for some reason, like every other map may require a change up in strats but Artillery is a one and done strat mode.

  • Areeeennnaaaasssss, for now at least

  • what is the age difference though? if cooper is human and trained decades ago. he must be older than 50. he would not be as agile and trained. a 60 year old cooper would definetely lose to a 24 year old octane. might be wrong though.

  • When your watching a video on something that already happened

  • I really wanna see that kraber shot from his view lmao

  • Except that the iron crown skins won’t come back😌

  • Me aspiring to become a valk player.

  • I’d like to see a video on you complete opinion on the state of lifeline, I used to main her all the time and now idk if her changes are good or bad. I struggle to see the good in them.

  • Better yet, get good at super-gliding and just super-glde on the ledge and it saves about 0.5 seconds on the same route w/out superglide and 1second on the route past the trucks on the other side of the fences

  • Ahh you forget crypto

  • the spitfire should be 600 mats imo. Kinda annoying when a full squad just spams you with the dududududududu

  • Been playing for awhile but for some reason wanted to actually see an actual explanation for damage. Knew my man would have an old vid

  • why outsmarts your enemy when they are bots

  • I hate playing caustic cause of how he walks

  • This emotes gives so much live to the game

  • I have a challenge to get 2500 damage in one Arenas match. Ain't gonna happen..... and for only 5 stars lol.

  • i didn't know revenant was from the akatsuki


  • Both arenas and battle royal

  • U should do zylbrad

  • Flatline is way better

  • Wait they took away the select fire? I didn't know it left since I stopped using those weapons

  • For controller I find R301 to be a clear choice above flatline, but I use both tbf, I like having diversity in guns, but also very much like SMG's

  • well I wish I have that ;/

  • Obviously I’m not any kind of pro player, but if I could run nothing else ever again out of the present selection I’d probably run 301 and wingman on wraith or Valkyrie. just cuz 301 is my best gun, and wingman is a gun I want to be really good with, and wraith has been my best legend since like pre season 1, and Valkyrie is the first legend that I think may take that spot

  • Typical "Positioning doesn't matter if you have skills" type of mindset which clearly not working for them